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One More Gate: A New Video Game to Try!

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - June 13, 2022, 14:00:00
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WHOOSH! Time to step through a new portal – wait! what am I saying? a new GATE! – and unveil the name of our new game along with its first trailer and the possibility of giving it a try. Three little steps for Oropo, but a huge leap for the Krosmoz…

You've already heard a bit about it in the last KrosmoNote, under the code name "WAKFU Legends".

Since then, Ankama's new game revealing even more of the Krosmoz has really taken shape. Check out this first gameplay video.

One More Gate is a rogue-lite deck-builder that combines exploration and turn-based strategic combat. Head out to discover fantastic places, master the power of Wakfu to create destructive card combos, and defeat all those who would stand in your way!

  • Discover the World of Twelve universe with Oropo.
  • Get stronger and master the powers of Wakfu.
  • Meet quirky characters and complete quests.
  • Collect more and more cards and improve them to create destructive combos.
  • Each run is unique!

We've already tried out One More Gate and all we have to say is that you might well become completely addicted!… What's that? What about you, you say?

Of course you can test it, too, starting… NOW!


The Steam Next Fest is happening from Monday, June 13 through Monday, June 20, so you can test video game demos on Steam. One More Gate is among the illustrious participants, so jump at this opportunity to game!


​​​​​​​Be warned: This game demo will only be available during the event (until Monday, June 20)! So, don't hesitate. Hurry up and jump through the gate!

Keep a close eye on the Ankama Launcher – the demo might be available there, too, during the Steam Next Fest (until June 20).

The demo will only be available in French and English, but other languages will be available for the full game release.

We are happy and proud to finally introduce you to One More Gate. We hope you love it.
Wait! There's more! Keep your eyes peeled because more excitement is coming! Notably, One More Gate will be available in early access between now and the end of the summer


Link active only on desktop if the Ankama Launcher is installed


If the game really hits the spot for you, you can learn more about it at the Japan Expo!

Come by our booth from July 14 to 17 to meet the One More Gate team and ask them all your questions.

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Looks very interesting! I'm totally gonna try it fear
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Score : 9481
Looks very cool! Is it gonna come out on consoles too? Seems like a good fit.
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Score : 3122
Ankama has fun ideas and a unique style... but it never finishes anything. This is fun to play, but it doesn't mean much to me if it's never going to get off the ground. What about Waven?
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Score : 1898
Yeah, lol... where the damn is Waven? :X I love u ppl, but focus. FOCUS!
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Score : 22
Wow that awesome!! I need this character to be a new class in wakfu . something like one more gate x wakfu.
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Score : 151
He's Oropo, so he's kinda of an Eliatrope
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Score : 151
Played it till the end of the demo and it's greaaaat! Really loving all Ankama games and hoping they get back to consoles. I'd love to play some of the on my PS. 
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