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Three free items with your purchase of €15 or more!

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - October 14, 2020, 12:00:00
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Halloween is coming, and we've got a treat in store for you that's even better than a full-sized candy bar. From Wednesday, October 14 through Wednesday, November 4, get three items for free with your purchase of €15 or more in the Ankama Shop!* Available for DOFUS, WAKFU and DOFUS Touch – so no hard feelings, anyone!

From Wednesday, October 14 through Wednesday, November 4, come take advantage of a very special offer in your online Ankama Shop. To celebrate Halloween, get three items for free with any purchase of €15 or more!

A Malicious Shield – a smashing choice for a night of carving up enemies.

A Scary Gift emote to share the timeless joy of a wicked jump scare.

An adorable Kaspur pet to remind everyone that not all Ghasts are as scary as they seem!

You don't want to miss this offer!

Let's do this!

* Excluding shipping costs; offer valid while supplies last. If you qualify for the offer, it will automatically appear in your cart. The three codes will be sent with your package.

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"* Excluding shipping costs". aren't these digital items? Unless I'm missing something here... Lol.

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Ankama shop is the merchandise shop of the company, not the wakfu shop. So everything you buy there are real items, not digital. The free items you get additionally are digital tho.

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I would if the cost of shipping wasn't more than the cost of the order, I hate these promos.

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