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Winter Sales: On Your Mark, Get Set… SAVE!

By [Shop] January 10, 2020, 12:00:00

As the year gets going, temperatures are dropping and so are the prices of services! Starting today and through January 11, get a 30% discount on services. The Ankama Shop online store has jumped on the bandwagon, too, with a selection of products on sale. Supplies are limited!

For some time now, you've been waking up in the middle of the night, screaming, your heart beating like a Dofus, your forehead bathed in sweat. Always the same dream… You're strolling through the online shop for your MMO, super excited at the prospect of getting your hands on that much-coveted Class Change Potion. Suddenly, a trapdoor opens under your feet, throwing you into the middle of an arena full of Krosmoz warriors determined to re-arrange your face… And as if that wasn't enough, you realize you're wearing only your underwear! Suddenly, a dark shape appears – a bloodthirsty stuffed toy! Resigned, you close your eyes and await your fate calmly…

Relax. All that is just a horrid nightmare! But the 30% discount on services in the WAKFU online store (until 01/11 at 11:59 p.m. CET) is as real as it gets! And so is the first mark-down in the winter sales starting today in the Ankama Shop. Figurines, t-shirts, stuffed toys, DVDs, board games, and many other treasures are waiting for you!*

Check Out the Savings!

* While supplies last. Winter sales from 01/08 through 02/04.

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If I'd buy the "EQUIPMENT / SPELLS / ABILITIES PAGE PACK X5" would I be able to share this item with a friend or will all of those pages be linked to my account?

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Most likely they will be linked to your account.

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