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Beta Update 1.64 is Online!

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - June 05, 2019, 15:00:00
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Players, get ready, because Beta Update 1.64 is now available! You'll finally be able to step into Pandalucia and discover the new Enchantment system while exploring more vibrant and exciting environments than ever before.

For the Pandawas, Pandalucia is a sacred land where the bamboo milk flows freely. And now, it's finally opening its gates to adventurers with a thirst for thrills and excitement! And yet it seems that this lush paradise was not always the joyful land of happy travelers that it's known as today... The atmosphere here is as heavy and disorienting as Pandiego de la Vega's breath... Hard to say whether it's just a bit too much fermented bamboo milk or for some other reason, but Twelvians who set foot here often report a feeling that they're somewhere else, with their heads lost in the fog.

Come discover Pandalucia in Beta Update 1.64!

You'll also have the chance to test the new Enchantment system, which was already present in the Alpha version and was the subject of a recent devblog.

Sharp-eyed players will notice that certain improvements have also been made to the in-game environments. Subtle animations now bring an added layer of realism to the World of Twelve for an even more immersive adventuring experience!

You can read everything about the latest update of the Beta test server, here.

Download the Beta client and share with us your feedback!


What Is the Beta?

The WAKFU Beta server opens for several weeks prior to major updates being rolled out.

It allows players to come test the updates before they're rolled out so they can give us their views on in-game developments and help us identify any shortcomings.

The Beta server allows us to fine-tune and improve the way in which upcoming updates work by performing large-scale tests bringing together a few hundred different players.

These tests complement the ones we perform internally.


The Beta client is available via the Ankama Launcher.

In the Ankama Launcher, in the WAKFU general game options, activate the option "Display the other versions" to add the Beta client to the list of automatically updated games.

The Beta client is also available via the Updater.

The Beta server isn't always available – it is available when the WAKFU team needs to perform tests.

When a Beta version is available, a message is posted on the official website. Update notes (a "changelog") are usually provided as well.

Character Imports and Saves

Characters on the classic servers are usually exported to the Beta server when the Beta server opens.

In exceptional cases, these character imports may be performed again during the Beta period.

When no character import is performed when a new Beta is launched, the characters from the previous Beta are used.

Test Instructions

When the team provides no specific test instructions, we encourage players to test a Beta version using these two different methods:

  • Read the update notes ("changelog") and test the listed changes.
  • Test the content and features that are not directly affected by the update changes in order to perform regression tests (checking that the update doesn't introduce side effects).

In order to facilitate testing, Machines can be found in the Ecaflipus zone (accessible near the Astrub Zaap).

You can use them to buy many items to facilitate testing.

Communicating and Discussing With the Development Team

Players can communicate among themselves and with the team via the forums dedicated to the Beta server:

  • Feedback: a section including specific topics where members of the community can share their impressions.
  • Bugs: a section intended solely for bug reports.

We recommend players use the forums to report bugs and malfunctions encountered on the Beta server to us.

When necessary, a temporary Discord server dedicated to a specific update may be made available to the community:

Alpha Server

In exceptional cases, an Alpha served may be opened before a Beta server.

This type of server makes it possible to test a version that is still in development when we need tangible feedback from the community earlier than usual.

See you soon on the Beta server!

First Ankama intervention

Replying to Matt5150

Hi Matt5150,

We appreciate your feedback but if they violate our forum rules, we would have to moderate it. You can always share your feedback in a polite and respectful manner, thank you.


See message in context
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Score : 175

Nice but can we get more aoe gears than just 1 epaulettes please?

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Score : 11417

There is much more aoe items, check everything

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Score : 19

why I can't capture mobs on new island at least the wolfs should be capturable sad

0 0
Score : 11417

Staff said that they will turn mobs on for osa after they will balance them, so don't worry I assume in one of next updates of beta they will be capturable o7

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Score : 237

Bring old Flax/Torm exp rewards back. Leveling is impossible like this.

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Score : 35

The relic cape inky veil needs to be bigger, atleast on cra it looks really bad while being so small, would be awesome item to mimi otherwise.

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Score : 3595

How is the aura? Mind to share the new aura effect too?

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Score : 34

i tried update the beta but at the end shows like i have lack of memory and it wants 253,77 mb
anyone have this issue too? i don't know how to solve this XD

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Score : 60

The amount of grind necessary to BARELY get near the powerlevel before update is insane.
There is no way to use the same gear and get closer to the same power, not even with 2x stats by using runes in the right gear. Can't spam elemental mastery, can't spam ST, can't spam resists, it's pure confusion.

People will have to start their builds over, starting by what rune gives 2x stats in which equip, then do another planning of runes order, only then they can start looking for sets that have stats that match with the runes, then pick 20x white gear or the lowest lvl possible, then rune, then craft all the gear again, just to reach the same weaker version of their build before. Then grab all sublimations, just to get their build that looks like garbage until battle with some random sublimations buffs.

And after all of this, you will notice that some classes work better than others in this system because putting colors in the right sockets are not giving the 2x stats you need and the sublimations you could use benefit some classes more than others. This massive amount of work just to keep feeling insatisfied with your build.

The only salvation for late game players is to increase thw level cap to 275 and let people use another major/passive. Until then, bye bye, adiós, tschüss, au revoir, ciao, sarabada.

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Score : 483

So,is this a game or a full time job ?

27 -1
Score : 3595

Mean that not recommend for part-timer...

0 0
Score : 127

Since an earlier update 1.5x it's clearly a job.

16 0
Score : 6238

Deleting my comments without any reply will just make the update more ridiculous.
I didn't use bad words nor offend anyone, if you think that deleting negative feedbacks about this update will cover the bad job you are doing, go on.

20 0

Hi Matt5150,

We appreciate your feedback but if they violate our forum rules, we would have to moderate it. You can always share your feedback in a polite and respectful manner, thank you.


Score : 483

They will go through with this update regardless of how much negative feedback they get. They lost 50% of the population with the zinit update when moon items lost all their value, resulting in a lot of players loosing hundreds of millions of kamas and hundreds/thousands of hours of farming.They are about to repeat the same mistake once more, that means again -50% which leaves them with 25% of the player base they had pre-zinit. 

Either way we can see how drastically the market prices dropped just by this update being announced, pos rune from selling in an instant for 40mk ,to not selling for even 15mk(hundreds of millions lost there already),prismatic dofus from 100+mk to not selling for even 35 after the nerf,and don't get me started on all the souvenirs, legendary items ,smithmagic runes and taxes that will never be completely refunded,  also inflex rune nerfed to 15fd lost a lot of value as well, relics like fan shield that were nerfed to 40 elemental resistance will loose like 80% of their value since it became completely useless,and the justification for this nerf by ankama: too many people were using it,same justification as for the prismatic dofus +inflex nerf.

It's funny how they keep nerfing current items so we keep loosing billions upon billions, but then they release new items, that overpower by far any current pre-nerfed item, they will most likely wait a couple of months until everyone farms them, and then nerf them.

Anyhow,this game was, sadly, a waste of time and effort for the most part, the only thing that remains are the good old memories and achievements, though if we all knew it would come to this one day, most of us would have never started playing in the first place.

27 -2
Score : 3595

Agree with that, instead of keep nerfing, a little buffing to others stuffs seen better way too? 

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Score : 570

They should respect player's time and efforts but all we know they never did during 6 years.
They can block any comment which they do not want to expose but that cannot change anything.

P.S: I miss Sabi.

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Score : 1770
They just don't know how to.
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Score : 693

Any news about 6 slots Hero system?

0 -9
Score : -434

My comment on the previous bets post was also deleted. I screenshotted it thank god and the worst word I said was “stupidity” The update with regard to the enchantment system is garbage. Flatops no amount of censoring will stop us from hating it. There are so many good aspects and thats why we hate it more. Because you and the dev team have barely missed the mark but are too simple minded to fix it. NO ONE WANTS MORE RNG.

5 -1

Hi TheReaper-Jet,

We're aware of the feedback regarding the new system. This is why we have an Alpha test, and now a Beta test with changes according to the feedback we've gathered earlier. Your post was not deleted but moderated as they are very rude. We appreciate your qualms about the new system, but we'd have to request with you if you can please share them in a polite and respectful manner. Thank you.


Score : 358

Finally this game will be fixed of its glitches

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Score : 488

Wipe-out server start it from 0 is actually better than this

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Score : 133

Hi everyone, i test the Beta but only 2 characters Imports. Why and where are the other?

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