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The new WAKFU shop!

By [Shop]#2765 January 19, 2023, 14:00:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

We are pleased to announce that our WAKFU webshop has been redesigned for a better user experience. 

We invite you to explore the new features of our webshop and to give us your feedback. Your opinion matters to us! 

Please note that some items may not be present at first. They will be added later. However, they are still available in your in-game store.

As a reminder, the official links to access our webshop are : 
Always be careful when you surf the internet and pay attention to the address of the site you are visiting. 

The WAKFU team
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Instead of putting more effort into taking money from people, could you perhaps work more on the web encylopedia which is often unfinished and completely useless? Class pages are uninformative and outright lack some spells, new items take forever to be updated (Ereboria gear still has no stat info), Profession pages serve almost no purpose and might as well be taken down, and sometimes item pages just redirect to a different language or to a 404 page. I don't know how you can expect new players to get into this game when the official website has glaring, long-standing issues and will likely just push them away before they even get a real chance to experience the in-game problems.
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i do not like the new shop. it does not match the UI of the rest of the wakfu website any more, and the lack of background is heartbreaking. i feel like i am leaving the wakfu website whenever i visit it, which makes me feel uncertain about what i am buying. the thumbnails for each item are too big and it feels like the UI is just copying other store fronts.

overall, this is a negative direction for the shop to have moved in.

i am sorry if my feedback feels harsh, but it is the truth. i don't like it.
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I like new shop ui, but, like other guy already sayed before, its not match to the rest website UI. AND i see some problems with icons in the shop still, half of them have... like "black stroke line" around them, other are smooth and blurred with "high resolution", sometimes i see clumsily cutted costume from game screenshot on low resolution. It will be great if other UI of website will update. And the background image too.

I see the updates, and im happy dev's are not giving up working on my favorite game. But im still wait the graphics update, not the shop on website, and, i waiting that time when dev's will remove low-res pixelated images from game.

Anyway, thank you for your work and good luck.
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Keep working on the website, theres many things you can improve!
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Score : 3765
It's alright but I feel the images are a little too large on the main page.
Otherwise its a clean step forwards, I hope to see more updates to other parts of the site such as the encyclopedia. ( lacking info and currently has an admin test item viewable in the armor section. )
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On Mobile, I love the changes. The page is more user-friendly than before, the categories are located right on top of the screen, the filter button opens a slide menu on the right side which is very easy to use with one hand and the page itself has a nice auto-scroll down effect when you pick a category, a nice little detail.

On Desktop, the experience is pretty much the same. My only issue was that (which is something that has to do more with "getting used to it" rather than a problem with the page itself) all the interactable elements were moved to the left side of the screen ( ). I don't know if someone has realized this but most of the buttons, white boxes to write and even ads from the Ankama Store are always located on the right side of the screen, the old Wakfu shop also was designed like that ( ). Not a huge deal but it was something that made me say "uh??" when I saw it.

In my opinion, both versions look and feel more modern, kind of similar to FF14's which I like. The links to the Social Medias and also the payment options at the very bottom of the page are great too.

It could use some colors, or maybe just different white tones or grey to separate sections, like the left menu from the displayed items.

I like it. I hope this new design also gets implemented in other areas of the website too smile
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No search button = big me no like
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