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Survey: Level 215, Wild PvP & Enchantment

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - January 13, 2020, 17:00:00
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Honestly I don't understand people who complain about raising the level cap, it's not like they are making your lvl 200 characters weaker, they are just giving you more room to grow.
It's the same energy as people complaining about free college because they had to pay for college when they went there. Or people who hate when a costume is on sale again because their costume isn't as rare anymore now.

Besides, wouldn't you rather gain lvls from playing at lvl 200 instead of just getting XP for no reason whatsoever?

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[Removed. In hindsight, I'd rather them not focus on any changes or additions to lvl 200 anyway. Other things should be focussed on this year that people are actually willing to discuss]

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Personally, I would not want the level cap raised. An alternative idea to raising the level cap would be allowing the players to increase their stats through an in game activity. For example, you could have an achievement that allows you to earn a major point by completing 1 dungeon for each level tier at stasis 50 in competitive mode. In general, any activity could be created to generate specific points for players to accumulate that allow them to purchase more stat bonuses or perks to their builds. I am suggesting this as an alternative to raising the level cap. I do not want to go through the process of upgrading my gear again because newer higher level gear is introduced due to the level cap being raised. With that in mind, I am not opposed to more level 200 gear from being introduced. I think an increase in gear selection allows for various types of builds to be created.

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ZEPHYR-3000|2020-01-28 12:03:44
But this is very similar to the old system, but instead of kamas using shards, wich are very hard to obtain, but idk, maybe with a re-balance of the costs could make it work

because i thinked Ankama would serve us a  flexible enchanment system which you can customize your weapon specialities by adding dodge ,lock ,damage or protection or combat style specialities on sockets ,i never guessed a ench. system with RNG and similar weapon sacrifices. btw my system is not similar but many differences dont have to be to upgrade a system.
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Wild PvP? It made players leave your game, Ankama.
Personally I'd NOT want Wild PvP to be reintroduced, it is way too susceptible to abuse, and caters to bullies. It will drive players away.

IF you Ankama are really set to want to bring Wild PvP back, do it under conditions:

1. Player vs player only, nolonger group vs player
Reasoning: PvP was abused on a large scale, where a player doing his/her thing was pk-ed and had to fight a higher level player with a group of friends (prob. now alts). Thus, if Wild PvP returns, please only allow 1 vs 1, and at the end of the fight auto heal to max hp instantly.

2. Equal opportunity
Reasoning: PvP abuse used to be seen where top level players would aggro any lower level player for not agreeing, wearing the wrong costume, being bored, for resources.. With Equal opportunity I mean that if a lvl 200 pk's a lower level, or lower geared player (because he/she is wearing harvesting gear for example), both get scaled to the mean level between the two, same with gear. A window appears, the player can choose stats and have a preference pre-set with which to PvP.

3. Opt-Out
Reasoning: Being able to op-out allows any player to block being pk'd. Handy during resource gathering, or for being able to speak your mind without repurcussions where a whole guild will hunt you down to ruin your gaming experience. To Opt-Out should NOT be a moment-to-moment option. You enter the game, make your choice, that's it. You have to re-log to opt-in for instance if you opted-out previously. In Dofus we had a system to opt-out, but it failed because those who opted out could still be attacked. The attacker would become an outlaw after a certain amount of attacks, but that didn't deter many bullies.

4. Area Bound PvP
Reasoning: let there be safe areas, like mines, haven bags, haven worlds, and certain low level areas. But, this 4th condition is superfluous when the 3rd works properly.

Sorry for the slightly chaotic take on the whole Wild PvP idea, but this is my 50 cents on it.

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I returned to the game about 2 months ago and I'm doing my best to fit into this vast new system 200 which is not at all cheap, and you are already wanting to leave my chars useless and rebuild them all, sensibly if the lvl and items 215 come out I will certainly avoid playing again. Do not do it! You can change spells like dofus or prestige

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Level cap increase, no thanks. Everything else sounds really good, but opt-in PvP will be dead on arrival without server merge.

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the level cap would be raised but the xp for getting there would be the same as the xp required now to get to 200
raising it is a necessary evil as there's a big bloat of items on the 186+ level bracket and there's too many items that are straight upgrades to other items

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Level 215 is pointless, dont waste out time making us grind levels, just make gear better. Leveling in this game is a pain as is.

Enchantments need a slight tuning the whole slots thing is largely annoying and tedious to deal with, just make it easier to get what you want and it would be fine.

Wild PVP was one of the main selling points of the game for me and my playgroup and I know it was an important part of a lot of players experience in the game. The removal of world PVP was one of the worst ideas I could probably see happen in a game. Even the change from open free form pvp to needing guard wings or whatever you want to call it was a huge mistake. While PKing lowbies was often an issue I dont see why there cant be a medium so that end game players can have another way to interact with each other. If this is a level range that you can attack people or level cap only, or only on islands and not in nations or astrub IDC. Just bring back one of the original interesting aspects of the game which was a completely open game 

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I don't understand about the "wild"PVP system, do you mean people can just attack people at random around? Or is this something else. Because if it is a player can just attack another player then no, I can see this being VERY MUCH abused. Higher levels just going to town on new players. 

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By Wild PvP they certainly don't mean to bring the old system back, but rework it.
I really like the ideia and this will fit very well with the Haven World nerf.
I'm almost sure Ankama know some dos and don'ts by this time to make it not suck as the previous one.
Some of my cents:
- Player Killing (PK) system as in another games is a must
- Adjust the attacker level to the same or lower level of the attacked to give it a chance
- Allow opt-out except for some maps - some mechanic that might be related to battlegrounds, politics and/or ecossystem.
- Head hunter mechanics?

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Maybe there could be an island with mining spots, trees and fishin spots, with a triple chance of a rare resource, but PK is always enabled there, everywhere else it's opt-in?

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- Increase lv cap: no way, our new guildmates, new players take months to reach lv200
- pvp: ofc, rank auto-matching, bully everywhere now
- enhancement: less-random pls

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Level 215: Why? Adding relevant content above lv200 would just be impossible to do for any new player. (I'm lv200 on multiple chars and I still have trouble doing most lv200 content, and don't even mention highest lvl UBs. I'd rather see a complete rework of the current sadness that is annoying mechanic after another stacked on top of each other, 99% of which are not even explained in-game. Sure, I get that you (devs) want to make challenging content, but honestly, UBs in their current state are ridiculous and impossible to do unless you play 6 chars yourself, have a complete guide to the mechanics, and several hours to waste on maybe getting some loot.)

Enchantment: The previous enchantment system was way better than the current RNG on top of RNG on top of RNG on top of... You get the point. You say you don't have a preference for deterministic or random when it comes to the design, but you do even if you don't want to admit it. Currently, there's RNG in dropping the gear, RNG on rolling socket number, RNG on rolling socket color, RNG on rolling socket order, RNG on rerolling, RNG on dropping scrolls (with a few exceptions).
I mean really? You don't see it?
Having a system similar to the current one, say one where you always roll one socket on identifying. Always add one socket when sacrificing an item, then make craftables to change one socket to a specific color. Thay way you have a system that's less random (RNG maintained on dropping gear, and the initial roll of color for each socket) that would appeal to a lot more players.

Wild pvp: NO. NO. NO. Never ever re-implement this. This was one of the main reasons newer players left the game. Not being able to progress in the game because you're constantly being attacked on your way to a dungeon you need for a quest is just... No.
If people want to do PvP, let them do so in a controlled space. Preferrably in an organized manner. How about a tournament-style battlefield instance. Single elimination rounds 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and so on.
There's plenty of other games you can look at for inspiration. Just don't even think about Wild PvP. It's a game killer.

Just my thoughts and opinions.

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Mostly I agree with people opinions above me. Not sure about level 215, but for sure I know from myself and guild mates wild pvp was a bad experience.

I haven't seen any other enchantment system, but this one really requires time to build something, really a lot of items, any little improvement would be enough, - as I don't like Idea everybody runs with maxed out gear.My opinion, - ppl mostly complain cause to gear  6 characters takes months if gear is easy farmable and probably years later. 

Wakfu is very time consuming, - it's bad part. But if everybody have all their gears maxed game won't be interesting (we already are all about the same in wakfu, - same costumes, same gears. At least it power would be vary).

I offer to wakfu prod team to make something with game that give us variables to be unique from each other, now game seems so limited, all are same, - that lead to feeling how childish this game are. If I just repeat something after somebody, - what is the point ? There is no chance your character build would be different from somebody else, there is only matter you play your class right or not, cause you only have to understand it's mechanics (you don't create/build anything here).

In wakfu we only have different teams of 6 ppl, that's the only we can do :-)

Sorry for my english. When I read in my native language, it doesn't make any trouble to understand sentences in whatever style it were typed. 

Edit: Please understand that gaming isn't healthy to anybody life, - but we do it, burn our days for various reasons. We sacrifice something from real life, to achieve in game, one does it more then other. What I mean by this ? Don't make things 1% or 2% give us 3% if possible, and maybe then we will have a hour outdoors. 

Events, that happened from Ankama last two months was a great begining.

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Exactly, most people who complains about the Enchantment System are those who runs around with 6 gears, of course it's hard to gear all 6 characters. If anything, Enchantment system made single character playing more immersive in the mmorpg sense, since you're spending more time optimizing a single character rather than trying to play the game by yourself the whole time. At that point, gearing 6 characters and solo grind the whole time becomes more of a chore.

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introdurre l'uso di tutti gli incantesimi.
in origine nella scelta 1-4, potevi usare tutti gli incantesimi, 
- 6 dal Livello 1,  
- 12 dal Livello 26, 
- 18 dal Livello 51, 
- 24 dal Livello 99 .
adesso e troppo limitato, massimo 12 incantesimi. 
un sistema che permette di usare tutti gli incantesimi evolve il personaggio.
aggiungere sopratutto per L'avventura (ma non VS) la possibilità di evocare un personaggio come Cavaliere Astrub, Lumino, ecc.. 
compra con Ogrin o soldi, i personaggi,  ti permette scegliere di evocarli solo una vola, al costo 7 AP + 3 MP.
ma solo per Avventura or Dangeon, se evocato prende il livello del giocatore in uso, quindi se Lumino e di livello 100, viene evocato da un giocatore di livello 30, Lumino sara di livello 30.
aggiungere la possibilità per gli abbonato di far prendere punti lavoro come Lumberjack usando il personaggio diverso, in pratica condividere i punti PROFESSIONS quando superi il livello 100.

introduce the use of all spells.
originally in choice 1-4, you could use all the spells,
- 6 from Level 1,
- 12 from Level 26,
- 18 from Level 51,
- 24 from Level 99.
now it is too limited, maximum 12 spells.
a system that allows you to use all the spells evolves the character.
add especially for L'avventura (but not VS) the possibility of evoking a character like Astrub Knight, Lumino, etc.
buy with Ogrin or money, the characters, allows you to choose to summon them only once, at a cost of 7 AP + 3 MP.
but only for Adventure or Dangeon, if summoned it takes the level of the player in use, therefore if Lumino is level 100, it is summoned by a level 30 player, Lumino will be level 30.
add the ability for subscribers to get job points like Lumberjack using the different character, basically share PROFESSIONS points when you pass level 100.

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