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Summary: "Class Revamps" Livestream

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - November 05, 2020, 19:24:31
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legendaryxelor|2020-12-03 06:52:29
Dolls overpowered in PvP? Yes

But Sadida in general is anything but weak in PvE, they're hands down the BEST SUPPORT late game. Just look at Leaderboard.

Name any other class that can Revive, Heal, Armor, Buff DF%, DeBuff DF%, Buff Resist, DeBuff Resist, Poison, -MP, -RA Push in Any Direction without LOS, moving around with getting Lock using Follow, and most importantly, Dolls which are amazingly useful in late game dungeons, especially Ogrest and Vandaliénés Dungeon.

Just another case of mid-game player complaining about balancing when they have yet to fully realize the class full potential.

Well, with the upcoming Buffs, Masqueraider is getting close to becoming one of the best Supports. At least in the armor department, with the "Unique armor" Passive, you can cap at 6-7k armor PER SPIT (the 4AP armor spell) if you don't have enough people aligned to use the fire one to distribute armor like candy in halloween. Plus the burst heal it got is proven excelent in endgame withthe clone helping out. (and the monster AI is pretty forgiving of the clone)
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Yeah, both Sadi & Masq support Tier are right up there,

in fact Masq can even replace Eni completely, most late game team I personally know opted for Masq instead, even I myself am in the middle of transitioning my Eni to Masq,

and when you pair both Sadi & Masq together, the Armor generation is insane, using Masq for the initial Armor proc, then top-up with Sadi. all those armor generation on top of the Heal and all the Buffs they can provide.

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Loneith|2020-12-03 06:29:55
How can they ignore Sadida for rework? The class has been asking for a major scale rework for literally years, dolls are useless and cumbersome in pve and tedious in pvp.

I think they plan to give the dolls a minor rework when they will be reworkin the control stat
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I did see that! smile

Unfortunately, I think it will require a full scale rework of the class to fix its core issues.

Fingers crossed

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Inb4 instead of Capturing Mobs, Osas will instead Capture Specific skill per Mob. 

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1. That's broken, and doesn't go well with class balancing
2. It's not in-line with the Lore, Osamodas has always been monster tamer in the Krosmoz Universe

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Granthese|2021-01-11 18:52:44
Well, technicaly speaking its their gobgob that becomes the monster it swallowed. They never really tame a creature pokemon-style, rather they have their single pet mimic it.

That actually isn't canon (at least for now), in wakfu it's stated in the lore that gobgob eats the souls of fallen enemies, then regurgitates them to summon them under it's owner's control (that's why the spell is called gobup).

I think it would be a good retcon tho, since they have said gobgob transforming is one of their ideas for the rework
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