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Update 1.73: Get Ready!

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - September 17, 2021, 16:00:00
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Update 1.72 let you realize your full brawling potential. We're keeping it going with a new update on Tuesday, September the 21st,  that'll have some fight in it, too! Read on to find out what's in store.


Update 1.72 presented the Dimensional Rifts mechanic, which lets you face endless waves of monsters. Did you enjoy it? Want more, do you? The good news is that Update 1.73 is following in its footsteps to bring you two new rifts – Osamosa and Amakna!

What also awaits you:  

  • improvements to the existing rifts, with new artifacts added;
  • balancing of the Eliotrope and Sacrier classes mostly, as well as other classes to a lesser extent;
  • and improved Battlefields, with greater, more strategic confrontations between nations!

Of course, there will be other new features, but you'll just have to discover them next Tuesday!

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Which claases get a restat?

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dude... give it a rest. They don't do that anymore.

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I wish Devastate sublimation would get updated, it is an outrage and a waste that it stacks to 4, when we have III available and pricy

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I fear what this update might bring, but time will say. Let's hope I'm wrong about it.

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No more elio gaming bruh.

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just wondering, why is the update finalized already when we can't even do practical test on variety of features in  the last beta version? not to mention the absolute lack of enthusiasm from every player as everyone stopped giving any feedback now. from the english/international side anyway, dk about FR. at least there won't be game breaking bugs with the update i hope

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  • about classes
Elio was unbalanced. I often saw how the Elio-guys abused the portals, that the bosses could not get them. the fact that the class was adapted to the new passive system is nothing wrong. now there are pluses and minuses. especially since Elio no longer has a passive that cuts their MP by half and just gives a penalty to willpower.
Eca is still as for me a class without flaws. they have little mobility, but are very strong in other roles.
My sacrier friends say their class has received a buff.
as my xelor friends are also happy to see these changes. because they asked for attention for half a year and Siu paid attention to almost everything that Xelor wrote.
Fogg buffed too. 
The Masq class is subjected to balancing(small nerf). Feca need attention too.
Panda still unbalanced and community is still asking for any major changes.
in general, work is underway. 
  • about rifts
taking into account the fact that the battlefield is decreasing new rifts are welcome. they are roughly the same time, but rifts require more attention and more rewards so. the new artifacts are really interesting. but I didn't quite like the new sublimations.
  •  about battlefields
in mode "free to all" when there are no mini games you said that you would give us a new map, but still nothing like that. I don't like the way you want to draw attention to this mode. you could improve the bonus for controlling territories. improve the demand for pvp currency.
but reducing the number of collisions will only have a short-term effect. in the long run, nothing good will come of it.there are still no pvp items for level 215.battlefields a very important mode for some pvp and pve players. you need to get the potential out of it in a different way, without reducing the number of meetings.
  • wild pvp 
​​​​​​​it's not wild pvp anymore. Seriously. most of the steps taken in the new patch are aimed at improving the lives of hunters. well, let now the hunters fight each other without loot, because those people who included the pact will no longer be able to defend themselves, when all the conditions, literally everything is beneficial only to hunters who abuse their 2 accounts with 6 215 level characters. 


in general, if  evaluate the patch from zero to ten, I will give a strong 7. 
because a lot of work has been done on different topics (сlasses, wild pvp, battlefields, rift, etc). 
Thanks for your hard work. We all want to make Wakfu a great game.

P.S. still without divine food? 
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Just give every character 4 Elements. Maybe this  will bring some players back. 

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or an expanded spell system as in dofus. or 4 element. it was really great. capabilities of the current spell deck system limited and often monotonous

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This is a team game of 6 people. But now the rookie players can't form a team at all. Whether it is a plot or a copy. All players are 2X3. The game was originally for entertainment. Now it has become a burden.

According to the current development, please develop Super WIP. One account can control 6 roles at the same time. The team communication system is useless.

A large part of players just want to control a character to play in the Twelve Worlds and play with others. Open this open world without restrictions and it becomes a stand-alone game.

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I think the new 4 slot dungeons (rifts) are a good first step towards solving this

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