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Best Wishes for 2023!

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - January 23, 2023, 16:00:00
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The entire WAKFU MMO team wishes you all the best – happiness, success and health in 2023. We also wanted to take a quick look back at this past year with you and talk about the year to come. Siu therefore sends you this short message.


Here we are. Ten years have gone by with the WAKFU MMO. And with them, too many worlds, adventures, items, dungeons, quests, secrets and more to count… What a long, thrilling ride it's been! Especially since some of the members of the current WAKFU team were there at the very birth of the project and others arrived recently and contributed to the work done this past year – their first and certainly not their last.

This year, we decided to make significant changes to in-game comfort:
  • Improvements to trades with the "quick trades".
  • Addition of the account entity to better manage cosmetic items with, for example, auras disassociated from relics or the "hide hat" option for costumes.
  • Overhaul of tactical view, which can now be customized and comes with simplified display of resistances or the ability to place permanent markers on the field.
  • Work on a large number of smaller interfaces, such as the machines, decks, and dungeon entry interface that dynamically displays bonuses and difficulty based on the chosen Stasis level.
The "New Horizons" update (1.76) and "Ereboria: The Cursed Island" (1.78), which you have been able to explore in the game since early December, were our two strongest versions of the year. Working on these two themes was very important for us and we were able to make our ideas into reality. In particular, the dungeon overhaul with update 1.76 was a very ambitious project that was a big success.

Adapting a game like this one after ten years of development is a very difficult task. It isn't enough to have good ideas or receive pertinent feedback; you also need to work within the project's technical constraints and the company's strategy.

In particular, in 2022, we had to handle more areas that were not initially our responsibility: issues with tools, issues with Mac or AMD, and other issues that we won't list but that took up a lot of time. However, we did our best to meet our goals and the visible enthusiasm around WAKFU is, for us, a priceless reward. Your presence, your messages on the forum, your feedback in Discord, your videos, your streams, and more fill our hearts every day. The year was exceptional when it comes to content in the community – Twitch Drops, Ankama Live episodes, encounters at Japan Expo, and the increasingly high quality community events such as the tenth anniversary WAKFU Warriors or the Miss and Mr. World of Twelve.


After this beautiful symbolic tenth year, we're going forward with even more in 2023. As a reminder, here are the projects that we presented in the last KrosmoNote:
  • WAKFU's in-game comfort is extremely important to us. We know that the team's strategy hasn't always been to make it a priority, and that's why there are many areas to address. Careful, though, we aren't talking about an interface overhaul. That would simply be too time-consuming for our team. We're trying to improve the game's ergonomics and attractiveness through specific, albeit ambitious, modifications.
  • We recently published a devblog article on class balancing. If you missed it, you can read it here: Class Balancing.
    • In short, we are going to focus on Cras and Huppermages first.
  • When it comes to onboarding, we'd like to improve the game tutorial and other "learning-the-game" content, notably Incarnam and a large portion of the Astrub experience. We are convinced that these areas need attention to make the game more understandable and accessible for new players and players that come back after long periods away. It's an area of work that requires considerable investment to be done well.
  • Even before Ereboria was released, we were already laying the foundations for the next expansion. We hope you like it!
  • 2023 will be a rather unique year because a new game server will be added – a single-character server. Keep an eye on game news for more information about that. We'll have more details to share soon! We still have a lot of things to clarify before launching this new server because our goal is to make the game much healthier and accessible before the server opens. This is also one of the reasons we established the account entity and are reviewing all the dungeons in the game little by little, either with a large update like Dungeons 2.0, or through more precise changes such as the ones to the Whisperers, Orroks and Polar Cracklers. Reviewing the tutorial and other "learning-the-game" content is also an important preparatory step to be done before opening the server.
  • There will be lots more surprises, but we don't want to say too much yet…

Project Status Update

For the past few years, we've set ourselves the goal of rejuvenating WAKFU. Our goal is to make it more accessible and enjoyable. Several features needed new life and to be completed. We do our utmost to improve the game as much as possible with every update while also adding content, items, stories and challenges.

It isn't always easy, but moving in this direction has been somewhat successful because the player population is growing. It's a very rare phenomenon for an MMORPG, especially after so many years of maintenance and development. Our small team now has lots of experience and we have Ankama's full confidence to continue to fuel the game with updates for many years to come.

Finally, we couldn't end this post without mentioning the important and promising features such as the ecology, politics and PvP. We're aware of this; WAKFU is a remarkable and unique undertaking because of its historical promises. Of course, we want to tackle them sooner or later. But doing so won't be among our 2023 new year's resolutions. We still have a long ways to go before we can achieve our goals, particularly taking into account the size of our team and the day-to-day difficulties as a result. It isn't the most satisfying of situations, but by forging ahead and putting one foot in front of the other every day, we can hope to see a WAKFU that is closer to its original intent.

Thank You

We also want to thank you, the community of players, both occasional and longstanding. We've been seeing some nicknames for a long, long time, and we're seeing new ones arrive and make a name for themselves in the game legend. You are an integral part of Ankama's success. So, it is thanks to your support that WAKFU is still a very current undertaking. Thank you for everything. We hope you continue to follow the team.

We wish you and your loved ones an excellent 2023. Have fun and take care of yourselves.
- Siu
First Ankama intervention

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your feedback! We will take note and check them out.


See message in context
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The communication keeps getting better and better, almost unrecognizable what it used to be!

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Loving this level of transparency. I look forward to your plans for this year.

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As a Veteran, I've seen multiple changes to the tutorial and the "first hours of the game" over the years: complete reworks to both the story and areas, introduction and removal of characters, and so on. This part has been tweaked multiple times since the Beta. I think that every time it happens it moves on the right direction but I always feel there's something missing to be honest.

So, would it be possible to introduce Class quests? A special story line for your character based on what class you picked. Let's say that once you learn the basics of the game at Incarnam, instead of landing on someone else's house you land in your Class' Temple and this special quest will start and will follow you through multiple levels, updating as you progress through the game and reach certain levels. It would open up the possibility to expand the lore and better explain to new players what their class is all about, the story behind it, what strenghts and weaknesses they have, the lore, what they follow and so on. The Temples right now are just decorations, they'd be a great element to use during the firsts hours of the game (and more). Or maybe you start as an Incarnate and you get to pick a god to follow at a class temple.

Because right now, when you start the game as a new player you don't really know anything about what you are playing, just a rough explanation found in the book that appears in your inventory and the small&brief text in the customization screen. Lore, god, culture, you have to do your own research outside the game to know about them specially on those classes that are not so popular (outside the anime and the game).

It would be amazing if classes got a more personalized and inmersive story line after completing the tutorial at Incarnam to introduce new players into the vast and fun world of Wakfu and the Krosmoz. I love when devs take their time to explain the fine details


I love this type of threads, the communication has improve sooo much over the years and I hope the game continues to grow. I'm glad that lots of QoL has been implemented and will be implemented in the future, Wakfu has so much potential. I won't lie, kind of a bummer that the most important aspects of the game that makes it unique aren't going to be fixed: Ecology, PvP and Politics, they've been left in the dark for so long but I agree that the game needs a solid base first to grow. Please don't delay it another year! Wakfu is, after all, sold as " (...) the strategic MMORPG with a real environmental and political system"

Congratulations for all your achievements and thanks for the info!

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Please give the Ecaflip a rework.

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yes! i liked the old eca it was so versatile , but this updated eca just doesnt know what it is... a support eca??? the WP regen needs a rework i think.

would be nice if scratch could go jump through enemies or obstetrical and if cat leap can jump diagonally or something that makes ecas "cat like". iops have jump, and masks have a jump skill, srams, so i dont see why this wouldnt be possible. cat tree would be nice if we could un-summon it, you have to destroy it to get rid of it. idk theres a few improvements i feel like can be added.

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Really hype for Huppermage rework, they have so much potential for cool stuff. I also think you should give small buffs to the spells/passives that nobody uses to spice the meta up a bit once in a while.

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Bummed to see that the Economics, Politics, and PvP updates will be pushed back another year. Everything else looks good though. Consider looking at Dofus Retro's version of Incarnam for ideas on how to make a successful and memorable starting zone!

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i'm glad to hear that two of my favorite classes are getting updates.

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finally cra get notice, thanks for working hard. anothergood things to waitfire

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As a long time veteran since around 2010 I feel like i've been following this game and trying my best to contribute to the community for such a large portion of my life. 

I might not always be positive, and lord knows i've done a lot of growing up over my time with this game but I wanna say thank you to the dev team and Ankama for providing us with the ability to experience this game and world. 

It feels like it's taken a long time but the game is reaching a point with the quality of life updates where i'm really enjoying the game again i'm also excited to see what else is in store, you guys gave me almost everything I wanted with the masq rework and i'm sure the Cra rework will blow my socks off as well. 


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Include the option to change the default font, or maybe eventually down the line please update it to something better and more accessible.

Thank you for all the work you guys have done this past year, looking forward excitingly towards the upcoming updates. 

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You guys have taken a lot of criticism from us and we forget you’re humans too. As a player from the start thank you for giving me something to look forward to in my younger days. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say the single account server will feel like the good ol days.

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Hello everyone,

Thank you for your feedback! We will take note and check them out.


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Instead of fixing the game (removing broken spells like Scout) you decided to make a single account server? The game is dead and grindy enough as it is. Why would anyone want to redo everything from scratch only to never find a full 6 man team for end-game content.

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Can't wait to come back and enjoy this game in the single account server smile

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Please guys i love this and the communication but lets not be delusional with the real problem here its 2023 can we have an english speaking server? like you dont have an actually global server for your mmo? you know english is the most spoken language right? and im not even from an native english country but this is sooooo important if you want your game to thrive for the years to come. Reworking the early game experience wont make all of the non spanish speaking players that cant find a community to stay playing your game. Like for real, can we address this?

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I think the hupper rework should borrow some elements from dofus huppers. Combining elements to make certain debuffs is really fun and can be expanded to be really broad with lots of creative uses. Wakfu hupper's focus on light spells isn't nearly as fun and mostly just boils down to spending QB resource to get burst damage.

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Score : 3 i beg you devs to read this. Here are the actual problems the ENTIRE playerbase suffers and what keep making new players quit your game. PLEASE think deeply about how you make your player feel playing your game. WAKFU IS AN AMAZING GAME, BUT IT HATES ME. I have no clue what im supposed to do, what is the world im in, what i want from it, i dont have a community, i cant level in a pleasure way, but sure the combat and the art is amazing but that will never be enough until you guys really care about how we feel playing the game. I love class rework and all of the complexity talked about here, but should we really focus 2023 on class reworks and balance? is that really what this game needs the most? I WANNA HAVE FUN PLAYING IT. AND I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT.

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what i really think you guys should focus on 2023 is the new player experience, we need an actual NPC GUIDER in this game, someone i can rely on to explain to me what is wakfu and what i should be doing. Me and actually most people that played this game could NOT explain to you the lore or so many things about this game. Even though you have a good game in its core(Amazing art amazing gameplay) it is just so confusing!!!!!!!!! Take for example a good guide npc Merle Ambrose from wizard101. This is a game that i just started playing and it keeps me engaged and entertained cause i feel like im part of the story and the world and i understand everything around me with fun and ease. You guys need to focus on making your game enjoyable and clear when the Single account server launch.

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It still seems like you guys are missing the core issues that are currently holding Wakfu back, and making the experience of playing the game unenjoyable. 

You don't need to constantly rework classes. That pushes some people away by removing/changing the class identities. It seems like a lot of Ankama's attention is directed towards non-issues.

No matter how many new and shiny things you add, how much you move stuff around, it won't fix the issues that relate to [new] player retention, being unable to find people to play with, being unable to communicate with others.

Please, just try to create a new account on Rubilax and see how it goes. Only use English if you wish to play on Nightmare difficulty.
Even when those lockdowns were going on and people were stuck inside, I still couldn't find people to play with while using the party finder, asking around at hubs, and makin use of both the local and recruitment chats.

And then there's the current state of things like PVP, enchantment, how classes are changed. These all have some manor of inadequacy to them. It's like you're putting forth effort to make things less enjoyable for players, or invalidating the effort they put into the game.

I dunno, it just seems like you're trying to fill up a bucket with water while it's mangled with holes.

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You have a point. The rest of the people that are downvoting this answer don't even have a clue what they are reading about.

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