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Beta 1.72: See You May 6!

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - May 03, 2021, 17:30:00
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The new WAKFU beta will be here soon! Get ready to discover two new features that await you in the game!

The wait is over:

WAKFU Beta 1.72 is on its way. Get ready to give it a warm welcome on Thursday, May 6!

Here's what it's got in store for you:

  • Dimensional Rifts
  • Demonic Pacts (this feature will be available in the beta a bit later)

Two devblogs will be available in the coming days to tell you more about these features.



To access the beta from the Ankama Launcher, simply head to the game version menu in WAKFU, and choose "Beta" to add the beta client to the list of automatically updated games.

For more information please see the beta client download guide.

Please note: The beta server is not always available. It is only available when the WAKFU team needs to conduct testing. When a beta version is available, a message is published on the official website. It is generally accompanied by update notes (a "changelog").

As always, we're eager to get your feedback:

Have fun playing WAKFU!

First Ankama intervention

Replying to Nsuidara

It's still in the design process.
It won't make it to this patch but it's a work in progress !

See message in context
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new content! wow wub

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Score : 7987

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0 o

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Here's what it's got in store for you:

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How vague

My guess is a Shutstuft crust rework

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Will we get our own Shushu like Rubi? mellow

Asking for an Iop friend of mine....

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I really hope so. I so want a shushu to summon and to tell me how awful I am!

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Please be Shushus Please be shushus Please be shushus

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It almost has to be the new pet system though, it'd be awesome if they brought back maka-items.

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This is interesting

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Demonic pacts? Hey thats how my mother called her Marriage!

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so no revamp Osamodas sad 

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It's still in the design process.
It won't make it to this patch but it's a work in progress !

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i got excited about a new revamp for a sec.

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Hello everyone,

Here are a few helpful links to kickstart your beta adventure:

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