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Bounty Hunter Pack

By [Shop]#2765 June 22, 2021, 17:30:00
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How much bounty is a bounty hunter bound to hunt for if a bounty hunter were bound to hunt for bounty? Safe to say not much without their trusty pack. One bounty begets another!

To mark the arrival of VERSUS, the new update for WAKFU, we thought a pack would be in order. And who knows more about the trials and tricks of confrontation than bounty hunters? They hunt down, track, investigate, and assess the danger, only pouncing on a law-evading miscreant when the moment is right.

It's a bona fide profession, you know? One that takes preparation. And to be fully prepared, you need the proper equipment to apprehend those lowlifes, along with a reliable and commanding ride, to hit the road at a moment's notice. Well, that's just what the Bounty Hunter Pack provides!

It includes:

  • A 30-Day God Booster
  • A brand-new Bounty Hunter mount skin (account-linked)
  • A Bounty Hunter costume
  • The Search for Tracks emote

All the trappings of a combat-ready sleuth!

Tracking, investigating, and disarming baddies – think you're up for the challenge?

If so, get this pack from the shop right now!


First Ankama intervention

Here's the Search for Tracks emote visual.
See message in context
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this is cool

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Here's the Search for Tracks emote visual.
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I love the coat and the gilded borders, the little detail on the hat and the belt is a nice touch. I finally found the right costume for my Rogue wub

The mount is very innovative, the seahorse almost looks like some sort of ancient dragon and the riding animation makes it look even cooler.

Good job!
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