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Smisse Odvaizor: Pandalucia

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - June 03, 2019, 16:00:00

The Smisse Odvaizor travel guide, a reference book for all the adventurers in the World of Twelve, couldn't leave out this mythical island, home to adventurers who crave thrills… or who just want to drink. Whether you're one, the other, or both, head over to Pandalucia now!

Kelba, Forfut, Bonta, and even Moon – over the last few weeks, Smisse Odvaizor has taken you pretty much everywhere! To wrap up this fantastic series of visits to more-or-less-known lands, this time, we're taking you to Pandalucia, where the Eniripsa precept "to be in shape, drink at least 2 liters per day." is applied to the letter…


The rising waters of Ogrest's Chaos had dramatic consequences on the bamboo plantation of Pandalucia. Salt water quite simply destroyed the bamboo plantations. Not to mention its particularly harmful effects on health. It's even said that drinking it made even the happiest of Pandawas unable to drink anymore…

Fortunately, that's all ancient history now… Today, the bamboo crops have never been healthier! They rise majestically and have even become a major tourist attraction, a must for any visitor to the lands of Pandalucia.

A truly postcard setting, the bamboo plantation regularly sees lovers and newlyweds getting their picture done. Note however: The result varies depending on the amount of bamboo milk ingested by the artist.


An emblematic figure of Pandalucia, Pandiego de la Vega is like bamboo – he folds, but never breaks. So, when Ogrest's Chaos ravaged the valley, he didn't let himself drown in grief. Quite the opposite! The Pandawa tackled the problem head-on by trying to create a kind of bamboo that could withstand salt water.

It was at the top of the hill of Pandalucia, a true refuge spared by the cataclysm and where the bamboo was still growing intact, that he had set up his laboratory. A word of caution: Before going there, make sure your vaccinations are all up-to-date…


Pandalucia Village is a true oasis of greenery for poets and painters alike. And if you're neither one nor the other, rest assured that it'll awaken the romantic artist inside of you. There's nothing more picturesque than this place!

It's said that it's suffered somewhat since Ogrest got all salty. It's hard to believe, since the beauty of the landscapes is enough to make you dizzy. Unless that's another side effect of drinking too much bamboo milk?

When in Pandalucia, there's one more thing you simply have to visit – its taverns. There's a wide selection of bamboo milks, more or less fermented, with sometimes surprising flavors (including the famous frag-flavored bamboo milk). Be careful, though: Pandissidents lurking around the exit tend to have light hands with well-filled purses…

Enjoy your stay in Pandalucia!




Hello. My name is Odvaizor Smisse. My family has been working in the travel and tourism industry for nearly 500 years. As far back as the Dofus era, my great-great-great-great-great-great… er… my ancestor, Charlie Endstown-Smisse, ran the largest travel agency in the Krosmoz – the famous Charlie's Agents agency.

Today, my mission is to collect and share useful travel tips from beginner and expert travelers, just for you. Each and every Smisse Odvaizor travel guide contains thousands of travel-related reviews and tips from customers in inns, taverns, restaurants, leisure spots, sporting activities and more in the cities and regions of the World of Twelve.

How do we do it? Comments are posted 24 hours a day from all four corners of the World of Twelve thanks to a unique magic spell. Adventurers who have mastered this spell can thus "write" in the air with their fingers and send us their reviews at any time. While we cannot be responsible for what they say, we will, however, ensure that messages that seem (too) insulting are not passed on.

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Wait so was this travel guide written before or after the anime?
Because the game supposedly happens before the anime, but this travel guide notes that Pandlaucia's bamboo already recovered and includes reviews from the anime characters suggesting it happens after?

So is this a review based on an anime, will the game have a timeskip or is it some time shenanigance?

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I recall the Pandalucia announcement stating something was up with time in that place... so you know, maybe that’s why the bamboo plantations are now the resistant type.

However, the other reviews also had reviews which stated certain things which are more or less exact quotes of what the characters in the animated series said when they came to those locations in it. I don’t think you should look into it too much.

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Loominova|2019-06-03 23:48:44
The games time line hasn't been coherent since RyF left and the lore updates and policing have been lazy at best. They overlap the anime characters and the game for marketing, not because we're actually moving forward time-wise in-game. 

So basically in the game we are in a mix time dimension whereby time flow vice versa in a loop huh? Cool. 
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I mean or maybe  this is just a post from the anime time, not the game?

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Something that could explain it is perhaps pandiego bred the wrong sort of bamboo? One that was just resistant enough to salt water to calm everyone's nerves, but after some time is succumbed to the salt, things went sour, and pandiego had to start again from square one? I dunno but that's the only explanation i can come up with-

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People should not be worry about this timeline!! Just live a normal life!!

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The MS3K mantra then?

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