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Prismatic Harness, transform me!

By [Shop] January 25, 2019, 11:00:00
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We proudly present a new harness in honor of the great Nogord Wungleezared, prismatic dragon and master of the 4 elements: the Prismatic Harness! Giddy-up! To the Shop!  

We definitely haven't heard the last of Nogord… Besides being one of the toughest Ultimate Bosses, now he's sharing a bit of his imposing presence with us lowly mortals!

With the Prismatic Harness, your mount will come to life like never before… and shine brighter than ever as well!

"So how do I get it?" …you're probably asking.

In the Shop until the 28th of January, where else?!


Prismatic Harness


Gradon + prismatic Harness
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...You need to animate reins...
The hands in that promo image basically say : "... i am not touching THAT..."

Though it is very sparkly.... i would hesitate to touch/dirty it as well.

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New harness? Some ppl had it for months

Ps where is the super smasher costume

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Yeah this is an old harness, was released like last year I think?

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Yeah it was, 5th January 2018

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Hmm I think this is a mistake. I think they meant to start this: but accidentally started this old one. Oops. And I was planning on spending a lot this weekend SMH....

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Well on a side note.. Krosmaga has had the same "limited offer" for ages lol. Just a FYI you can purchase a "Starter Pack" of cards for 4.99$ and after purchasing it, it will still appear in the shop. Just to shed some light on what a limited time offer is. It's described as a short period of time. Ankama has taken this definition to new heights allowing this "Limited Offer" in Krosmaga to be in the shop for what seems like forever ^^ .

I guess what I'm getting at is you shouldn't be surprised if Ankama recycles old offers. I mean at least it hasn't been the same limited/long time starter pack offer that they did to Krosmaga. You'll find out soon enough that sometimes when Ankama says "new" what they really mean is "new for a short amount of time until we take it away". 

Regardless. This mount looks great! You should buy it before Jan 28th because who knows when they'll be putting it back in the shop. It's a bit girly for my taste, what with the glitter/sparkles and all.

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