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Sunday, October 9: All Will be Revealed!

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - October 05, 2022, 16:00:00
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A teaser title, an intriguing date, a chaste picture that is too modest to fully reveal itself… What are they up to?

Sunday, October 9: Save the date! You had nothing planned anyway #WeKnow! From 9 p.m. (Paris time), our AnkamaLive Twitch channel will be taken over by two players who have an important announcement to make…

Want to learn more? So do we.
Is there a clue hidden in this post? You know us too well…
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Special Edition? pensive

looking forward to see what's it about

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A mystery? Stand back, I'm professional. ENHANCE!

Hm, still cant discern the text. ENHANCE HARDER!!



Mystery Solved.

I'd like to thank wakfu's effort in improving global community's Spanish proficiency.

Derp aside, what can we look foward to? New content in wakfu or is this a mobile spin-off? Wakfu warriors sounds like mobile game...

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u a god ^^

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Wakfu Warriors is the name they give to inter-server pvp tournaments - so expect something in that category

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They didnt try very hard, if you search Wakfu Warriors the logo matches this one. Also if you click on the picture it takes you to Wakfu Warriors Twitter page.... (¬..¬)
The part under Warriors is most likely the 10 from the anniversary that is in the same style as Yugo smearing blue "paint" on the wall, seen in this post
So Wakfu Warriors 10 (Anniversary edition?)

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Rework steamer/foggernaut

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Yes pls

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