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By [Shop]#2765 September 22, 2022, 16:00:00
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Do you sometimes wonder whether there really is someone for you in this world? Have you ever considered that you might find your soul mate somewhere else? Like, in a galaxy far far away? Look up and let your eyes wander to the farthest Krosmic strata… There, just maybe, a little green being with slimy skin is willing to do anything to win your love. Get the Astropack for a date truly out of this world.

The question of whether life exists elsewhere in the Krosmoz, on planets other than the World of Twelve, has troubled Twelvians since the dawn of time. Many like to think so, while others deny it outright. Regardless, it's always a lively topic of conversation and rich fodder for many legends, rumors, and tales, often quite dramatic ones. The imagination around this subject can really run wild. We don't always think of the appearance and intentions of these alien beings in the most flattering terms… But what if these creatures are just trying to find love? And instead of being afraid of them and welcoming them with hordes of militiamen armed to the teeth, what if we offered them our hands and opened our hearts?


If we are to receive an impromptu visit from little green men (or purple or any color really), it's best to be prepared. Blending in with crowds is a proven technique (and an excellent survival strategy, let's face it). So, we urge you to always have what you need to give the impression that you are also a seasoned Krosmic traveler. Go for the lunar look, a stellar emote, and an absolutely cosmic pet with the Astropack, which contains:

  • A Krosmonaut Costume
  • A Look at the Stars emote
  • Plus an Alien pet skin*


This pack will be in the shop permanently, but the launch offer will only last for two weeks. Don't miss out!

* Linked to the account.

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Well we know eliatropes exist, so obviously there's life on other planets

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The Krosmonauts Guild Thanks you a lot for the Costume !!!

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Just noticed the Starfu reference, didn't expect a callback to that canceled concept.
Is this costume linked to Eros in any way?

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I love this costume you guys are killing it with the costume releases recently

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Is that feca watching an eca changing clothes? ph34r for scientific reasons, right?

Love the pet !

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