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Satisfaction Survey: Update 1.74 – Shustuft Crust

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - January 03, 2022, 17:00:00
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Update 1.74 – Shustuft Crust has been online for a few weeks now, and we'd like your opinion on it.

Your opinion is valuable to us, and we'd like to know more about your game experience in the World of Twelve. By responding to this survey, you'll help the WAKFU team appropriately assess what you think of the game's latest update.

To take part in the survey, click on the button below:


Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide. Enjoy playing WAKFU!

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Score : 10893

Osamosa dungeons inside are very beautiful, I like to spend time there not only for the fights, but also from a purely visual point of view. I like the concept of three rooms (two rooms with mobs and one room with a boss). but I am neutral about two rooms (one with mobs and one with the boss).
in any case, the 1.74 update turned out to be of high quality, both the music and the new mechanics feel fresh (for example, mobs that use invisibility or mobs that leave small mobs after death).
I'm only sorry that the new update doesn't fix some of the issues that have been requested by the community. for example, Ogrest's tears, which are a huge problem on Rubilax. What about experiment (electroshock) to the battlefields?
I don’t know how much these survey help you, I’m not sure that many people can be sincere, but I took part and left a comment.
Happy New Year, Ankama. 

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Score : 1637

I like the new patch , It is something no one really was waiting for.

Even tho It's kinda sad that this patch came out just to extend some players desire to grind when there are a lot of other issues that need to be solvented.

I personally dislike the developing path of releasing content and forgetting about it once it's released.

-We had been told that Vandals dungeon for example would recieve some tweaks yet it is still as the first day.
-Ogrest tears are still unobtainable , yet they release more souvenirs items before a possible fix to it.

-There is still no incentive to play end-game content: 

  • All good subs will come from 1t-2t dungeons or UB's done by the most broken class on its lvl  branch , like really there isn't an anti cheese method on ladder classifications to prevent having the same class multiple times in a team and the fact that going withouth ALS affects heavily on your drop rate and xp gain or give you ALS maluses with stheles active.
  • The first one to do the dungeon is the one who will get the chests , since you can't outrun 1t fights once classified. It goes from being good or having a strat to camp the ladder the first day it resets so no one else can take a place because you did it with 20 chars+ of the same class.
Ladder needs rework.

Plus I'm pretty sure the new Dofushu will ask from us to ALS in order to get it , once again an "end-game" relic locked behind low lvl content.

-How safe is it even to gear at 230 when a lot of class reworks are coming after it? It is indeed  a way to keep us grinding changing our gear from scratch once again. I felt that having all the lv215 branch covered would help the team center around fully reworking the classes , It's not the case tho.

I Could try criticising the new patch but it's very much well done in terms of gameplay , music and mechanics. I just don't like the fog in the tactical view.

The actual things that I dislike are more technical.
The lvl230 branch brought NOTHING to it:
  • No extra passive slot , the team felt it was not necessary
  • No extra enchantment lvl ( I know it's not necessary either regarding the difficulty of the new zones)
  • No extra major points
  • The eternal sword is still the best tank-support relic up to date , we have 30lvls above that .
At this point I just feel that there won't be a change to this issues. I know that the team has some developing-routes they need to follow but having more and more content to spend hours on it when the actual issues come from the outdated ones is kinda dissapointing.

Happy 2022!

PS: Maybe you can use the rifts  system for the dofushu , reversed ALS in it's maximum potential 
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Score : 10893

Yes, in the past level 200 was something special, because you got last passive slot.
Level 215 rewarded you with a bag pocket and the ability to enter a secret house. there is a labyrinth and also a reward bag pocket + title.
Level 230 does not give any pleasant sensations, only anxiety that the developers will not stop and will release content increasing the levels, instead of distributing new content at the current levels.
some game studios separate teams, for example one is engaged in the development of only new content, while the other solves problems that either lie on the surface or are anticipatory. Of course, this scheme has advantages and disadvantages, it just sometimes seems to me that they do not have enough people to manage not only to delight us with new content, but also simultaneously deal with outdated systems, bugs, etc.
island stasis / wakfu, politics, ecology, group search system, dungeon ladder abusing, battlefields - all these require attention. releasing new content is a win-win if done visually beautifully and nice in terms of gameplay .
it's sad that they made a win-win (interesting and high-quality without a doubt, sure) , but I expected to see attention at least to the battlefields. There are still no special pvp items for level 215+. and they just combined level 201-230 pvp, which I think is wrong because there is a huge difference between damage at level 230 and 215.
weapons they will probably add when they introduce the new UB Rushu. But the eternal sword is not to blame for the fact that they wanted to make level 215, and then a year later to make level 230. Considering the difficulty of creating this sword, its bonus is quite self-sufficient. By the way, it's a funny fact that nobody used the sword and then there was a buff from 400 to 800.(2x buff). I don't think players will be happy if this bonus is reduced. they can always provide new weapons including epic/relic weapons. 
And there is still no food that uses divine and infernal spices @[email protected]
P.S. I like the idea that the quest for the dofushu requires passing rifts instead of ALS. Rifts also need daily rift quest. 

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Score : 498

The update art design was cool.

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