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Ogrines, Currency and… Sales!

By [Shop] January 14, 2019, 11:30:00

It's here! The Winter Sale has hit the Shop for a week! Save 20% if you pay in Ogrines, and get four potions if you pay in currency!

Until January 20, the shop will be holding a sale! It's the perfect time to jump on that Gobball fur cape you've been eyeing for so long. Or to finally treat yourself to that Bwork boil and hyaluronic acid face cream that will give your cheeks back their peachy complexion after all those holiday splurges. Or even go crazy over that adorable baby ball of scales that will grow into your very own Dragosteed if you don't abandon it when you go on vacation…

In short, it's time to treat yourself!

Take advantage of a 20% discount on all your purchases in Ogrines (provided you have an active booster during the period).

If you'd rather pay in currency, get 2 loot potions and 2 XP potions for free!

And there's nothing stopping you from making it an Enutrof combo: buy ogrines in currency, then use them for your other purchases!


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