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Two New Features for your Ankama Accounts!

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - May 17, 2021, 16:00:00
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Today, two new features are on their way to make your beloved Ankama accounts even better! The non-unique nickname system is aimed at making your life easier, while two-factor authentication will keep your account safer. Let's take a closer look at both features!

New nickname news! A non-unique nickname system will soon be added to the game. After all these years of having to do without your preferred nickname because some other player got to it first, you'll finally be able to rediscover your "true" identity.

The idea behind non-unique nicknames is to free up the ones already in use and allow everyone to choose the nickname they really want. The deployment of this new feature will proceed in two stages. Starting May 25, a numbered ID will be issued to all nicknames, making it possible to distinguish players who choose the same one. At this point, it still won't be possible for two players to have identical nicknames. Not until Tuesday, June 1st will players be able to create an account that uses an already-existing nickname. To be sure you're talking to (or beating up on) the right person, you'll just need to verify the ID of the player in question, which will be visible in different places like Ankama profile pages or forum topics. In addition, a page will be set up on the site, both in the Ankabox and in the launcher, where you'll be able to find and add friends!

The other new feature coming soon is two-factor authentication, designed to increase account security. Two-factor authentication will be required when you connect to Ankama Launcher, to DOFUS outside the launcher, or when logging in to account management. Specifically, you'll first have to log into your account in the usual way (login identifier + password), then enter a code that you'll receive via email at the address linked to your account. The goal is to be absolutely sure that the person who's logging in is actually authorized to access the account. Once the login is complete, your computer will be considered a trusted computer, and you won't have to go through the second authentication step anymore.

This new feature will also be deployed in Ankama Launcher in two stages. The first stage will take place on Tuesday, May 18, and will affect new accounts. After that, all other accounts will have their turn to benefit from these two layers of security, with a gradual rollout starting on Monday, June 7.

Before we proceed with these two steps, we strongly encourage you to update your account information, especially the email address linked to your account, to avoid any frustration once the new system is in place.

First Ankama intervention

Hi guys,

To clarify, the update concerns your account's nickname (forum name), not your in-game character name. We've taken note of your other questions and we'll get back to you soon for answers.


See message in context
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Thanks for the heads up! Guess I can fix the name and make it able to be read proper.

Can we use third party authenticator apps after the change?
Since currently it's the Ankama Authenticator (What will happen to it?)
Would it be possible with this change to use them?
Would love that, over the email verification 2FA.

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Yes, thanks for the heads up.

I can't really make up my mind... I'm just not sure if I like the idea of having characters with the same name running around. Will the ID "which will be visible in different places like Ankama profile pages or forum topics"  also be visible in the game (maybe in the name tag)?

"Not until Tuesday, June 1 will players be able to create an account that uses an already-existing nickname." that sounds a bit like only new players will benefit from that change... will people get a chance to change the nicknames of existing characters too (like after the merge)?

Regarding 2FA: "Once the login is complete, your computer will be considered a trusted computer, and you won't have to go through the second authentication step anymore." Will that also work for countries where people usually have dynamic IP addresses? I totally appreciate 2FA for account management (excellent idea!) but I probably don't want to wait for an email everytime I start the game with the launcher.


wait, do you mean just the account nicknames and not the character names? Of course I wouln't mind that.

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Does this sound overly complicated to anyone else? No, just me? OK ^^

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Ermmm, not bother to have extra step just to play... Oh, for security purposes of course is good. Thanks there. 

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Hi guys,

To clarify, the update concerns your account's nickname (forum name), not your in-game character name. We've taken note of your other questions and we'll get back to you soon for answers.


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Is the two-factor authentication manditory? Also if I do not have access to that e-mail adress, will I not be able to log in anymore?

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Hello everyone,

What is the format for the new account nickname?
A: It will be your account nickname (forum name) with numbers beside it, for example, Flatops#5658

How can I change my current account nickname?
A: Please make use of the Account Nickname Change service found in the Shop.

What will happen to the Ankama Authenticator?
A: The Ankama Authenticator will still be active and available. We highly recommend using it.

Is two-factor authentication mandatory?
A: Yes it is required.

What if I do not have access to my current registered email address?
A: To avoid any frustration in the future, kindly contact the Support team here as soon as possible to update your email and other account details.

Do I have to check my email every time I log in?
A: You don't have to as email verification is only activated when you use a different device in logging in to Ankama games and websites. You would need to flag the new device as "trusted" in order to continue.

Will the two-factor authentication work for connections that have dynamic IPs?
A: Yes it will work as it checks the trusted device of the user, not the IP.

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What will happen if I live in the USA only and show my photo ID and keep my email the same
Would I lose my rights to play wakfu if I only have those two things and I do not need to change anything else?
And if I did lose my place and rights to play wakfu because of those two things would I never be able to play wakfu again?
I just worry about that

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You just need to have a working email ID, Which can receive the security code they will send on first round to add your device to the trusted devices list.

If you are using an email id on your profile which you don't have access to,
then it's better to change it before the new system rolls in.
There is nothing much else to worry about.

It is basically like how steam asks you to verify and add the device to it's trusted list when you try logging in to the client after logging out or on a new device.

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so this is the end for my 5 account .. at last no need waste time for them =_=

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Why so? Create a new working email and use it. Not quite sure if you still remember your secret questions, but I had a lucky guess with mine
Would do anything to dodge dealing with ankama support

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I contacted customer support because the email adress on my other account can't be accessed anymore and I wanted to change it because of the upcomming 2-factory identication. 
Now I can't log in on my other account anymore, I get an authentication error. 
Is this normal procedure? 

I ask this here because It takes support a while to reply to my questions.

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Hi TheBishopOfOnderland,

The authentication error is not related to your account details request. If you are still experiencing the technical issue, please file a separate ticket here.


Greetings everyone,

Following the Ankama Accounts security update, we will start tomorrow our second phase of security reinforcement. For all accounts that have validated their email address between May 1st and June 8th, the Shield will be activated if it was not done yet. 

We remind you that for any problem regarding your Ankama Account, only the Ankama Support team will be able to help you: click here.

Have a nice day and thank you for your understanding!

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all i wanted was a whatsapp group with ma boyz on ankama launcher

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Sigh my unique name destroyed, could have at least gave the OG players #0000

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