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New Horizons – Adventure Awaits You in WAKFU!

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - July 06, 2022, 18:00:00
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Set out to explore an array of new features with WAKFU Update 1.76, known as New Horizons and now available for download! The World of Twelve is beginning a new chapter. How the story unfolds will depend on your heroic deeds…

Embark on new adventures in WAKFU! Along with your friends or heroes, this latest odyssey will take you through all the dungeons in the game, which have (nearly) all changed! Who knows? Glory and riches may be attained from this new quest. Your fate lies in your own hands…

Dungeons Getting a New Format

Rediscover the dungeons and their unique mechanics in a new format. Historically featuring four rooms, dungeons will shift to two as they reach higher levels. While reconquering these dungeons, you'll find that some will only let you enter as a group of three characters instead of six.

Push your limits by reaching Stasis levels* never reached before. The brackets are simpler, their difficulty is higher, and your journeys will be handsomely rewarded…

The new difficulty brackets are divided into 10 levels:

  • Level 1 (previously Stasis level 1)
  • Level 2 (previously Stasis level 11)
  • Level 3 (previously Stasis level 21) and so on…

And so forth, up to the highest bracket: level 10!

Clinch the top spot in one of the competitive rankings and earn exclusive prizes. Reward chests are now based on Stasis level, and their contents have been updated. As you can get sublimations from a crafting recipe, these will now be more accessible, while Stasis shards have become less common. The competitive rankings will reward the bravest adventurers…

Learn more about the improvements made to dungeons by reading the devblog!

Read the devblog!

Cosmetics Inventory: Runs, Finishers, and Auras

Share your various cosmetic items between all your heroes simultaneously. You'll gain even more space in your inventory. Once runs and finishers have been learned, these are shown in their tab in the cosmetics inventory.

Display your favorite aura without being forced to wear the corresponding relic. Auras are now separate from relics and can be accessed from the cosmetics inventory. Once the corresponding achievement is completed, your aura can be used with any equipment…

Follow our progress with the account entity and cosmetics inventory by reading the devblog!

Read the devblog!

Build Pages Getting Bigger

Vary your combat style by quickly switching between build pages. The first 15 Spells, Equipment, and Characteristics pages are free, and you can now have up to 25 pages for even greater flexibility…

Details can be found in this special announcement!

Check the news!

Event: Boss Smasher – Ultimate

The first four Ultimate Bosses of WAKFU are waiting for you once more. And they've got a few surprises for you!
Excarnus, Magmog, Milkar, and the Black Crow are ready to rumble (again): to all you brave adventurers in a regular group, herd your party members and embark on a race to achieve the utmost feats, facing four bosses who've reinvented themselves…

Want to join the fight and try to earn rewards? You can right now!

I want in!


Discover the Qilby Pack

Take his iconic robe for yourself, and reexplore the world accompanied by his sister Shinonome!
Remove any obstacles in your way with your Wakfu arm, and make the world acknowledge your destiny: you are one of the Firstborn…

Now available in the shop!

Manually Allocate RAM to the Game Client

Make sure your game client is stable and efficient by manually allocating its associated RAM in the Ankama Launcher settings!

Follow the guide!

WAKFU – New Horizons: Adventure Awaits!
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To read: Detailed change notes for New Horizons – July 5, 2022

* In WAKFU, a dungeon's difficulty is determined by Stasis level: as the Stasis level goes up, the dungeon mobs get tougher, but the rewards are also greater. An "average" Stasis level would be 2 (previously level 11).
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The amount of boss resources droped in dungeons has been noticeably decreased when still is completed in stasis equal to or higher than the previous system, please consider checking that out! Thank you.

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Looking forward to checking those Dungeon updates with Guildies and Go getters who are up for the challenge together.

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Interesting, but I really wish y'all would add more plot and interesting things instead of revamping and nerfing the same dozen things 846543546743543545654 times. I haven't played in like a year because every time I get used to something finally, y'all go and change it. Like the xelors, or my damn ouginak.

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