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WAKFU Shop: Black Friday Sale!

By [Shop] November 29, 2019, 11:00:00
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Back Friday is blackblack! Brack Friday is bray! Frack Briday hooray! Good gods, this is too exciting! We're about to lose it! Today through December 2, take advantage of the discounts on your purchases in ogrines on items and services!

Stop everything! You can resume your fight later, that dungeon can wait, that poor little wabbit you're about to skin alive... let him live, good gracious! Because Black Friday is here, and you only have 4 days to take advantage of it...

50% off all purchases in ogrines on items and services for booster holders, and 30% off for all others!

Attention, offer does not apply to Boosters.

Don't miss out!

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I was expecting some black friday type of discount... boy was I wrong...

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Wait a minute the last few years booster was also part of black Friday deals why this year are you cutting out the main thing people would buy.

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I was thought there will have new items or flash sales been added... Well, probably still need wait longer till Kwismas then. 

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What is a  " booster holder"?

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