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Survey: Level 215, Wild PvP & Enchantment

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - January 13, 2020, 17:00:00

To start 2020 off on the right track, we've decided to tackle three important subjects with you: level 215, enchantment and wild PvP. Let's go!

A lot happened during these last two years! The enchantment feature replaced smithmagic; level-200 content was expanded, making "end game" content more consequential; and "wild" PvP was replaced by battlefields.

In this survey, we would like to hear your opinions on these topics. This will give us a clearer picture of your expectations and help us better meet them.

Thank you in advance for your participation!


First Ankama intervention

Replying to AncientPony

Hello AncientPony, 

It's a survey, the goal is to gather your opinon about these 3 points. 

As indicated in the news : 

"This will give us a clearer picture of your expectations and help us better meet them."

Thank you! smile

See message in context
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Score : 546

Instanced opt-in pvp with matchmaking > wild pvp. Change my mind.

10 -23
Score : 8969

Increased Level Cap. Or rather, try something similar to Dofus Omega Levels system. But instead of Pods (Inventory Capacity), try something interesting.

Enchantment System. Remove RNG & Bring back Linear Progression. Then the Increased Level Cap or other similar venture will make more sense.

Wild PvP? Just implement a rank based match making system, with a Leaderboard that actually make sense, based on Win Rate, Level Category, PvP Performance...etc, NOT time spent gathering flower & boxes. That way it'll solve all the imbalance issue, where skilled / geared players will only be match with another skilled /geared players with similar PvP Performance.

But first, Server Merge. Else none of it matters when there's no one to play with.

19 -26
Score : 132

Ranked matchmaking and Server merge are a must, I agree!! +1

4 -2
Score : 105

Please, give ranked match making to us!

12 -19
Score : 313

what?, should i burn all of my kama again to rebuild my char, & also new players is dying to get lvl200.
We have just received a new update (Sadida & Pandala), and people haven't even had the chance to complete the dungeon yet. I fully disagree with this update.

20 -21

Hello AncientPony, 

It's a survey, the goal is to gather your opinon about these 3 points. 

As indicated in the news : 

"This will give us a clearer picture of your expectations and help us better meet them."

Thank you! smile

Score : 1490

Personally i very much dislike the idea of the level cap increasing. I just about finished most of my builds with the very VERY time consuming enchantment system. Level cap increasement is a slap in the face for that progress basically, while it would also render the obtained gear useless (devaluation, for als its ok). Why not introduce an omega level system like they have in Dofus? 

Changes to enchantment system: make it less random
Pvp: yes

22 -21
Score : 11924

Hell yea!
That is what I wanted to hear about. New lvl range solving the problem of overcreeped items in 200 range that have already 8 duns and 3 UB as well as several souvenire items.
Reducing the cancerous effect of enchanting.

This is survey that touched topics that really make me hyped so I will wait for results with finger crossed. As well as wait for more informations according class revamps, we still know almost nothing, and thats kinda big deal.

10 -39
Score : 484

1. enchantment is like like being shot with a shotgun right in front of the face, in other words, with an update for level 215, it means having to rebuild all equipment or gear that has just been made, too much has to be sacrificed, takes a lot of time, and wastes a lot of money. i have life, i don't live to play this game smile

2. the population of this game is dead, few new people who play this game, for people who still have not reached level 200 and do not use "your super duper hero system" will experience difficulties (pain in the ass). Before this 215 update, these players have had difficulty getting XP, if only you as developers really tried this game, you would know how difficult it was to find a team to do dungeons or just hunting mobs. certainly it's easy for those who do dual-login hero or maybe 24-boxers? or maybe the main points of this update make the hero system as a condition in order to enjoy the game "massively multiplayer online role-playing game".

and yes i do like the pvp system you offer.

23 -18
Score : 1598

lv cap rise ? im on board but that means enchantment has to change or the cap to 215 has to be so damn vast that 200 gear is pointles. low key tho ankama the community pretty much agrees in unison that the rng in it is annoying the stats and ability to pick and choose the stats that is good and i personally love it but its the damn rng just remove the rng and a lot of people will embrace it.

As for pvp i mean if the good old days of world pvp can return im all for it. Personally i suck at it but it was actually really damn fun and kinda engaging to see diferent in game factions and guilds to duke it out and ocasionally join the fray when needed. also the buttwipes that agro people for reason i mean its evil but the ones doing it arent really bad people they were playing with in the allowed mechanics and that was part of the game for better or worse. heck i made frends with several people who attacked me or kept hunting me shout outs for xxx and xxx

Edit: redacted names coz dont rember forum policy on names quite well

7 -18
Score : 4630

Do they really have to ask about Enchantment System... it's pretty clear nobody (or almost) like it
I'm glad they are asking, but if they are failing to see evidences, maybe they should ask us BEFORE working on such updates... BEFORE the game lose even more players....

PVP, we lack players to implement such system at the moment (phaeris anw), but a lot of players do miss it. Trying to change habits of people and force them to go a dedicated PVP area was a bad move. Changing habits is known to be extremely difficult in real life... Why did Ankama think they were better than every governments of the world and that players would follow the change in a game is unknown. That said, we do miss players for the current system too.

LVL 215. I don't really care, but this shouldn't be a priority, the game has bigger issues. Fix the game > merge > expend the game.

I say fix before merge, because if we don't fix then decline gonna just continu to happen after the merge and it'll be very difficult to recover. For many players the game is unplayable if there is no merge... but for the long term sake of the game, I think fixing before merging would be better. If they fix then they can kinda market the merge as a "relaunch" of the game... then attract more new players which wont leave after a month cause they find the game too grindfu. IMHO

I'm a designer, and at University we had to take psychologic classes... just to learn how people think and about their behaviours. Maybe employees at Ankama should take a course or two... this would have prevented many mistakes if they had.

8 -16
Score : 132

Merge needs to happen, I already play alone with my alt account so I can 6 man dungeons "solo". There is never anyone on. And holy crap, if I see someone on I typically hang out with them and try to help but they are never able to grind/dungeon with me and my main toons.

0 0
Score : -29

Lv cap rise? No.

Enchanting should be made only slightly easier with more kama sinks.

Wild PVP should be reinstated.

4 -22
Score : 2333

YES YES YES YES, I love everything about this survey. I'm all for turning this weird,broken enchantment system to something that makes sense and even more the return of open world PvP!

3 -21
Score : 45

I don't approve the cap increase coz it will be a pain to reach 200 to 215 (Like the old levelling moon 185-200) and i don't wanna rebuild or grind anymore my character for a difference of 15 level to 3-4 more stats and +300 mastery. Hell no. The opinion on enchantment system is.. Too much RNG kill my motivation lmao. Make less randomized and please, make the adding or changing slot more efficient, i don't wanna see a change on color to a swap of the same color on a same charge. It's color reroll not a position reroll. It took an usefull charge. Wild PvP kinda feel bad, don't wanna fight against a player who enjoy killing who had on their visual. It's frustrating. But i'm not a PvP player so my opinion isn't valid but atleast, make passive player enjoy the areas of the game without annoying people.

4 -15
Score : 22
About JCJ
Well, I do not think about JCJ, and if you go around there and that they challenge you from time to time it is annoying when you already enter with a intended goal, not everyone likes or interests PVP, areas should be created between nations where if you enter it is to fight, so those who are interested could go. In addition, imagine how they would monopolize the Chinese already farmed mines for their bad functionality. A solution to the latter as I mentioned in other issues would be that the mineral nodes are independent of the other players, I explain if you pick up the reappearance time would begin to count for you, so whoever arrived could continue at his own pace without disturbing others.
Enchantment system
As for the system of enchantment I agree to modify it. In case it takes you time to gather the necessary resources so that in the end, it turns out that you took out a crimp and zas the same to optimize it, also that it prevents the progression of the game because you stay longer stagnant at a certain level (even with the modulation that not everyone interest and that is hardly profitable from S21). The number of equipment could also be simplified to the necessary ones, currently there are countless teams but only a handful of them are useful. Of course this will depend on the breed, but even so it really depends on the style of play of the races with which the inventory could be simplified considerably.
Level 215 and mild time.
As for level 215 what I really wonder, would the game be evolving at higher levels in the future? because being like this one will feel the same as many when improving their equipment, that they never finish something and that in spite of how attractive it seems to the developers is not. Feeling the satisfaction that you have reached a real and measurable goal also gives you pride and satisfaction. What is feasible is to propose the variety of content and challenges for those who have reached the top.
As for the slight character could also be shortened. The success of other similar games or those that have achieved great popularity in general is because they are not spent "hindering"
the progression of its players if not in creating attractive content and dynamics. This game has great potential but you have to direct it in the right direction.

Finally, I must say that this is not a complaint, it is the opinion of a regular player in the game and that if it continues it is for the love of this game despite the full of bugs and inadequate systems. If more attention will be paid to the opinion of the other players more often we would go to better ports. As I am free to leave your point of view but always with respect. Greetings and thanks for your time to read.
2 -15
Score : 4974

1. Level Cap increased to 215: No. Lots of people spent alot of time and effort optimising their gears with this crappy random enchantment system. Inceasing the level cap to 215 now would mean even more grind for them, and rebuilding their gears all over again. 

2. Enchantment system: Linear progression is not needed, but make it LESS random. Allow the option/choice to be able to for example, change the colour of ONE single socket through sacrificing an entire equip, instead of changing all 3 or 4 socket colours at once. Allow a guaranteed increase in number of sockets with each sacrifice of a gear. 

Currently, you could sacrifice 10 of the same epic/relic trying to increase number of sockets to 4 and still end up failing.  

3. Wild PvP : Not interested at all. A majority of players actually don't like to be aggro-ed randomly in the middle of doing something, it would really ruin game enjoyment for alot of people (and in the end result in even more players quitting/leaving the game). Instead, make some changes to the current PvP,  like improving Battlefields so that its more worthwhile (better rewards for example) to participate in, hence attracting more players to participate in them. With more players, Battlefields will also naturally become more fun. 

7 -18
Score : 2884

I think increasing the level cap is a bad idea, while new items might be fun for a while I would rather see either more dungeons or a survival type dungeon with a random boss and a random map layout that changes everytime the boss dies, or have the map change whenever the boss phase changes.

Im all for making enchantments somewhat easier to use and predict to get better outcomes for legendary gears.

As for wild PVP maybe you should add in "danger zones/islands" where pvp can be done for glory orbs and rankings, make it so that the "zones/islands" rotates every x day and make the zaap areas be non pvp areas(this is to prevent people from being jumped on whenever they load into a new island).

Although something have to be done with the "boosting"(where you either kill an alt character or a friend to boost your rankings) for ranked pvp, in the old system there were lots of people doing this to become nr 1.

And for the penalty system it does sound like its not possible to only allow consenting wild PvP? Or is non censentual wild PvP something that Ankama wants to reintroduce to make the world more "dangerous" and have people be able to play "outlaws" and fight for resources?

2 -17
Score : 5305

Steps to success
Step 1: reduce Bag RNG problem of enchant system (stock the amount of bad before guaranteed success)
Step 2: Merge Servers (cus the population is dead on most, and the game needs people to function for market and other things)
Step 3: reintroduce world Pvp is you want (i have no care for it but others do for some reason)
Step 4: Add new content/increase lvl cap if you really want people to have more to do.
Step 5: revamp classes when you have the chance (judging by how ambitious/tiny the team is I will not hold my breath)

Steps of Anakama
Step 1: Poll playerbase
Step 2: Ignore results add what you think people want anyhow
Step 3: Alienate your players
Step 4: Destroy your community through attrition.
Step 5: Profit?????

6 -18
Score : 1472

Amen my friend, I just wasted 4 hours arguing with someone about the enchantment system on the spanish forum
(dude why everyone has so many dislikes? xD)

0 0
Score : 157

Do whatever you want ankama after all this "MMO" is a single player game and in the end no one will care because the players will be very busy making the new dungeons lvl 215 alone with their 6 characters.

7 -3
Score : 1005

The truth hurts, but this is the truth.

6 -1
Score : 9560

Level 215: But why?
>We only recently got given new lv200 content, currently the endgame level is saturated as it is and a lot of people havent had chance to fully enter the new gear
>I may be wrong here from a GD standpoint but theres currently 2 tiers of lv200 gear, possibly 3 tiers depending on how you look at it
Tier.1: Nogord, All of zinit, Ogrest Phase 1, Mineral tower
Tier 2: Shadowfang, Ogrest Phase 2, Pandalucia, thirsters
If youre going to increase the level cap id be more in favor of splitting this, especially if youre considering a PvP rework, endgame is honestly fine for now, if in the future though after some other things are reworked you wanna push for new endgame, id be all for that

Enchantment System: Rngesus
>The biggest issue i have with the system is that it is possible to fail over and over and over again with no sense of linear progress, crushing multiple items together to get that 4th slot, thats basically the hardest part, getting from 3 slot to 4 slot
>I would really be in favor of making your chance of gaining another slot go up every time you fail, yeah it kinda sounds like a gatcha game, but there arent much other things i can recommend for this specific system
>The only option B i can recommend would be to increase the chance of gaining slots when you crush high slot number items together, Eg: crushing a 3 slot item into a 3 slot item would have a much higher chance than if you crushed a 1 slot item into it (But dont reduce the % chance rate there already is though.

Wild Pvp: hooo boyyyy
>Wild/Open pvp was one of the biggest selling points of this game back in the day, roleplaying was a huge factor, guild wars, nation wars, ecoterrorism, Servers like Nox thrived on it, But Remington is not much different, as it was an enormous impact on the games politics and day in day out, whilst many will disagree as to whether this was a good thing, it cannot be denied that a LOT of people quit when it was removed.
>That said it shouldnt return the way it was, the way it was before was an unrestricted mess, where people could be as toxic as they want and negatively impact the player base
>Not only should there be an Opt-out stance for Wild pvp, do NOT ADD GEAR REWARDS, there should be no cross over and no forced insentive for PvE players to PvP, Wild pvp is just that, Wild, a massacre of chaos and carnage for players that like that thing, PvE players should not feel forced to enter such an enviroment
>Yes, Punish players that run around slaughtering newbies, whilst i feel like freedom to this should be allowed, doesnt mean that freedom shouldnt come at a price if you abuse it, Jail time should be made unavoidable if captured, but should also pass while the offender is offline, and yes, if you racked up a 1 week of ingame jail time, you are going to lose booster days
>Yes players should be able to compete for resources
>Dont restrict gear, if a player fully gears for PvE and thinks about giving Wild PvP a try, they shouldnt have to completely regear to stand a chance

8 -12
Score : 1

I also don't like the idea of increased lvl, maby something like dofuses lvl system, I do wish we could have choose what colors we get on gears and idc much for PvP so I have no opinion on it

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