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A Survey About Classes

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - July 13, 2021, 16:00:00
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We've previously stated that we want to revamp the Osamodas class in 2021. However, we won't be able to complete the project this year.  

The Osamodas summoning system is unique in the game, as it's based on capturing monsters; this gives the class a strong identity but is also the cause of many balancing issues that we'd like to correct.

We're currently deciding between two major directions for an Osamodas class revamp:

  1. An enhanced version of the current system: increase the number of creatures that can be captured, add more slots for creatures, balance summons, have summons advance with their summoner, etc.
  2. A new summoning system: creatures are summoned from a fixed list shared by all Osamodas (for example, tofus, gobballs, and so on)

Both approaches seem workable to us, but they are still time-consuming to implement. Over the next few months, we'll devote our resources to the expansion coming out later in the year for Update 1.74.

As for Update 1.73, it will feature balancing changes to several class spells but will not include a class revamp.

We'd like to get your opinions on these two proposals through our survey on classes: click here.

Thanks for any feedback you can provide, and have fun playing WAKFU!

First Ankama intervention

Replying to ElMuchiNNi

Hi ElMuchiNNi#3017,

The details are being prepared, please check the official website from time to time for updates, thank you!


See message in context
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Is the "Skin customization" still a thing about the second option for Osa future?

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1.73 - Class rebalence (probably the passive rework)
1.74 - A new expansion?
1.75 - Osamodas rework maybe?

I wonder when the control rework is coming

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Change the dragosa form to something similar to Mimi's
Dragosa doesn't even look like a dragon, it looks like a turkey.

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Leveling an osa to prepare for that revamp.

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Please publish the results of this survey.

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please pay a little attention to Xelor rolleyes
also control rework in Update 1.73? 

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Change that mount skins will not be pernament.

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" As for Update 1.73, it will feature balancing changes to several class spells but will not include a class revamp. "
Here hoping Xelor gets the final polishing it requires.

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Ankama: We've previously stated that we want to revamp the Osamodas class in 2021. However, we won't be able to complete the project this year.

I haven't been playing Osa for a year already and won't touch my Osa for more than half an year but my dusty whip is always ready for y'all postponing booties!
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you want something done poorly but fast so you have months of suffering until they fix it or wait quietly with a still-functioning Osa to get a proper revamp later on?

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I really hate that nobody is caring for Eliotropes, which really need a revamp, instead of anybody else. Come on... Some of Eliotrope spells is totally useless: Torrential Flux, Siphon and Deafening Target is beautiful examples. NOBODY GOT DAMN IT USING THEM, AND BOTH OF THEM IS AN AIR SPELLS! Then if you want to play well and not suck up in pvp you SUPPOSE to play earth/water ONLY... It pisses me off! Damn it, get some time to fix class REALLY need it! You doing everything, but totally not something is really supposted to get some care, and that is the problem!

As conclusion: playing Eliotrope is really hard, and class itself is limited. Of course, if you don't mind being limited and use just 2 elements within just distance style of combat, then it is fine.

It is trash. A trash which limits you and leaves you no choice to play as you wish.

shyvanillacra#1074|2021-07-14 02:52:17
You can use those spells quite well if you know how to use them.
Especially, deafening target is very useful spell in general, and you can use push and pull target (even yourself) with siphon.
Torrential flux also can be used with ruin or brutality sublimation.
I don't deny some spells of elio are only useful in specific condtion and limited to use, however, every class' is.
I think many players don't even know how to play elio in different ways and underestimate its potential.
Furthermore, even in pure distance build, you can play in melee range with portal tricks.
You can trust me.
I'm elio-main player.

I am the person which actually see the problem in that class, and i am sure that it is limited in use. I was using melee startegy of play for 4 years dear, and i really know how complicated and hard it is... If you're going for melee it's automatically your failure, since Eliotrope can only be played on distance/single target. If you're going melee only against the target it will bring you to grave and nothing more. Melee style only blocks Eliotrope's true potential. But it's not such of a problem for me, since melee can easily be replaced by single target style, which i prefere since the last time, simply because i WANT to use damn Unleashed Blade, which recuirs to be used in close distance with a traget! I'm going to remind you, that almost any Iop 215 level can literally kill you in 2 turns, if you won't end your turn in other part of the map ^^, and that works to Sacriers and Masquariders too. Say whatever you want, but Eliotropes is definetely not about melee combat, and that's damn fact. If you're going to fight them in melee you won't have enoguh AP and MP to simply run away,  and even if you WILL have, then you won't deal any damage to enemy at all.

I am not askign them to remake from scratch, but at least to fix this damn air brunch and some earth spell! You belive me, my main is Elio too, playing for 4 years, and god damn Torrential Flux is not worth it's AP amount. It's USELESS, just as Deafending Target, which even can't go through portal(lol) and Siphon, which won't help you anyhow in battle, since Whirlwind is enough to take it alone. 

Also about passives. They are weak as hell. An Elemental Desciple passive needs buff, because of it's demanding cast just for SINGLE spell per turn. I'm also not satisfied of Sublimation passive, especially because of it's first half(lmao 1 mp for 2 range bonus for Eliotropes?), Enthusiasm is also trash at least to me.

shyvanillacra#1074|2021-07-14 03:49:03
okay ;-; You are the best. I admit my melee/rear elio is really weak.
I'm not using brutality.

It's not usefull in pvp. Lmaooo, just no. Good luck with fighting anybody in 60 resistances on 215 level

shyvanillacra#1074|2021-07-14 04:06:02
I think this is survey is not about pvp, but for general class revamp for teamplaying battle.

It's not best place to argue with pvp elio revamp.
If you want to talk more, please contact me thru discord.


the problem is this survey about WHOLE class playability, and since when teamplay cannot relate to pvp? Accept friends request on discord tho xd
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shyvanillacra#1074|2021-07-14 02:49:03
okay ;-; You are the best. I admit my melee/rear elio is really weak.
I'm not using brutality.

Even I have to admit this is the most misleading post I've seen on the the forum, period.

If any new players see this, understand that this is not normal it is a boss that actively multiplies your damage exponentially.
So I wrote a huge essay about how the support ruins the game's dynamic feel due to the power of  reduced resist. Then my laptop froze and it didn't save.

The summary is, every iteration of a strong -resist proceeded to dominate every other type of offensive support type of gameplay. Remember, old Feca? Then there's Eca that is almost rendered completely into a Three Card spam if Enu isn't around currently. We do have an alternative to this. It's called damage dealt and it's not a static value that increases damage by set amount(-200 resist is 56% damage dealt unless the enemy literally capped out resist over 200).

So what am I trying to say?  I think -resist is ruining the dynamic feeling of the game leading to "Attack the one that I -resisted" the entire fight, whereas damage dealt which isn't exactly anymore flexible, can lead to changed playstyles depending on the movement of the enemy.

If there's a change I'd like to see in the future, it's a lower prevalence of -resist.

If Enu doesn't get siginifcantly changes battle the highest. Color me surprised.
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Would love to see the rollout of control revamp by 1.73 though im not optimistic.

Based on the direction the revamped classes have taken, I am also predicting some nerfs to Cras and Pandas in this update.

Hopefully some touch-ups to Eniripsas and Huppers will be seen to diversify their gameplay.

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I'd love a small eni rework, their air and fire branch could use some polish

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Huppermage rework? Currently the only builds you see are resonance spam, what would they do without it? I would love to see some more love for the Low QB builds like 125, that dont rely on spamming 1 spell that does irreducible damage for pvp.

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Guiffg#4792|2021-07-14 17:15:43
mate, IOP have 9 spells NO ONE uses, Rogue has more than that happens with many classes, and you tell me that elio has 3 spells you cant use? thats a joke right? Elio is the fkn GOD tier class of the game totaly broken wtf you talking about?

Eliotropes wasn't updated since it's release, and i have a feeling it will never get some attention unless somebody pushes Ankama to do something. Also, it's not just problems about spells, don't forget about passives, which is trash. I agreed that some classes need revamp too and has partly the same problems, but they at least most of them can be played in different ways. For example Iops: they can give themselves armor every turn and be damn tanks, or they can be unstopable damagers which can damn it teleport through the whole map by 2 jumps. Not so limited, agree?
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I cannot disagree more with your statement that Iop has different gameplay styles, they just go 56521233123 Air combos EVERY turn with some SIPunches and Charges in between,  AND Iop can only get armor one time each turn by activating defensive stance then using a Earth spell immediatelly after that needs a target to give any armor so... Iops cannot tank anything, sadly they only have ONE build that is composed of 5 Air spells and everyone knows that.

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So, you are telling me... there's a chance to keep the Capture System

I'll be completely honest, if the staff could keep the system and even improve it, Wakfu would have one of the best (if not THE best) summoner class of any MMORPG and a very unique class that I haven't seen in any other game. If anyone came up to me and asked "hey, I'd like to play a real summoner, do you have any recommendations?" I wouldn't hesitate to redirect them straight to Wakfu. 

If the creature could progress with the Osamodas, that would be the cherry on top of the cake. All the strategies that you could create, all the different combinations of classes AND monsters that you could try, the variety of gameplay. It would be amazing.

Please, give your best to make it happen. Every Osa would appreciate it and would bring more attention to the MMORPG too.

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Well I wouldn't be against keeping the summon capture system, if the monsters we catch would be scaled to our lvl (like in rifts), maybe even being able to customise our summons?

But if it is just the current system with more monsters to catch, I'd rather have generic summons that scale with me from lvl 5 to lvl 215 then having to change how the whole class plays every 15 levels.
Plus if the summons are generic, I bet osamodas themselves would get way more interesting spells, since the versatility budget wouldn't be taken by all the summons.

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An enhanced version of the current system is the only way to go. they can offer so many possibilities and different gameplay/tactics if polished properly. i'm sure osamodas as it is already attracts a fair amount of people to be interested in the game because capture and summon system is just that much fun. unveiling hidden op's/ certain strategy, variety of play style, its just that good. fixed list of summons is just far less appealing and inferior. i'd rather have to wait for new capturable summons to be catch able if needed when new content releases rather than be stuck with the same bunch of mob ultimately killing the core appeal it has.
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But they won't. They already told us that currently it is too hard to maintain. Not to mention that most game changing spells are usually blocked. Most summons just have a generic attack spell in one or two elements, some with a push/pull/tp, and that is it.

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small enhancements to ecaflips please

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Score : 569

Ecaflips are plenty strong and versatile already. If you dont know how to take advantage on that, that's on you, they can easily be high damage and high healers in a single build and there are many possible builds.

3 -2
Score : 569

I gotta say. There are definate 3 classes that dont need any upgrades, because they already are the best classes (maybe too strong/vertisile individually) on the game, and honestly make the game easy. Panda, Masq, Ecaflip. And probably feca who can easily give 6k+ armor in a single spell (endgame) ontop of other support spells. I am not saying to nerf them, just saying to put the other classes up to par.
It would also be great if the max heal res is about 20%, armor beats healing at the moment, especially longer fights(even though cap is 50% of max hp). And I dont think there are mob spells that prevent gain in armor like they do with minus heals received, and very few that take armor away/direct damage to hp. Again, not saying to nerf armor but to make healing better. To not make it too OP there should be a penalty of additional -20% or so, heals received if they have armor on so heal res would be 40% in that situation.

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Score : 4841

Did you mean Enu instead of Eca, because there was a point when Siu even called three cards a boring spell. I think Eca is an interesting class, that's well designed. But it's healing could use a lot of work to be more functional and  damage could be more seperate from other branches.

Have you seen a high stasis team without an Enu? Not only that but a slave Enu?

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Is this a joke?
> We've previously stated that we want to revamp the Osamodas class in 2021
You actually stated that you wanted to revamp Osamodas class in 2020 (but the post talking about it first came in Dec 2019).

> Both approaches seem workable to us
First you told us that ballancing all the summons were way too hard and time expensive for the Devs, now you tell us you can actually do that, but not only that, you can even add more capturable mobs? And even make mobs grow with the character?
My guess is: it'll be even harder to maintain, most mobs will be very generic (as they already is now) since they all have family passives and overpowered spells that can't be used right now.


The Gobgob is very useless right now even though he is THE Osamodas familiar (as in Dungeons&Dragons wizard class).

What i'm thinking is:
Give us some modular Gobgob. It can be either by:
- Captured mobs gives the Gobgob some family/mob specific spells and/or passives. Almost like he could learn with monsters or steal their identity through mimicking a spell/buff.
- Some spells you cast can give Gobgob a new spell, or a passive, or a buff, or change it's role/spelldeck. Can be either marking the enemy (like Eni's words) or casting it on the Gobgob.
- Some osamodas passives can change the Gobgob's own passives, or role/spelldeck.
- Give the Gobgob the ability to controll mobs during the fight, for some turns, at the expense of something. Like, he can control a mob, but can't use offensive spells. Or can control a mob but the osamodas loses some of his stats (AP, MP, damage% or whatever).

You could make any combination of these ideas and make some very interesting mechanics, keeping the Gobgob lore.


I would rather you give us some predefined summons with some REALLY cool mechanics, even interactions between two (or more) summons mechanics, than to give us more capturable summons that will be either, generic (as most of them already are) or difficult to ballance.

Think about it, how many of these summons have the really cool spells/passives blocked? How many summons just have 2 or 3 damage spells and that's it? How many of those summons have a cool mechanic that is fun to play with?

You actually only change them because of the level. If they grow with the osamodas, and keep the generic aspect they already have, what will make you to drop the Piwi you got while lvl 15 for some Srambad slim dude (besides aesthetics)?


Please, everyone is asking this. Change the dragon Osa appearance.


-Echidna-#3432|2021-07-19 12:08:17
i'm inclined to agree with your points except the predetermined summon mechanics. while its true that a lot of summon spells are locked thus making a lot of them seem generic, it doesn't mean summons with interesting mechanics and gimmics are non existent. chafer with the whole team fd buff and ocushu with its gimmicks/debuffs and +ap, etc for example. a suggestion i have in mind regarding balance, maybe they can create something like the als emblem with base stats for summons across the level ranges that grows along the osamodas level which then can be optimized with the osamodas gear/build. damage/heal output wise they wouldn't be all that different, but unlocking/reworking spells on the summon so that they can be used for certain tactics and gimmicks would lead to a whole lot of possibilities and creativity.
your gob gob technical suggestions are indeed interesting and i believe gobgob does need the attention and update it deserve. dragon osa appearance update would be nice as well but not a vocal point that needs immediate attention.

Yea, but there are too few with interesting mechanics. It's better if they can focus on these few than lose time tweaking the generic ones. In the end, the Osamodas already use only a few inv. You can count on your fingers how many of them are useful.
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Score : 11101

Even though it is true that they explicitely said that it is hard and time-consuming to balance every new released summon, If they are proposing the option A now is because I assume they've found a way to manage the summon balancing and level scaling with the Osa, otherwise they wouldn't be asking our opinion on the matter and just had told us "hey, it is impossible to continue blanacing summons every patch" right away.

On that topic (how hard it would be for the staff to maintain the current system) is all speculation from the players.

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