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Welcome to the Sadida Kingdom!

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - December 10, 2019, 17:30:00
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We've moved heaven and earth, we've toiled day and night: now it's time for you to harvest what we planted! A brand spanking new Sadida Kingdom awaits you. The environment and amazement are guaranteed to last a long time. Now it's up to you to befoul it with a clear conscience.

The Sadida Kingdom at Its Finest

Now prettier, bigger, and more transmedia-fied, the Sadida Kingdom has risen to the level of its reputation. We felt that this iconic locale didn't match the grandeur of what you see in the WAKFU animated series. But now it does!

  • 4 new zones:
    • Boowolf Clearing
    • Web-Entangled Hill
    • Deforested Forest
    • Gerbean Galleries
  • 4 different monster families, including 2 new ones
  • 4 related dungeons
  • New resources
  • As well as new NPCs

There's a preview of what to expect!

For more details, read the associated devblog.

Now it's up to you to make this new Sadida Kingdom legendary!

Revelations About the Eliocalypse

Calm permeates the air in this new bucolic environment. One might be led to believe it has the purest air in the World of Twelve… Of course, there had to be a cloud on the horizon and a charismatic villain to cast a chill over this idyllic scenery! And who better than Count Harebourg?

It's hard to say what crazy plans he's cooked up, and it's up to you to solve this mystery. Something tells us it all may have something to do with the Eliocalypse, though.

Now grab your weapons and show him a thing or two!

The Haven Bag Chest is Changing

With all those items you collect, it gets tricky storing and finding everything… So we've made some improvements! With this update, we've changed a lot about how the Haven Bag chest works. To learn all about it, read the devblog dealing with this revolutionary change!

Wait no more! Check out the new WAKFU update, now in game!

You can find all the changes in our changelog.

Enjoy the latest update!
First Ankama intervention

Replying to bannerlayer

Hi bannerlayer,

Are you asking where to purchase a Booster? If yes, you can purchase it in the web Shop or in-game. Enjoy!


See message in context
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Nice. Now please bring Koliseum to Wakfu.

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Hi bannerlayer,

Are you asking where to purchase a Booster? If yes, you can purchase it in the web Shop or in-game. Enjoy!


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i love this update. finally i can explore the most interesting and beautiful place in the series

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The nature is vastness, shown so been in the new Sadida island. 

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One of the best locations in the game...

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Well, the only complain I have is that I suffer many seldom crashes now, and maybe the lack of recipes for the new mob drops (mainly orbs and leathers, for now).

As for the new stuff... I have 2 free bags in each char now, 2!!! I can manage inventory at will now...

I got lost at Sadida Kingdom tower and accidentally met those good ol' fellow wolves...

New items for both crafting and hoarding...

More quests for more quick EXP gains and more stuff to hoard.

And something really, really weird... no major bugs yet? Really, what's happening?

No love for bugs in Sadida Kingdom...
(Yeah, well, except the spiders.)
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This pure genius thing I have ever seen in the game (for real). I'm talking about "few lwl zones in one location" so all people can contact and see each other anytime. I hope all maps get that update as well. Thanks Ankama :love emote: I really appreciate what you did here.

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