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Ankama Shop Sales: They're On!

By [Shop]#2765 January 12, 2022, 11:00:00
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Even though you're chilled to the bone, there's no way you'll just sit there when good deals start appearing today in the online Ankama Shop. It's time for an avalanche of discounts that are cooler than ever! 

Time seems to be standing still, and the world seems to have stopped turning. Noses are frozen stiff, and the streets have been transformed, as if paralyzed by frost. But you're spending most of your time on the couch, eating nothing but the unhealthiest food…

Only one thing could pull you out of this lethargy (and no, it's not mulled wine)…

The Ankama Shop Winter Sales start today!*

Head straight to your online store!


* Offer valid while supplies last. The 2022 Winter Sales last from 1/12 through 2/8.

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I'll keep repeating myself until Ankama understands. Won't buy anything from your shop until you have anything Wakfu related to sell in there.

I would gladly buy some figurines if you had Wakfu monster(s) families for sale there (wabbits especially!).

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