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New Game on the Ankama Launcher: Super Nano Blaster!

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - June 09, 2021, 18:15:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

We're departing from the Krosmoz for a bit to announce a new game coming to Ankama Launcher on June 16: Super Nano Blaster! 

What is Super Nano Blaster? 

Super Nano Blaster is a shoot-em-up game for PC and Mac, with single-player and local co-op modes, that transports you to a retro-style digital universe. Delve into technology with your vessel and destroy everything in your path! 

Your mission: 

  • Battle the Void, a terrible virus that has gradually infested your world by recycling various entities to fill its ranks 
  • Clear the infected layers and get to the source of the infection 
  • Choose between 7 ships to navigate through epic stages 
  • Master the Switch to avoid obstacles and rack up kills to unlock the Overlock 
  • Dominate the leaderboards and become the top pilot! 

And if you want a real challenge, you can set the difficulty to "blackhole" or play infinite mode. 

If you have one, a controller is recommended! 



Super Nano Blaster is a game created by 3.5 Inch Team and published by Ankama Games. So far, so good! The 3.5 Inch Team consists of Milou and Sylvain, two Ankama employees who developed this game in their spare time. They presented it to Ankama, who loved the title and decided to publish it. It will be available on the Ankama Launcher starting June 16, 2021. 

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Super Nano Blaster is a one-time purchase, with an exclusive rate for players who have an active DOFUS subscription or an active booster pack in WAKFU totaling at least 30 days. 

The game is offered at €4.90 for all DOFUS and WAKFU player accounts with an active subscription/booster resulting in a total accumulation of 30 days of sub (used + active*).
For all others, the introductory price is €7.90 until June 30.

Also, when you buy Super Nano Blaster, you'll get the title "Trigger-Happy Chappie" in DOFUS and WAKFU** for free. This is not a limited-time offer. 


A Healthy Competition! 

We'll have a competition for top scores in the weeks following the release of Super Nano Blaster, with prizes in DOFUS and WAKFU for the winners. 

Start training once the game comes out! The list of scores will be reset when the competition kicks off, and you'll have to keep your cool to reach the top of the rankings. 

We'll provide more details about this event later on. 

* To meet the 30 day requirement, you do not need to purchase a 30-day pack to be eligible for this offer if your account was previously subbed for a period of >30 days. If your account was subscribed for 23 days, purchasing a 7-day pack will allow your account to benefit from this offer.

** The title "Trigger-Happy Chappie" will be applied to accounts starting June 22 and retroactively for WAKFU players. 

First Ankama intervention

Hi guys,

To clarify, a different team is handling Super Nano Blaster, try it out when you have the chance!

As for the Wakfu team, we are currently focused on preparing Update 1.72.


See message in context
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Wakfu: 3847378597234985773482653487 bugs and barely impossible randomness grinding...

Ankama: New Game! (ok, the stuff make it in their free time)

Well... Why bother about it?

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wakfu is just a source of income at this point. not a focus for ankama.

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Hi guys,

To clarify, a different team is handling Super Nano Blaster, try it out when you have the chance!

As for the Wakfu team, we are currently focused on preparing Update 1.72.


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Yes of course its a different team. That is being paid, where the resources could instead be used to hire more and fix wakfu.. Game looks good but many others are same thing tho :/

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