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Want a 1-Year Booster?

By [Shop]#2765 May 12, 2021, 14:00:00
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In fact, we already know the answer. And that's because you've been requesting it! Now your wish is about to be granted… WAKFU will indeed be testing the launch of a 1-year booster! Doesn't that sound nice? Ain't life just grand? Care to try it out? Are we asking too many questions?

For a while now, many of you have been asking for it. Clutching our ankles, sobbing and begging us shamelessly. Asking for what? A 1-year booster, for the Twelve's sake!

Yep, a booster that lasts an entire year. That's 12 months, 365 days, 52 weeks, 8,760 hours, 525,560 minutes, or a certain number of seconds – like sands through Xelor's hourglass…

This 1-year booster will first be available in a testing phase, which will go for a month. Depending on your feedback and the excitement garnered, we may or may not see it again in the prestigious world of boosters.

This 1-year booster is available for just €60 (or 47,000 ogrines). It therefore lets you save €12 (or 10,000 ogrines) compared to buying 12 individual 30-day boosters.

You have until Sunday, June 13 11:59 PM (Paris time) to test it yourself!

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Shut up and TAKE MY MONEY!

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Why my comment disappeared? All I did is asked to not remove 1-year-booster and let it stay in the shop

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Finallyyy it's back, yey

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I would pay extra for a permenant booster.

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There is less money in Permanent biggrin

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:O well, this is cool sounding ^^

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I like the idea... but I don't know if saving €12 over the course of a year is that good of a deal.

I would consider adding more perks: a character slot, a haven bag chest slot, a special costume, a special mount, a special run, a special emote... whatever. Certainly, it doesn't have to be all of these things. 

Maybe upon purchase, you get one free Class Change Scroll, and another free Class Change Scroll on the 1st day of your 6th month. These items could expire with the month that you get them if you didn't want people to stockpile. 

You could give 1-year subscribers unlimited equipment / build pages. 

Maybe 1-year subscribers can do away with multibox altogether and have up to 5 heroes at once. That would certainly pique my interest.

What happens if the game shuts down prior to the end of a year long subscription? If I spend €60 for a year, I'm losing out on €5 per month of unused playtime (game shuts down 6 months after your sub for a year, you lose €30 of value).


EDIT: Our friends on the French forums have also voiced a desire for more incentives to buy the year sub. The devs responded with: "At the moment, there are no plans to add another item as a gift when buying this Booster."

Oh well. I will have to pass. Enjoy your year, those who pick this up.

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This is sad.
I remember old boosters (called subscriptions back in the day) had a bunch of additional rewards in them (like wisdom and prospecting candies and pets) which made them more appealing because even 1 month booster had perks that didn't affected its cost unlike booster packs (they have extra stuff included,  yes, but all that stuff is calculated towards the pack's price so in the end it feels like a very expensive 30-days-booster incompare to the old subscription kits)

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thats pretty awesome actually, not for money, but for the fact that u don't have to worry again about if ur booster will end, and when renew it. I still didnt bought it (my booster is still on xD) but i'll definetly not miss that <3

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i m seeing that some ppl who dislike me ing apperently keep spam and look at my comments in all threads to put negative points, its same person with multiple accounts, can ankama check this, coz this started since a moment and it wont stop, and thats kinda of an harrassement to me

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Surprised that people are giving this a good reception. Half-expected the comments to be full of negativity.

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not surprised actually, many played for 1 year non stop, i paid booster for 2 acc since 2 y non stop, so this pack is amazing specially for actives 6 boxers

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I would definitely get this if I would know to play the full year, but unfortunately since I play solo it's pretty darn boring most of the time and might just have weeks break and lose the timer for nothing. I wish the booster timer would only consume the time when you are actually online like some games have. Then I would definitely purchase this once I had such money.

But it is true, 12e for full year to be cheaper is not that big of a discount. Rather have bigger drop in overall costs or simply give something extra? For example the character slot or two would be magnificent (limited to one upgrade per account so you cant just buy two times full year and have 2-4 new char slots)
Personally I am struggling with the fact that there are ONLY 5 character slots, so many classes to try but always have to delete the old ones to get to try new ones unless you want to be spending more money to open character slots or you are forced to create new accounts constantly.

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As much as I'm currently actively playing since merge (I played for 3 years before retiring for 3 years), I don't even have the confidence that I will still be playing one year later.

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This is the exact reason why it would make more sense to have the timer be consumed only if the player is online. I hate this system where even when you are at work, asleep or what ever doing other than playing the game: you waste your money because the timer keeps on ticking.

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Really ? A saving of 12€. That's ridiculous. Add some extra gifts on top of that at least.

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To be completely accurate you save €13 since 12 individual 30-day boosters will leave 5 days of the year uncovered (still not taking leap years into consideration).

I usually have booster only most of the year but not all of it. There no sense in paying for booster when I'm about to go on vacation or when I already know that work will keep me too busy to play.

Sure 60€ for a full year of booster ain't bad at all. It would have been perfect for that last year. But now that corona is almost gone (hopefully), it's not that big a deal any more. I do agree with previous posters that you could maybe sweeten the deal a bit by adding some extra perks. Could be a character slot, a chest tab or a set of character pages for example.

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Uff. . . Sorry to burst the bubble but Covid-19 is never going to leave unfortunately, it's here to stay and it's going to become on new vaccine to take almost yearly to keep ahead of it.
Eventually it might die if enough people have vaccination against it but highly doubt that will happen.

But about the booster, they still could do it so the timer only gets consumed as you are online. Not when you're offline. It would be fair, it would make sense, and I bet a vast amount of players would go for the subs.

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