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Survey: Single-Account Server

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - December 10, 2021, 17:00:00
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As we announced in KrosmoNote 2021, we'd like to hear your thoughts on opening a single-account server in WAKFU!

Your opinion is valuable to us, and we'd like to know more about your wishes for improving your game experience in the World of Twelve. By responding to this survey, you'll help the WAKFU team appropriately assess your interest in a single-account server.

To take part in the survey, click on the button below:



Please note that this survey is only intended to provide information to our team.

Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide. Enjoy playing WAKFU!
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Score : 10893

For me people who want a server with one account do not take into account all the specifics of Wakfu Game.
In Dofus Game, dungeons adapt to the number of characters in the team, which makes it possible to perform them as a part of 4 people. In Wakfu, the hero system was introduced as a reaction to the decrease in server populations, when players could no longer find a team on almanax temple in the chat. I don’t consider the hero system to be absolute evil and I didn’t play "6-box".
This game lacks a good group finder system and an extra level of involvement in dungeoning with other people. In a game where there is so much you need to optimize your items and at the same time do kama, - a high temptation to play alone in 2 accounts. We see the problem getting worse in the dungeon ladder abuse. I don't think opening a mono server is a good idea when other basic problems need to be addressed. But ppl may have a different opinion. It seems to me that only with the improvement of the group search system and the reworking of the dungeon ladder, the question of a mono server can be raised.

16 -3
Score : 42

ok lets try be real here ....

the game is old ,outdated and pretty much a delightful bug pool for noob programmers ... you really think this problems will be solved with a new server ?

1- separate nox and remmington players from spanish and latino players is not working at all and was big mistake for the merge of servers .

2- return to the gift / cookies mood you were for years , now people is annoyed of too much punishment against their progression in game covering it up with a false refreshment attitude (really is absurd)

3- stop think being french is something ...we all humans , all we love the game and would like to see many stuffs you planned for years and something make you stop. why?

4- do intelligent investments when talking about the staff , is obvious you guys have an internal crisis at this point , please fix it for a greater good .

5- make beta restricted so the players in it dont end up bitting the new content in 24 hours just to be the first. 

6- separate rubilax in 2 new servers  one for ex-Nox and Remmington servers and other for ex-Elbor and Efrim servers .... as a big economist once told me anthropology is humanity biggest problem when try to unify concepts .
7- point 1 and 6  to the infinite a must!

we adore this game ...spend years playing if you listening to player base please do something playerbase want day will be no return .

9 -8
Score : -881

it won't work. Why? Because people can't find groups in server without limitations, so why you imagined that they do in server where you limited to 1 account ? How people are crazy nowdays, thinkin that "laws/rules" will make their life better.

Wakfu in real turned to chess game where you pick your own figures (team, and play like this). Game is like this, if you want to change this you will have to make another game. Only those people who enjoy this style of having own team are playing this game. Team search never ever will work on this game. Farming is hard, very long you can't keep other people around you this long, never.

Wakfu is chess, and you must have some figures to play it.

People who using 6 chars, have bought 6x more of everything... it keeps your game running, thinkin they are problem is sick and stupid action. People are dreaming if we remove those multiaccounts PROBABLY we have teams to play with. No. Number of players won't increase, player style won't be changed with this action. Currently wakfu plays only those who enjoy having own teams and play it like chess.

If you want those single accounts, you must attract such players first to join game, as now wakfu is team game (chess style), and we play it like this.

6 -5
Score : 3655

I do not see how this would help the community at all. It would just spread the population thin and exacerbate existing problems. An unintended consequence of the server merge (which admittedly was impossible to predict would happen) was that the dominant culture of the new Rubilax server would change so much as to turn off many players from Nox and Remington. The economy works very differently on this new server, prices on gear have plummeted, and the player culture is radically different. Personally, I have had to adapt to it. Others just couldn't accept the new reality of the server, so they left the game entirely.

At this point, trying to essentially offer a way to "undo" the merge for disgruntled players would just make us worse off than before the merge.

The only path forward that I can see for devs is to rely heavily on community polls for creating new content and pay especial attention to player suggestions and comments/criticism. Players are very particular about new content, so anything that upsets the player base, especially among veteran players, will just lead to a further diminishing of the player population and shorten the overall lifespan/financial viability of the game.

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Score : 289

Hello! I'm a Dofus person with some Wakfu friends, who pointed this out in a Discord conversation. I had played the various Wakfu betas waaaay back in the day, and tried some non-beta iterations too. I just wanted to add some perspectives from our side here. I know that people still playing Wakfu today know what they're talking about, and have a strong passion for what you've got going on here, so feel free to refute my opinions.

I'll say that adding a single-account server to Dofus might have saved our game from absolute destruction. Our games are definitely different, but multiaccounting was and is a major issue for the traditional servers. Players tend to play alone, and use their guilds more as social clubs and less for doing content together. The single-account server changed that, and to this day one of our two single-account servers is the most populated of all Dofus servers.

The most important thing they did was to have all communities play on the same server. Sure, the server is majority French, but there are large English, Spanish, and Portuguese/Brazilian communities there too. It's easy to find a guild for you, and everyone on the server is extremely supportive of everyone else. What's more, this game mode and the combining of communities brought a LOT of old players back to the game. Personally, if they did this for Wakfu, I'd try the game again because I think it would provide a similar experience.

There were some cons to this, to be fair. We did lose some people from our primary, traditional server (we only have one "international" server, which is combined English, German, Italian, and some others like Russian, after a merge. There are separate servers for Spanish and Portuguese). But there are other factors that contributed to this population decline as well, and the single-account server is today not the primary cause of our population problems.

Wakfu is a very different game with a very different situation, but I wouldn't fully write off a single-account server just yet. This is the kind of thing that can inspire a major marketing push to bring more players to the game overall. If done right, players could be driven to this single-account server for the novel factor of a new server, but the established traditional servers should also be emphasized as an option. Some people trying to join a new MMO do want an established, older server to start on because of economic deflation making it a little easier to get an economic foothold.

8 -4
Score : -667

i wondering why devs just  not careabout 

  • the necessary in game. there have alot of atroubles than notice about it. look around pls it can easy to see by normaly eyes. then echancements need a fix with less gamble, the bugs around, the unlimited lvl caps and gindings. the unbalance class and pvp, the pact, ects..  How about just improving it?.
  • How about revamps of osa?
2 -1
Score : -881

class balance doesn't exist, - it's impossible. Two same is equal = balanced, - big no to such game... It's role play pve game with option to fight (aspect for fun, game designed not around this). WE DON'T LIKE THOSE BALANCINGS, because it's simply make all class the same with different skins only. A class must be better in something than another class (unique, - give us, a sick gamers the reason to feel better) so you have your role and can chose what you like or what you need.That balancing sounds like belief in unicorns it will never end because itsn't real. If I have more skills than you do this will be unbalancing also, what you do next ?

Hell just leave classes as it is, changing here and there characters, - people leaving game for those reasons. Do whatever you like, just keep it stable, it's pain to play such unstable game, one day you play ranged character, second day it turns to meele or I pick class because of this and this and it's gone after rework of class (of course I will feel bad about this).

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Score : 846

I agree with all the points about diluting the player pool being a bad idea.  There's something I've been wondering since the idea of a single-account server was mentioned, though; if whether someone is mono-accounting or multi-accounting can be detected to the point where a mono-account server is an option, why can't there just be improvements made to the current server that would encourage grouping with others?

Over time, changes to Wakfu have just made it more and more enticing to run 6 characters and not group with others.  Enchantment and Sublimations have made the game grinder than ever, and to my understanding based on what I read in the Enchantment devblog, that was the very goal of this system being implemented into the game.  On top of that, getting the most powerful items (Legendary Sublimations, UB gear, Epic/Relic Sublimations, Stasis and intervention locked items) come from difficult content that require the whole team to be familiar with the strategy for the fight, which isn't impossible to do when playing with pick-up groups (pugs), but the difficulty of doing so definitely dissuades against trying to accomplish anything meaningful while playing with others.  That's not to mention the fact that even if you do choose to allow more people into your run (and thus making it more difficult to coordinate) that you're just lowering the amount of loot that you individually receive.

Now onto the anecdotal part of my post.  I greatly prefer playing with other people rather than playing just on my own, I really do.  I did not start playing with two accounts (6 characters) until about three and a half years after I started playing Wakfu, around the release of Osamosa.  Before Osamosa came out, although I was playing on Nox- one of the lower population servers-  I didn't have issues finding people to play with, and regularly did runs with 3-6 people.  When reflecting on why that changed upon the release of Osamosa, I really think it was because running 215 dungeons that way (in 4-6 player pugs) was a miserable experience for everyone involved.  The reason for this is because the stat check for 215 dungeons was far above 200 dungeons, and only the most hardcore Nox players really had gear, so the choices were:

1) run the dungeon on s21 with friends/acquaintances, struggling the whole way through and only getting 1/3rd (or less) of the loot I would otherwise

2) run the dungeon on s1/s11 because the pug collectively didn't meet the stat check for s21, essentially "wasting time" in the run because there was no chance to drop Legendary gear, Epics, or Relics

3) wait for another well-geared person to be available and want to run with me, and have a smooth s21 run in a 3/3 comp

4) make a 6 box and have a smooth s21 run where I get everything that drops, and I can run whenever or however long I want

The thing that really pushed me to start 6 boxing was mostly the fact that I wanted to make progress, and my Nox friends just weren't as eager as I was (probably because Osamosa just one-shot them).  Farming s21 Crabstacean rooms all by myself with just my 3 characters gave me a lot of time to think about all the loot I was missing out on by not having a full team of 6.  It happened that just one of those runs turned out to be the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.  Today, I just generally see running with other people as something to do for fun and running by myself with 6 characters as something to do when I actually want to progress.

The reason I chose to include my background is to help explain my experience that is informing my opinion on this subject.  I have had time as both a mono-accounter (3.5 years)  and a multi-accounter (1.5 years), and the conclusion I can draw from this time is that the main thing that makes bringing someone along that you know will make the run harder even worse is not getting any loot from that harder, sometimes grueling run.  This is a major part of why it’s so much more appealing just to make a 6 box and run content alone if you enjoy the game.

Since it was not shared with us players, I really don’t know what problems Ankama believes will be solved by a mono-account server, and I don’t even know what Ankama considers to be problems caused by multi-accounting.  I can only gather that other players feel that multi-accounting makes it harder to find groups as a solo character/mono-accounter and that multi-accounting allows people to abuse the dungeon ladder system.  These both seem like problems that can be solved with improvements to the main servers without making a new server that further divides the player base.  For example, why not offer a loot or EXP bonus when we group with other players?  If a mono-account restriction can be enforced, then a bonus like this restricted to group play could also be enforced.  The mentor system is a great idea, why not rework it to encourage group play and include rewards that people actually care about getting?  Why are we exploring the possibility of a mono-account server before making a functional team search system?  Why not rework the dungeon ladder system to discourage or prevent abuse?

There’s a lot of things about this that I don’t know, but I’m just sharing my perspective.  I’m against the idea of a mono-account server is that I don’t like the idea of seeing my friends split between servers.  I also don’t really understand why a mono-account server is being considered.  If it’s because of problems that are caused by multi-accounting, I think that creating a new server is a kind of “jumping the ship” and a denial of improvements/features being added to the existing servers.

Sorry if this wasn’t super coherent, I just really don’t have the time to sit here and rewrite it.  I just want to see good things happen to Wakfu because I love this game, and I don’t see the opening of a mono-account server being a good thing for the future of Rubilax (my server).  

7 -1
Score : 205

Your example of offering a loot or EXP while in a party with other players sounds very good.
With Rifts, Ankama proved they are able of making buffs with variable strength based on the amount of characters in the party. And with Battlefields, Ankama made it not possible to enter them whilst using heroes, or simultaneously entering them with other accounts if they share the same ip.
Ankama could very well make it so we receive scaling loot and EXP buffs based on the number of members in the party, but only if all characters in the party were to have different public ip addresses.

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Score : 9200

Wakfu without booster in itself is pretty much mono accounting, and there are many players who are going through that currently on the live servers. The game in itself is hard when you are alone, that is the reality of the matter without going in too deep about it.

Also starting from 0 for many who have spent years on a server to reach where they are now and do the same things over again might be appealing to some, but I'm not personally a fan of that. It feels like I simply don't have that energy nor time I had all those years ago to do the same once again.

I trust the team to make the decisions they seems appropriate regardless.
Love you guys, Also greetings to Jr.! our new champion, for the work on the new update. <3

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Score : 498

single account server would be good for players with one account

1 0
Score : 1346


It is a bad idea to create a single-account server so to "split the community" even more, to have less players playing on a server at once.

The Server Merge was good to get some population for the World of Twelve, splitting the community again should not be an option!! This would be a huge step backwards.

Of course there exist cases in where technologies cannot be improved and/or developed further anymore, so a "huge step backwards" is essentially needed to create and so to move on a new and different branch, or to monumentally "upgrade" a branch. But WAKFU don't need this (yet). Current "technologies" for WAKFU have not been even exhausted yet [...] Not to mention "updated & modified" yet.

IMHO this Hero-System must be changed on actual Live Servers as for Rubliax and Pandora instead. I have never liked this Hero-System at all btw, I have never used it .. never [...] Not even when we had gained free boosters. This Hero-System has destroyed the "MMO" term for WAKFU!!

You see that hardliners have played "solo only" already with 2 or more accounts since the implementation of the "Hero-System".

Multiboxing and especially the Hero-System are the reasons why it is really hard to find players!! So to open a new single-account server is not the solution, but to change the Hero-System in general!!

The Hero-System has been nothing but a money grind for ANKAMA and a game killer [...] It killed WAKFU as a team-based strategy and tactical game, what WAKFU had explicitely stand for!! The Hero-System has generally/basically turned/made WAKFU into a "single player" game [...]

So, a new single-account server is absolutely the wrong path/branch [...] unless WAKFU gains a huge playerbase increase (+5k..) in an instant in near future. Remove or change the Hero-System on Rubilax and Pandora instead and overhaul the Party Finder. (Maybe merge Rubilax and Pandora, too)

Yet I have ever played with one account only. No Hero-System, but with Sidekicks!!
..since early Beta..

And without (a) character transfer(s) to the "hypotetically" new single-account server, it would be even more disliked. I do like to begin from the fresh in various other games, but leveling in WAKFU is pretty hard, especially to grind stuff to level up Professions, or to craft high-tier gear. It is way easier to spend millions of "hardly earned" Kamas at the Marketplace instead.

Also to tell the truth:
Over the years, the changes which have been done in WAKFU as World changes, Storyline changes, the removal of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter seasons, the messed up Eco System, the non-fitting environmental resources "everywhere" as Boned Fish arent available in Srambad anymore but somewhere else, the removal of resources, plants and even a reason to visit and play on Srambad & Enurado.. it is a loss, the slaughter of main islands of main factions/nations, the removal of Riktus... have also really really hurt WAKFU [...] !! (Hidden) Easter Eggs are missing.. It is an absolute MESS [...]

The World of Twelve has become rather confusing than fascinating.

I had really loved the main story line, but after all these changes it is really not fun anymore to do all these quests again. They confuse and dont fit into WAKFU anymore. These quests don't spread love anymore, but it was fact in the past which also made WAKFU great.

Many "core" things in WAKFU have become "obsolete" which is really sad .. at least for me!! Quests, main Storyline, Srambad, Enurado, ..., Eco System, Politics, ..., Party Finder ... You should focus on them first before opening a new branch [...] and to split the community further.

And besides that all, people will find a way ~ as usually ~ to bypass this "single-account restriction"..!!
It is also called: "To use an exploit!"

4 -6
Score : 103

It won't work.
Now it's really hard to find people to do dungeons because they MUST be done with more then 1 char and particular roles (making a lot of classes really uneffective or useless) and you think that CREATING A NEW SERVER, hence dividing player base more and allowing them to use only 1 char will do something?

Please Fix dungeon systems, weak classes and bugs before creating more things

In my opinion the priority is changing the dungeon system and allow them to adjust based on players numbers, maybe like the rift bonus in dungeons(?)

5 -3
Score : -881

When I have no clue, I want to change world to solve my personal problems... Guess what ?

People like "new servers" no matter how you name it single-account or just another server, it's new opportunity for them for a month or two till ladders are filled again by somebody. They just dream to be 1st. All private servers (not wakfu) doing wipes/complete resets monthly/yearly and online grows and drops all over and over again.

Interesting point that people trying to control how I play game in guild or without guild, in random team or my own team. Gaming is changed nowdays, we have better iron (CPU), in many games people now plays with multi-account it's nowdays reality, - you can't reverse this experience.

I personally don't like to play with randoms as they just copy paste what I do. I rather choose who I would like to share something, than just going with various random players and spoke to them all secrets I found during my experience by playing this or other games.

I can clearly see a lot of people speak, and have absolutely no clue what they are talk about (no knowledge, only expectations (a dream, - that maybe this reason, and they believe in it so much. LOL personal experience, - it's not enough...))

Single or not single account only matters for economy, in wakfu you don't benefit from multi-acc this way. As kamas from monsters are crazy low and drops are hard to get anyway. Real benefit is ogrines and this is beneficial for company.

Team in one hands or team in 6 hands ? What's the difference ? You counting heads ? Please understand that having team is work and hard work first a huge investment, till you get any benefit of it.

Those who likes this game, are playing it, those who don't like trying to tell you what they want to like it, but lol they don't understand that they want just another game.

Wakfu is PvE oriented game, with ability to fight (more option for fun). Blancing classes in roleplay game is a joke (please don't kill the game).


3 -6
Score : 44

For me, all they gotta do is lower the grind for everything except leveling, by a huge margin, if they want more players, it just requires too much grind, people likely going to give up.

2 -1
Score : 498

Indeed the grind is too much for a player who plays 2h a day. The recipes for items are overwhelming when combined with the enchantment system, since a player crafts 4 pieces of a single gear to get the right slots, making them grind more.

4 -1
Score : 318

There is a major difference between Wakfu and Dofus.
A single account server worked on Dofus because Dofus is a soulful game. Players have many memories about the soundtracks, the art, enemies, story, lore etc.

Wakfu is not as soulful as Dofus. I don't want to say that Wakfu is soulless but the focus of Wakfu is grinding, challenging yourself, try harding, optimization, struggling. This doesn't give you anything good to remember. Imagine having to go through this madness all over again from the beggining.

Wakfu dungeons are optimal for 1 player or 2 MAX. Doing high stasis/level dungeons require synergy between characters and it gets much harder when there are 6 people in a team. A single account server would probably lack support classes too, I imagine.

One last thing.
Trament heq ndjdj labor sae jushsyt haust celehshb most husy are rtsaw hska iska beds neme sac lists zomans nsiand koek jsuej.
Did you get it? Too bad. That's how it feels to play in a server with languages that you don't understand.

6 -6
Score : 1056

Just not long ago the devs mentioned levelling on Wakfu is made super difficult on purpose.

Not only that. I've mentioned this on other threads before.
Wakfu has become way too dungeon-focused. You wanna get strong quickly? Get a full team and do dungeons. That's the only way you can drop legendary, epic, and relic gears and to make fast money. Legendary gears are no longer available on mobbing maps.
Here's the catch though, it's freaking hard to find a party unless you have 2 accs with heroes...

So, how did this idea of a single-account server come about?

Sure it may gain popularity at first (mainly for brand new players), but I doubt that will even last even a year. Number of population will drop again and eventually these "single accounts" will then be merged into normal servers.  Lol.

6 -1
Score : 1431

"So, how did this idea of a single-account server come about?

Sure it may gain popularity at first (mainly for brand new players), but I doubt that will even last even a year. Number of population will drop again and eventually these "single accounts" will then be merged into normal servers.  Lol."

And where are the sources about those dropping player numbers, to back up your statement? I just want to know out of curiosity...

0 -2
Score : 4628

I do like the idea of a mono account server (I have played this game with 1 account an no booster since beta), but I don't think most people are willing to start over just to have fair ladders and more mutiplayer and as the other people already said I'm not sure we even have anough players to support 2 servers

5 -2
Score : 3655

Yep, starting over from scratch and spreading the population even thinner are the biggest turn offs for a mono account server. 

3 0
Score : 2988

What if we introduce language chats and combine Pandora + Rubilax?
This will solve the problem of the churn of people and there will be a truly one big international server. Instead of keeping track of the economy on two servers, you will have one international and one mono server. 
Remington server was not too keen on teaming up with people whose language we don't understand. We all used English, not Spanish. So what's the problem with combining Pandora + Rubilax? After all, you can make different language chats. If you're looking at Dofus about the mono server, don't forget that the language chat experience has been successfully adapted there.

7 0
Score : -881

Merge two huge servers into one, then close wakfu because it's over. That merging is not good thing, it only shows game lack of players, no players = no money, no money = no wakfu. I wish it won't end this fast, I like wakfu.

1 -3
Score : 757

already many people light up the problems on doing a mono server....buts lets play with our imagination for just one minute here.

Lets say theres a mono account and for 1 year you level up a great character very strong with a nice reputation over other heroes on this mono server ...suddenly a great idea from the developers team come across and your class got entirely nerf for no reason other than a big brother eye getting fun with your progression ?..... for me is a totally no thanks .

i love this game maybe too much , but is sad watch how the staff keep punish playerbase to the point many people stop playing .

Come on ankama you can still win another game award with wakfu just by bringing it back to life , making it the best mmo retro game ever , please stop do new stuff , fix the problems the game still have lot of potential.

big fan.


9 -2
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