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Treat Yourself to the Cubic Run!

By [Shop]#2765 May 06, 2021, 16:00:00
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Been around the block a few times and feeling boxed in? Try thinking outside the box with the Cubic Run! It's now available in the WAKFU shop!

The Cubic Run is being sold in the shop, for real currency or 2,700 ogrines, until Wednesday, May 19 11:59 PM (Paris time). After that, it will be sold on a permanent basis, but for 3,000 ogrines.


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Cool~ Look like dropping jellies... So next one can like dropping candies? 

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Thanks for the effort that went into this run. That said, I think this is the most unappealing run yet. I mean no disrespect to whomever worked on the Cube Run, but here are my honest thoughts:

I know this is the Cube Run and not the Jellix Run, but since the preview has the character wearing the Strawberry Bilbyboy Costume... it's hard not to associate them together. The cubes don't look like anything from the Jellix dimension. They lack the semi-transparent sheen that the costume has.

The way that the size 1 cell highlights on the ground in all white steals focus. My eyes go straight for that and don't really pay attention to the rest of the run.

The animation of the cubes themselves is not fluid. The cubes burst from nowhere,  and most of them instantly disappear without fading away. As shapes, cubes have sharp edges that cut against the eye. The end result is disorienting, and something that I would rather not look at.


In my opinion, good examples of runs include: Polter Run, Teleportation Run, and Box Run. These all have smooth animations, and interesting effects. The teleportation run was clearly inspired by Xelor. If you are looking for other run ideas, you can borrow from other classes, as well.

Rail Run = have a Foggernaut microbot rail system appear before you and behind you wherever you go. You already have the rails drawn out and animated, as well as how characters slide along them. Or you could make them slide across them how Huppermages move in battle.

Portal Run = Loop how Eliotropes move in battle (by falling into and jumping out of portals a few feet away). You already have these animations at your disposal, too.

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Nice! Bilbiboy costumes return next?

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