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Alpha 1.64: It's Open, Come on In!

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - May 14, 2019, 17:00:00
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pennisir|2019-05-16 03:35:04
The number of pocket should be linked to the rarity of the object, green = 1 socket, orange = 2 sockets, yellow = 3 sockets, relic or epic = 4 sockets. The hammers should be use to reroll the colors and the combination.

No one is talking about the other changes in the update, the are nerfs in some areas to "balance" things after the update.

Sorry for my broken english, is not my native language and i'm quite sleepy.

epic / relic no sense smile 
Unusual (white) 1 slot
Rare (green) 2 slot
Mythical (orange) 3 slot
Legendary (yellow) 4 slot
Epic/Relic 4 slot

but then they should remove white items bc who using it ? tongue or made new recipes 
white + powder = rare
green + powder = mythical
orange + powder + mats = legendary 
white + powde = 1 -> 2 slots
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WAAAAYYYYY too much grind AGAIN!, you are literally encouraging the players to leave this/our game, but, i have been here for more than 5years and i know you guys will still go ahead with this... just good luck making it work.

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What makes you think that we want this update? Sure, an overhaul to runes would be nice, but absolutely nobody was asking for more grind and more RNG when it comes to customizing builds. You're spitting in our faces by telling us that as long time paying customers, who already work hard enough to earn the equipment that we need to play the game, need to work even harder now to compete with the unfair mechanics the game has to offer.

We've been telling you not to implement duplicate item requirements and RNG dependency with all of our responses and you still refuse to change your minds.

Now i'm hearing that you plan to nerf items that "don't have enchantments", including emblems and shields. So what you're telling me, ankama, is that even though I worked very hard for my Prismatic Dofus relic, one of the hardest to obtain and most valuable pieces of equipment in the game, you want to gut that item because it doesn't fit with your terrible enchantment update?

I'm sorry, but if you plan to disrespect your players, spit in their faces and then devalue the hard work of some of the most dedicated players in your game by making prismatic dofus garbage, then I'm going to be uninstalling your game. Consider yourself $200 short every year from now on.

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It think the devblog link goes to
instead of

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Hi ArcentalMinitte,

We've fixed the link, thank you!


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