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Taking Stock of the Ankama Launcher

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - December 02, 2019, 17:30:00

The Launcher has been officially available for one month now, after a beta lasting several months. Today, we're taking stock.

We know that some of you are currently experiencing difficulties with the Ankama Launcher, and we apologize for this.

Through a beta phase offered to players of DOFUS, WAKFU and KROSMAGA, we progressively increased the number of users of the Ankama Launcher. In the course of these few months, many patches were applied (thanks, by the way, to our beta testers).

In order to test it with a wider population, we then chose to provide access to DOFUS Retro and the WAVEN alphas only through the Ankama Launcher. This allowed us to observe whether it was working correctly for a very large sample of users.

It was crucial for us to encourage players to do without the old updater because it was gradually becoming obsolete. The technology used was so old that if a major problem occurred, we weren't sure we'd be able to get it working again within a reasonable amount of time.

That's why – after these initial successes with a growing number of users – we decided to take the plunge and roll the Ankama Launcher out to those who hadn't yet adopted it. The players' feedback, as well as that of an independent company, was conclusive.

We were, however, expecting that just like with all roll-outs of new interfaces, problems would arise. We believed this would only involve very few occurrences. We know that new incidents would be reported once the platform was accessible to everyone. We couldn't anticipate these scenarios completely, since they are dependent on multiple factors specific to each player's equipment: from the internet connection quality to the power of the processor installed, as well as the operating system version, right down to how old the graphics card drivers are; not to mention resistance to change, which is inherent when adopting a new system that disrupts a years-old habit.

Actually, technical incidents – which some of you are facing at the moment – did arise, and our team is working flat out so the platform will be stable as soon as possible.

Some problems have already been fixed, but we agree that we need to intensify our efforts because user satisfaction isn't yet optimal.

You'll soon be able to read the actual changes made to the Launcher in a changelog available directly on the platform.

As regards the KrosmoNote announcement and VOD implementation, there's still a long way to go before it'll be up and running. The team developing the feature isn't the same as the one responsible for maintaining the platform. The team faced with this challenge is ready to take it up.

We're closely scrutinizing all malfunctions reported to us on the forums and via the Support team. We're really sorry for the difficulties some of you are experiencing, and we're doing everything we can to ensure things will be back to normal as soon as possible.

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You tried. No worries. smile
Looking forward to see fixes which makes the launcher better, more robust and functional soon.
Thank you for this acknowledgement about the areas where it failed to perform it's duties.
Really looking forward to seeing it working in it's full glory.

Good luck and all the best launcher team.
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Well thank you for acknowledging that there are issues with it. I can appreciate the difficulty that goes into a roll out and really hope it becomes more stable in later iterations. Also I'm glad there were at least other options to access the game, but these should have been better communicated as I feel time was lost. Either way keep going! Any communication is appreciated

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I'm glad to read that. I'm looking forward to the next updates and changelogs.

It's true that it has a lot of problems now, but keep doing your good work Ankama, and soon it will be running great and optimized!

Thank you!

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What can i say. After 5 years we had amount of ram settings and 64 bit client. Its good, but it was needed at first month free to play steam release. When forum was full of topics about low perfomance and freezes. Not many ppl stayed to see how wakfu can work without ram limit issue. And yes it work fine now but huge time was lost and a lot of players gone, sooo good job i think smile

And i still waiting for answer in my topic, i cant play with steam acc and ankama acc at same time after new launcher comes up, becouse i cant log in at ankama launcher from steam, and cant log in at steam account at stand alone launcher. And cant close one and open another while client is runing:

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Well it's nice to hear some honest words, as person with a lot of problems I have finger crossed for future of the project and hope development will be sucessful.

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Keep it up. Thanks for being transparent. Players really appreciate honesty like this.

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The download speed is absurd! Pause - download a little bit - Pause again - download a little bit again. I use a 300MBPS network service, and most time the download speed is just zero! I'm talking about this issue seriously.

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I want ankama launcher back... i loved it being the way it was before

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Which exact obsolete technology is used in old updater? I only noticed it's a simple Qt app, and Qt is most definitely not obsolete.

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The self-criticism about the launcher is almost null, they had to postpone its launch because of how bad it is, from the point of view of development and operation, even performance and logic of making things easier.
I hope that with this time they have they can improve it to the point of being viable.

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