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Emote: Take a Bath

By [Shop]#2765 September 29, 2022, 16:00:00
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What's more pleasant and relaxing than a nice hot bubble bath? A massage? Not wrong… A hearty meal of comfort food? Sure, that too. How's that? Gentle piano music? Yeah, but… All right, quit being difficult and go take a soak, would ya??

You've been fighting so many adventurers these days… Right? Yeah, you're due for a little R&R. Like, when was the last time you got some actual me time? How long's it been since you made time for a nice bath? Um… No, it's definitely been longer than that. Yeah-huh…

Some like it hot. Others like it warm. Either way, it absolutely must include a thick layer of scented bubbles. The rubber quaquack is optional, but to be sure, it's nice to have company. Wipe away the weariness of your day (and all the dirty scabs demonstrating that hygiene and adventure are frequently at odds) – immerse yourself in the "Take a bath" emote!

Please note: this emote will repeat until you disable it. It will be in the shop permanently, but the launch offer only lasts for two weeks. Don't miss out!

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Awesome emote, too bad it isnt an new interaction with the bathtub of the havenbag TwT

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Cute emote, too bad that it's not persistent.

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AHEM... that  is the wrong duck...

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