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Six Familiar Dragons, Now Available As Pets

By [Shop]#2765 November 19, 2020, 16:00:00
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The recent study from NIKO (the Nosy Institute of Krosmic Opinion) has yielded some indisputable results. Their list of the World of Twelve's most coveted items is topped by those extraordinary eggs known as Dofus. But you already knew that, right? And running a very close second are…? Right again: dragons! Good job. Well, guess what? Now's your chance to adopt one (or six)!

The World of Twelve is full of uncertainty. But there's one thing you can always be sure of: Twelvians are as extravagant by nature as they are contradictory. For example, owning a dragon seems like more of a fantasy than any kind of realistic goal. Have you ever imagined even trying to control one of those scaly, fire-breathing monsters? Surely not, because if you were actually face-to-face with one, you'd most likely turn tail and run! And that's nothing to be ashamed of – only a few rare heroes would be brave enough to get close to a dragon.

But today, we've got another option that we're sure you'll find enticing. They're as fascinating as they are cute. As adorable as they are fearsome. But more importantly, they're much easier to tame than their XXL-sized cousins. Without further ado, here they are: the dragon pets!

Salar, Rafal, Brial, Dakal, Kourial and Mikhal.* Born of fragments of scales shed by their larger relatives, they're here to give you that touch of prestige you've been sorely lacking (but, uh, don't take that the wrong way). The original idea apparently came from Osamodas himself, who was eager to see his little protégés come to life in smaller versions that are just so cute and cuddly you could eat them right up, oh yes you could, 'cause they're the sweetest little… Ahem.

Which of them will be lucky enough to join you on your next adventure? Maybe even all of them? Remember, if you're having trouble deciding, you can always just adopt all six!



* Available in the Shop until 3 December.

First Ankama intervention

Hello everyone,

Thank you for the feedback, we've noted all of them. As a reminder, the dragon pets are available in the Shop until 3 December.


See message in context
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Score : 77

Really boring stats, good looking but really bad reason to even use them

2 0
Score : 10839

Hmmmm, I mean they ARE cute but the stats are the same as the Bunnies from Dofus Pets. Maybe if there was a way to change the appearence of the pets or something.

The one that looks like an eagle is beautiful wub

1 0
Score : 5914

I'm already broke but to decide adopt which one among 6 in boring stat.. -.-

0 0
Score : 1181

make pet skins!!! u already have pets that give pretty similar stats.

1 0
Score : 368

Hmmm, I can understand that this may be let those pet stats not limited to only via Dofus Pets, but these cute face and big eyes deserve more unique stat instead. 

0 0
Score : 161

Really cute but yeah, the stats are very sad.

0 0
Score : 147

Uninteresting stats. As others stated these stats just duplicate the stats of already existing pets; and even if that wasn't true, I never would invest into a pet like this because they're only useful in niche scenarios.

0 0
Score : 3372

@Ankama As you can see, nobody likes the stats, nobody. You'll probably see they won't be a big seller. The designs though, everybody loves their designs. Thus, change the stats stp, put them on the level of the Pandawa Cub, the Dratathrosk, the Minithar and the Komet. Everybody wants those pets, thus putting those stats on these new ones, I'm sure nobody would mind and you'd have a big seller.

- 666? Dragons? I see what you did there.

1 0
Score : 3372

@Ankama Just like many are saying, make pet skins.

1 0
Score : 3573

The baby dragons are very cute, but like others said not worth spending money for such useless stats.
(Besides I much more prefer Boons anyday)

Give us the same system as mounts (thus pet skins) so we can change the appearance of our pets please.

1 0
Score : 4376

This is a sad situation. Great designs.. I can't imagine anyone using them with those stats tho.

0 0
Score : 60

I admit I like the appearance of pets。But the pet's attributes are too bad。

It's like the shield that this game is currently pushing。It's unpleasant。

0 0
Score : 3840

As many have already stated, pet skin system would future-proof any pets you want to release. You don't have to worry about numbers if any pet can have any appearance. As it stands, very few people are going to want to spend money on something they'll never use because of awful stats.

1 0
Score : 235

Such a shame. I would have loved if these were like the profession pets since some of them just aren't available anywhere anymore.

0 0
Score : 818

You can sell pets with list of stats. You buy pet and choose stats from list of all pets combination, or not from all but from many, if you want to leave some stats for rare/limited pets. When you make you choice stats saved. So players can buy pet with look they want and had stats they want.

0 0
Score : 807

Pet skins when...?

0 0
Score : 18610

They are cute and all but, let's compare with this lil' fella:

· 60 HP
· 20 to all four elemental resistances
· 5% to block
That is potentially a total of +80 to mixed resistances, and also an extra block chance at no cost. These dragons need a little extra boost I guess. (Nerfing the Milimoowolf wouldn't change anything, just in case.)
2 0
Score : 2393

Looks nice, good a skin but stats makes them usless. No point of getting one.

0 0

Hello everyone,

Thank you for the feedback, we've noted all of them. As a reminder, the dragon pets are available in the Shop until 3 December.


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