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Summary: "Update 1.70" Livestream

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - November 09, 2020, 19:12:33
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Ok, 2 new mining zone, 3 new mobs families, 4 new epic subli & 4 new relic subli wow~ Nice Kwismas to celebrate await~

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You think to change how items are shown at the chanels? Just the primary characteristics are visibles, without enchantments, elements chooseds and sublimations, i think that is a basic thing and very necessary.

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so humm yeah I had a dream that on day pvp would have:

  • no wings opt out to let the fun be wild
  • no merit/orb prices. We get something else instead that doesn't force you to grind like a maniac (a constant 'something' bonus winnig streak is better)
  • no pvm equipment
  • no level
  • no teleportation
  • end fight with no killing, not going back to phoenix
  • custom deck for pvp linked to nation politics and ecosystem : your civil pvp status that dictate your pvp orientation
  • new pvp skills to collect for custom deck
  • pvp progression = secret tactics and hidden pvp deck to discover/unlock as you win/lose
  • help people you don't know to have fun : team gets a buff if you got the combination of pvpstatus people right (darkerst dungeon in my mind). Combination and buff can't work with the same people twice in a day.
    • example: 1governor+2guards give them governor shield buff
    • example: 1citizen vs 6enemis give huge buff to make the solo guy win.
    • well it's not fair it's unballanced and FUN
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Ankama sure love their furry bait, huh xD

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