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Paladin Costume: Show Your Chivalrous Side

By [Shop]#2765 July 29, 2021, 16:00:00
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True heroes don't just defend the defenseless. They also look cool! That's why through August 11, the store will give you wings with the Paladin Costume.

Not everyone is gifted with presence. To be honest, no one is! Your many feats may bestow you with it, but if you're dressed like a knight-errant, you'll never be featured in the Amakna Gazette!

That's where the store comes in!

Never have time to get dressed up? Or admire yourself in a mirror? Put your trust in our experts! They've designed the perfect outfit for the hero with a heart of gold. With the Paladin Costume, you'll be sure to turn heads, making every Twelvian envious of your natural poise.

Want an extraordinary aura and three pairs of wings to fly to the rescue of those in need? (Or simply to steal your friends' thunder…?)

From July 29 to August 11, the Paladin Costume is available at an exceptional price…*



* Starting August 11, the Paladin Costume will remain in the store but will only be purchasable with ogrines, for 2,500 OG.
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thanks! just a super great costume wub
really like the color scheme and general style, very cool
tell the artist that this is something magical! 

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It looks AMAZING! wub

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Love the wings!
A version without a hood on would be awesome as well.

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Also, i'd totally buy the wings if they were sold separatedly for my mimisymbic wub

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Do Eni wings show through this costumes wings?

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