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Join the Moderation Team!

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - January 16, 2020, 17:00:00

Starting today, take part in our huge recruitment campaign and join the volunteer team as a game moderator or forum moderator! A new WAKFU experience is waiting for you!


You can now become a lion in WAKFU! Obviously, you won't be roaring like a lion at the other players, let alone devouring them. Instead, you'll ensure that the players' discussions on our platforms take place in good conditions and a pleasant environment.

Our moderators are volunteers who have earned Ankama's trust and have access to specific tools to make sure the game stays friendly. Their main mission is to make sure that everyone follows the code of conduct in WAKFU.

Interested? Great! Keep reading!


Moderation is not an easy role. The associated responsibilities and duties are not trifling.

Moderators are volunteer players (therefore not paid) who exercise their functions from home or anywhere else. After all, we're all in WAKFU!

To avoid conflicts of interest and for their own protection, Moderators must remain anonymous at all times, and are not authorized to moderate on their own game server. Similarly, they must never for any reason divulge information or tools obtained from Ankama.

Discretion is therefore required. That doesn't mean they have to wear a wig and trench coat every time the head out! Moderators simply need to refrain from broadcasting the fact that they're moderators or trying to become moderators…

Moderators have no special contact with the production team. Their contact at Ankama is the moderation coordinator.


Have good command of the English language.
Our lions can't sound like a bunch of Bworks! You must be able to express yourself in English that is clear and understandable for everyone, and use proper grammar and spelling.

Be 18 years old or older AND have reached the age of majority in your country of habitual residence.
Being a Moderator involves lots of discipline, maturity and communication skills, which is why we impose this age restriction. If you haven't turned 18 yet and you really want to be a Moderator, you'll have to be patient and try again later!

Have solid knowledge and understanding of WAKFU and its rules.
Moderators are regularly faced with various questions about the game, so you have to be able to answer them accurately to guide players as effectively as possible. Plus, to enforce the rules, you obviously need to know the rules yourself!

Last requirement: You must have a clean sanction record or at the very least not have any recent important sanctions on your record.


So, you've carefully read the points above, and you think you meet all the criteria to become a good Moderator? Do you still feel just as (or more) excited about joining our team of volunteers?

We're taking applications! We are currently looking for forum moderators and game moderators.

All you need to do is fill out the form at this link:


You must select the role you are interested in (WAKFU game moderator or WAKFU forum moderator) and then answer the various questions with precision. We advise you to read the information given under each field carefully.

The form is hosted on our Support site, so if you do not yet have a Support account, one will automatically be created with the email you provide. You will, however, need to confirm the creation of the account.

In the "Subject" field, you must put the following text: "WAKFU Moderator application - Phase 1". Any applications that do not use that exact subject line will automatically be rejected.

In the "Description" field, you must copy the questions listed below and answer each question.

Phase I – Questions to include in the "Description" field

  • In your opinion, what is a moderator? What does this role involve?
  • What do you think of the current moderation in the game? In the forums?
  • What qualities do you think are needed to become a moderator?
  • Why do you want to become a moderator? What would you like to be able to do in this role?
Your application will be examined very soon. You will receive a response by email. The response time may vary, depending on the number of applications we receive.

And if your profile interests us, you'll move on to the next step.

Good luck and see you soon in WAKFU!

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So how much are you paying for this volunteer job? Time that could otherwise be spent playing Wakfu....

Pay for booster and then work for free, lmao. Paying once just wasn't enough.

Moderators are being asked for their time, yet they're not being offered Ogrines or exclusive costumes or anything.

If you applied for a moderator position based on the above description, sorry but you're a sucker

6 -5
Score : 3286

About 10.000 kamas per bwork reported for smelling more than the authorized stench and an extra 1000 kamas for a manicure on Ogrest once a month. He likes’em filed and polished.

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Score : 3088

Do we get any healthcare benefits? Dental?

4 -1
Score : 3286

All healthcare provided if you worship Eniripsa as your true goddess of cleanliness.

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Score : 3286

I didn't know this game had moderators, I always found the game itself pretty peaceful and well-managed. Guess their team really does its job well.

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Score : -4710

That or there's no one to moderate, like on Nox. Feels bad that they still let people make new characters on Nox. Really should just funnel all new players onto Remmington

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Score : 25

wow "working" for them and get nothing, people must be very interested and want it!!

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Score : -4710

They do call it a JOB. Or what would it cost them to pay people in Ogrines or costumes?

Literally time you could otherwise spend playing Wakfu, lol. Even the time you spend ingame can potentially earn you Ogrines

I may not aspire to be a moderator, but I do believe they should be compensated for their time, and there's not a single word about this in the announcement.

Literally I'm looking out for my fellow players and hoping they get treated fairly by Ankama. They really SHOULD be compensated in some way, even if it's a VOLUNTEER position. I've even provided an idea that essentially costs Ankama nothing, just pay moderators in Ogrines and maybe make up a special costume for them to show you appreciate their time and efforts.

Personally I'd feel better about all of this even if they were just offering to pay people in Ogrines or giving them exclusive costumes and such. People are being asked for their time and being offered absolutely NOTHING in return. Like how many of you would give me a million kamas for absolutely nothing?

It's like Ankama is ignoring the fact that the game alone can be a HUGE time investment. And if you're spending your play time on things like Moderating, your time really should be compensated. You're spending time on moderation instead of playing and enjoyment. There's only 24 hours in a day no matter what anyone says.

I'm not being negative in the least, I've simply spoken up for the people that might apply for this position. 100% I wouldn't apply personally simply based on time commitments and I'd rather just be playing the game.

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Score : 4854

I lol'd so hard when I saw this after, them doing similar a few months ago. Retention must be hard at ankama team. 

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Score : 4857

It's good that they want to "hire" players since they usually have more knowledge of the community and the environment of the game BUT at least -some- compensation should be given.. Maybe a lifetime supply of godpack subscription while the player works as a moderator..

Since there's nothing to gain for being a moderator other than the title itself (which the post even said you shouldn't be announcing to everyone), I see little incentive for people to even apply..

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Score : 77

I wouldn't want to do the job anyway but I'd appreciate if there were a working system that would provide good-quality moderation to the game. I just don't see it happening that way.

I'm usually not that pessimistic but I can't see why anybody fit for the job would want to do it. When my guild was still active I often spend quite a lot of time helping new recruits because there was a good chance that I'd gain some loyal guild members out of them. When asked by strangers I do often help then (even if they're already in a guild and probably wouldn't join mine) because there's a chance that I gain new friends.

I do believe in altruism to certain degree, but I can't think of a good reason why people would want to don the cloak of an anonymous moderator on a server other than their own (it says: "Moderators must remain anonymous at all times, and are not authorized to moderate on their own game server"), when at the same time they could spend time and effort on their fellow players or guild mates.

Of course: if you're offering benefits, you might end up attracting the wrong kind of people for the job. People might want to do it just for their own gain. However, if you don't offer anything at all, you'll most likely still end up getting the wrong people or no people at all. Because of that, I wonder how the quality of that service is going to be ensured. I can totally imagine that a system of volunteer moderators would work in the forum, but I wonder how it will be inside the game.

I just realised that there's no exact description of how the in-game-moderator job is going to be done.

At first I imagined that there would be a moderator office somewhere in Astrub, where you can pick a number and will be called to a help desk in turn. But if that were the case, there would be no reason for the secrecy or would it?

Don't tell that moderators are supposed to be completely incognito and mingle with the regular players in covert operation, like secret agents for the benefit of the game, because I don't think that I would like that.

I also hope that they won't be like a bunch of lone-ranger-volunteer-deputies, patrolling the realm to protect the weak and punish the wicket.

It would be very interesting to know what Ankama has in mind.

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Score : 236

One thing that comes to my mind could be an interesting entry for the CV, in case you work, or aim to work, in any relevant business fields which require communication or managment based on a community for the own product.

There are also Roles of Community Managers and alike which are paid jobs, and maybe while applying for such kind of Job, it could be a positive aspect to have done something like this in the past.

That is the only beneficial idea i could get out of taking this position, beside ofc just doing it for the fun or whatever.

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Score : 98

I'll do it for tree fiddy

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Score : 624

Didn't they do this already like a year ago and nobody ever heard anything again about that?

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Score : -2282

"Moderators have no special contact with the production team. Their contact at Ankama is the moderation coordinator."
simply ,you are telling us "none cares players, talk to walls?"

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Score : 236

That is quite a common practice in this industry. The Devs are supposed to focus on their work and meet their criteria. For getting Feedback and dealing with Community Contact you, ideally, have other dedicated Individuals in place to take care of those responsibilities.

Imagine it like a Factory where you produce a certain kind of Product. But if someone has issues with the product or wants to give feedback, there will be dedicated places to do that with the right people for it. You don't just let all the Costumers inside the factory and deal with their Complaints face to face, while having Work on hold.

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Score : 124

Ah heck, here we go again...

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Score : 118

I agree with what others have said. If you want to have players do the job, at least offer hero/god booster while they are mods.

I get that some people would do it voluntarily, but if you are in need of mods, then you should at least add some incentive for their time/discretion, especially when that incentive would cost you literally nothing (it's a virtual service).

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Score : 236

From my Experience, other Companies do exactly that. Offer something like Ingame-Currency or other little Gimmicks in exchange for their Work.

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Score : 29

Do this and then drop them all for no reason again, you ruined a chance with some really great moderators but you chased them off.
Will see this all again next year.
Flatops you got sent help and feedback about moderators but you ignored it and all of this really spat in the face of those who really wanted to help.

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Score : 411

Dear Ankama, being a Moderator would definetly be awesome (although I wouldn't have the available time now), how does one actually work at Ankama? I'm currently in a study which is called Communication and Multimedia Design, and as Ankama (Dofus, Wakfu) has been present most in my childhood and still, it's still one of my goals to work there. Is there a site or thread where I can read or gather more information about working at Ankama / Wakfu department?
kind regards, Bladewaltz

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Score : 6521
Moderators are volunteer players (therefore not paid) who exercise their functions from home or anywhere else

For other Posts like the ones you are interested you can check this part of the main site :

In here you can find out the posts for which the company is recruiting. You might have to go through the details about the post you want to apply to to see if you can land a job at Ankama.
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gobberwart|2020-01-21 10:35:46
You're right Drachenberg. That would be indeed interesting if you're looking for a job in that line of work.

Although they might not give you an employers reference for it.

Maybe they could. I remember, a couple of Years ago, i was a Beta Tester for a DLC in the Game State of Decay. We got access to said DLC before it released and also to a private section of the Forum to report, give feedback and talk about it. At some point the moderator in charge told us that, if we would apply for any kind of Game Testing or similiar Position in the future, that we could use this a reference.

But i guess this moderator Position is not exactly a position which qualifies to become an Ankama Employee in the first place... or is it?
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Score : 1495

i dont really see the issue here.. Almost every platform in history of ever uses volunteer moderators here or there its not really an issue also someone asking for dev contact.. you're aware that mods job is to read the forums and enforce the tos..

like if you use unsanctioned languake etc how does that require contact with the devs exactly? And in game mods well same bloody thing expect you do it in the server. Youre a watchman not a judge,jury or executioneere

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Score : -2282

If you ask my real opinion ,This forum doesnt need a GM or Volunteers.
Just Open 3 tabs,
First tab will be like a twitter board which every player can post there like Direct messages and only Devs read these DMs then they make the posts public if they wishes post's  visibility for everyone in Forum,and after each post published by Devs ,forum players get points.
Second tab will be bugs and issues.
third tab will be Game Concepts and Art shares etc.
i dont see any point to talk a Gm if they have got no rights on game system to change.

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