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Let's Celebrate Our 10th Anniversary!

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - February 25, 2022, 10:00:00
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Hello everyone!

The issue has been fixed and you can now fully enjoy the Anniversary event! It has been extended as well until Wednesday, March 16 at 10:00 AM.

For more info:

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Ok, can you tell me where I can craft "10-year hat" and "10-year cape" and what do I need to do it? I mean, do I need a recipe, where can I get it?

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The recipe is that you need 10 Wakfu Wood each to make the items, and you can craft them at a Tailors workbench (there is one in Astrub as well), they are both lvl 0 recipe's.

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TaoZen#1660|2022-03-02 23:10:49
The animated leaves of the Wakfu Tree don't animate anymore, not on the non haven bag one as on the haven bag one. That is too bad, since it gave something extra to it. The problem couldn't be fixed I guess without converting to the non-animated Wakfu Tree?

I'm sad Wakfu Trees no longer animate, I too loved the animation and was looking forward to planting some animated trees in my havenbag, ashame sad
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I'm glad Ankama made the fix, but was it intentional to make the Haven-Bag cuttings only give more Haven-Bag cuttings instead of wood when cutting the trees in your Haven-Bag?


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That's how all decorative trees work

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I seem to be unable to craft the other anniversary-item than the cape and hat. so how to craft them? Tried to make up recipes but without luck so far.

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Just use a tailor crafting table for the cape and hat, the rest you get from the achievement

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What other craftable items are people talking about (other than the cape and the hat)?
Am I missing something?

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There arent any other craftable items (like you said other than the Hat and Cape) that Ankama have made us aware of.  I believe the other items people refer to are the ones as rewards for the Achievement
"Wakfu Era Prophet";
Craft a "10-Year Hat" During WAKFU'S Anniversary
Craft a "10-Year Cape" during WAKFU'S Anniversary
Plant 110 "Wakfu Trees" In Astrub during WAKFU'S Anniversary

Title Unlocked: Wakfu Era Prophet 
Dragon Egg and Nest (Haven Bag Decoration)
Krozmoz Decoration (Haven Bag Decoration)
10-Year Journal

There is speculation that something extra might come out as craftable from the Wakfu wood due to the phrase at the end of the wood's description:
"Right after you cut it, it begins to grow back. It's truly magic! Maybe if you combine several, yours will be even bigger"
But as yet Ankama has not confirmed or denied these musings, I personally believe it is due to the way that the wording sounded after translating from the original language of French and no further recipes will come of the wood.

Then there is the gifts coming to accounts for the next round of gifts during the Wakfu Anniversary celebrations:

For all active players logging in at least once in-game during the period from Friday February 25 at 12:01 a.m. until Friday March 11 at 11:59 p.m. , you will receive (free of charge) on Monday March 14 during the day:

  • 1x Az Plush ;
  • 1 x Choubidoudou  ;
  • 1 x Sword of Rubilax ;
  • 1 x Attitude: Dab .
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Could someone give me the names of the last two items and the book so I can actually look them up?

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These items arent showing in the Wakfu website Encyclopedia 

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The game is 10 years old. Happy birthday! I hope that by the year 20 we will have Russian in it. ...of course, if the game does not die completely outside of France.

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There has been a small Russian community in Wakfu since its beginning. Check out the guild recruitment section in the forums and you should find some Russian players.

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Hello everyone,

The 10th Anniversary event is back and ends on April 5 at 10:00 AM (Paris time). Happy planting!

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happy 10th year anniversary to all ^^ (yeah i'm late i know ^^")

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