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The Support Site's New Look!

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - May 21, 2019, 05:45:00

The Support site was given a facelift. The site has been entirely redone with you in mind: better aesthetics, easier to use, more efficient, it will answer all your questions about WAKFU, DOFUS, DOFUS Touch, and much more.

Some of you are accustomed to the current Support website interface, but it got old and outdated, not necessarily adapted to your needs anymore. We have worked hard to provide you with what you deserve: clearer, more user-friendly, and more efficient. 

Navigation, ergonomics, and hierarchy have been entirely redone to find answers to questions faster. The new "Search" functionality is more powerful, and we have also updated a portion of the FAQ. 

We are aware that too much change is not a good thing either, and that is why we didn't change anything regarding the Support ticket system, be it regarding the ticket creation or their follow-up. 

Don't hesitate to take a look and let us know what you think! Come on, it's this way

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Typo "Add ou [sic!] modifiy [sic!] my phone number":
Titlecase is inconsistent, e.g. "Methods used to steal an account" vs "Recognizing and Protecting Yourself from Phishing"
"convert" - inconsistent -> "Convert":


"please make sure, before you contact us, that you aren't simply seeing a display problem: check the Flash settings for WAKFU"
-- You copied that from the entry about Dofus, Wakfu does not run on Flash. It runs on Java:
Inconsistency: Using the dofus-icon to show that an entry is about dofus in some places, but not in others:
Also in title of
Clicking images for Dofus and Wakfu lead you to their websites, but clicking Dofus Touch does not.
Same issue here:
Link in english article leads to french article, despite there being an english one available:
leads to
Same thing with the link in "account is confirmed to be in your name" just below.
Same thing in the link here:
Same at "Some players are allowed to change their own phone number directly from their account management page. ": (which even uses a link-shortener for the hyperlink, unnecessarily)
Dead image-links for recommendations:

"When you exchange kamas for ogrines at the DOFUS Kama Exchange (KE)" leads to which is a dead link:
Same with "This error is likely due to limits on purchasing Goultines ( ", leading to a dead english link, then being redirected to a french entry:

Your overhaul looks nice. Though It took me a bit to find the button for creating tickets, because it's not at the main page anymore.

Is there some way to link the support-account with the wakfu-account yet, so we get notifications when tickets are being resolved when logging into the forums?
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Hi SplingSplingSpling,

Thanks for all the feedback, we've noted them! 

Is there some way to link the support-account with the wakfu-account yet, so we get notifications when tickets are being resolved when logging into the forums?

Due to security reasons, it's intended that your Ankama account is not linked to your Support account.

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