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Finishers return from the past…

By [Shop] January 21, 2021, 16:00:00
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They're the icing on the humble pie. The grand finale. The coup de grâce… sometimes delivered gracefully, other times not so much. Yeah, you know what we're talking about… Finishers, of course! Have you let a few of them get past you? Well, now they're coming back for your in-game pleasure (and to your opponents' chagrin)!

In case you didn't know, finishers are short animations that give you that last little boost when the fateful moment arrives. The moment when you're ready to humiliate your opponent by looking them right in the eye as you strike the fatal blow. Always impressive, and often featuring an appearance by an iconic character from the Krosmoz, finishers are extremely popular with adventurers who want to leave a permanent mark on their enemies' psyches.

There are lots of finishers out there. So you've probably missed a few. The good news is that some of them are coming back… Starting with the God Sadida finisher!*

You'll have your enemies pushing up dandy lions in no time!




Already have this finisher, or simply don't feel like picking it up? Don't feel bad – we'll be bringing back plenty more in the future! Whether it's today or sometime later, happiness is sure to come knocking at your door…


Finishers are linked to the character's account.

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Thank you for fixing the issue so quickly bought it now so happy i can finally add it to my collection of finishers

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