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Update 1.75 Is Coming!

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - March 22, 2022, 16:00:00
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Did you survive the desolate lands and monstrosities of the Shustuft Crust? Did Rushu spare you his cruelty, or did you show him what you're made of? If you emerged victorious from Update 1.74 – Shustuft Crust, don't leave so fast… Update 1.75 goes live on the servers on March 29, and you aren't done with the demons yet…

Can you guess what devils opened two new dimensional rifts, with one classic and one ultimate? It was the Shushus! They're at it again… And they aren't the only things to have made it into WAKFU Update 1.75:

  • The cosmetics inventory, a sweet user-friendly interface that goes along with the account entity: this inventory keeps all cosmetic items (costumes, pet, and mount skins, etc.) in a central location, and in a single interface so that your characters on the same server can use it simultaneously and without restrictions.
  • The revamped Osamodas class: its mechanics have been tweaked to be more in line with the summoner role.
  • A number of improvements to usability will make your life easier, including a search bar in your inventory.
Want to learn more?

Join us on Tuesday, March 29, to get the details on what this update has in store for you!
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Nice, can't wait to play the new osamodas in a week.

Now to buy all the initiative items so I can actually summon stuff, since everyone will be playing osa (and there can only be one summon per team, like with masqueraider)
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very excited. and two new rifts? do we have any information on what level brackets the rifts are going to be? i'm hoping we get one for 200.
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A very good update on paper overall, we are waiting for jobs account-wide. Quality of life will be so much better, i think you should focus more on those kind of updates in the next patches while obviously nerfing and buffing whats needed
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I wonder how tokenizing of double costumes will work

Like if it only consider costumes bought in the shop or overall ones, like from events and achievements
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They have clarified on this multiple times over the beta discord server.
The tokens will only be provided for duplicate costumes you have bought from the Shop with ogrines/real money, retrospective across past and present ones.
Event/Achievement/Giveaway/Gift costumes won't in general be compensated.
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When improve Cra's fight bonus?does distance classes still have the future?
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Is there an option to keep the dragon look of.. you know.. dragon?
I don't really care for human faced dragons. Diddlydoo weird.
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Where can I read about the changes made to Osa?
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"a search bar in your inventory"
BE PRAISED THE TWELVE - at last, one of the most useful interface addition is live!!!
Eula is a happy Sram.
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