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In Quest of a Nation

By #[Owlie] - ADMINISTRATOR - December 06, 2018, 16:00:00
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Always on the cutting edge of innovation, Astrub went first, and now the other four great nations are following suit two years later. More beautiful and more modern, Amakna, Bonta, Sufokia and Brakmar have been given a new look and are beckoning you for new adventures. But why all these changes to the territories?

The small purple bobber danced on the waters of the lake. Under his straw hat, his feet crossed and resting on the edge of the boat, Chairmane had noticed the beginnings of a nibble. He stared intently at his son to see if he was paying attention to his line, but Chung was staring straight ahead, lost in thought. The bobber went under the first time. No reaction. Then a second time… The young Osamodas didn't even twitch. He simply held his rod in one hand and the full weight of his head in the other. Just then the reel started to spin.

"Something's biting!" cried Chairmane, surprising Chung and causing him to instinctively jerk his rod up.

The nylon line flew up toward the sky, splashing the small boat with droplets of water. When it came back down, all they saw was a fishhook. No bait.

"You sure let that one get away, didn't you?"

"Yes, Da'…"
"I saw it nibble, but you had your head in the clouds. What were you thinking about, son?"
"Nothing… It's just my buddy, Jacko. He said that it's a done deal. At the end of summer vacation he's going to join a nation."
"I see! And which one did he choose?"
"Great choice!"
"Dad… Did you ever think about joining a nation?" asked Chung, opening up a box full of sawdust and maggots. "We could come with you! Mommy could sell our fish down on the docks…"
"We'd have to catch some first…" Chairmane joked before getting serious again. "You know… I like to feel at home wherever I go. I like to live in the countryside and head into the big cities when I feel like it, without being too fervently and blindly devoted to any one of them.

"I love the plains of Amakna and its wheat fields, the beauty of Bonta and its forests, and Brakmar stadium! Oh… and the beaches of Sufokia! I remember going there with your mother, strolling in the surf along a deserted beach…"
"I know, Da'. You already told the story. Last time, I wanted to throw myself overboard and swim home just so I wouldn't have to listen to it…"

Chairmane Fifi ruffled his son's hair affectionately as the boy cast his line back into the water.

"You know what, Da', I heard they're even more beautiful than before. Jacko told me he and his family went to visit all the capitals. Ogrest's tantrums weren't all bad, you know. Everywhere Jacko went, they told him that the adventurers' battles against the ogre were so powerful that they caused boulders to fall from Mount Zinit, earthquakes, and storms..."

"Wow! Sounds idyllic, doesn't it?" said Chairmane sarcastically.
"Let me finish! All these disasters also brought something positive to the big cities. They're even more developed, rebuilt on the ruins using the fallen stones, reinforcing areas that were too weak to withstand such onslaughts of nature…"
"Is your buddy a real estate agent, by any chance?"
"Come on, Dad! Just promise me you'll think about it!"
"You just want to follow your friend. That's what this is about…"
"Yes, that's true! But that's also what a nation is all about! Friends, lots of them, both old and new! Anyway, didn't you have a friend who went to one of the nations and you never saw him again?"
"Bowbody… I was about your age when he left for Amakna. I remember packing a bag and hiding in his parents' cart…"

Chairmane realized partway through his sentence that he might be giving his son bad ideas. Clever Chung could tell what was going through his father's mind and grinned slyly.

"You've got one on the hook."
"By Oktapodas!"

The father reeled in the snapper as the boy readied the net. The rod bent under the weight of the catch, and the snapper fought, causing the boat to spin in circles. After a few minutes, Chairmane had managed to reel in enough of the line to see his catch. That day, the Chairmane and his son brought home one of the best catches of their lives. It's said that it was at that exact moment that they first hit upon the idea of going into business with Jacko's family in Sufokia. Chairmane and Chung would deliver freshwater fish to them regularly and return with cargo from the Asse Sea. They quickly made plans to offer their catch across the nations so that they could see the marvels of Bonta, Brakmar, Sufokia and Amakna with their own eyes.
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Huh, I guess there are some Oktapodas worshipers even on the surface

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Sure the cities got rebuilt, but what's the explanation for puddlies moving to sufokia and Soft oak to bonta?

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This is a 10mil kamas question, actually X'D
I doubt devteam remembers the game's lore anymore, it's been a long while. Percimole was a hero of Amakna, also old Amakna had those story stones telling players how and why Whisperers have migrated to Shhhudoku island. Don't really remember about Soft Oak, even though I have read that story at Otakia website (but I remember amaknian dg Stone Perch had a poster with Soft Oak and Leaf near its entrance).

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No explanation. Also I find it extremely comical that you filled the nations with all these wandering npcs (similar to huppermage school) to create the illusion that the game isn't dead.

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like the lag and bad use of system resourses wasnt enough already they put npcs running around that is just genius, i guess they dont care as long the game doesnt look so empty :s sad really.
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It's kind of sad to me that my farm is going to have more fields and forests than Amakna and Bonta combined. I hope the old nations will still be visitable so that we don't have to queue up just to mine ores or harvest trees.

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I think old nations are going to be removed from the game, just like it was with old Incarnam, old Zinit, old Astrub Sewers (and Astrub itself) and bunch of other locations that have gotten revamped.
I really wish they kept some locations for nostalgia/legacy, since with constant revamps of areas I've got only old Trool Fair now to feel nostalgic.

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Sooo... us beating the crap out of ogrest for months is the reason the nations got ...smaller???

The rebuilding was a cute idea and the way the conversation went I almost hoped for neutral people to have a more significant role.
And "friend who [...] you never saw again"??
How did that happen, the nations are so tiny now you can hit anyone in it you want with a thrown stone, from any other place within them...

You should have gone with something like "ongoing batlle with ogrest made him cry even more and the water level rose" or something.

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I've noticed that the latest wave of revamp of locations goes with "area reduction" in mind, for whatever reason. I still remember the times when we had those huge vast nations and haven't even had mounts in the game (so you got to run if couldn't use transportation spots). When mounts got finally added - a lot of space stopped being a problem. Nations will look like small villages and this is rather sad. Old monk island was way bigger before they touched it and made somewhat small and relatively square shaped. 

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You guys are good story tellers, would give you that compliment. Love the new nations as well.

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You know what i like the most ... Riktus r.i.p

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It'll be sad to see this beautiful world go,,, I'm gonna miss it,, But granted, I have high hopes for the future. I may be a bit offput by how chaotic everything is right now, and how disjointed both the lore and the game itself is,,, but I really do love this series! Personally, I can't wait to see what this change has in store.

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For people upset about the smaller size, you need to keep in mind the division of the already dwindling player base - the purpose of this update is to bring together those of us that are left, in order to promote community and social interaction, and to hopefully bring politics back to life rather than them being juggled by the same handle of people over and over - as well as make the game more accessible and entertaining for new players (to keep them from leaving!).

If things go as planned, the game in it's current state should flourish, and perhaps in time we can see these new nations be expanded as population increases.

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This is all great, but the places were too small! Far less then?

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But with all this, it is a pity that the locations will become even smaller (

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Ever since the Nations update all the classes lost walking and only are running from one square to another and that is really getting under my skin annoying and i been sending 2 complaints and recently sent my 3rd one just now and no one has done nothing about it

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Well, what can I say about this new update-it's @@@@. Nations became waaaaaaaay too small and they all look the same! Why? I loved the idea of all nations looking differentley, this was the reason why I constantly kept choosing Sufokia, because it looked so beautiful! I fall in love with this nation from the first time I saw it! And now, what the reason for me choosing Sufokia if it looks like any other nation?
Also, why all dungeons lvl 21-36 were removed? The only dungeons (lvl 21-36) that left are essential to the main quest. I used dungeons 21-36lvl to quickly lvl-up and gain different loot, but now I can't! I can't even lvl-up quickly because all the mobs lvl 21-36 are removed from the nations! The only place for players to lvl-up is in Amakna in Emelka (lvl 36-50) and even then you can't go there alone, because mobs are just too hard!
And for me as the main osamodas I now don't have access to the low lvl mobs! I was stuck with piwis, who can make max -10hp until lvl 40, when I finally managed to capture crackrock!
Also-also, actually-actually, where are mision posts? They were fun to do and actually really helpful to lvl-up!

Okay, I get why ankama did this. To bring people together, because it's hard to lvl-up alone now. But, excuse me, I wanna paly this game alone, with my own pace, I wanna do sidequests and slowly lvl-up. I don't like to play in team!

Thanks ankama, you wanted to do something good but did the opposite, I now lost any desire to play this game, and I wasted my money on the booster to play! Thanks, I hate it.
(okay, maybe not that much hate, but I still really dissapointed. I'll keep playing this game because I really love it, but , I don't know, just dissapointed)
upd: Okay, it's actually not that bad and dramatic as I previously wrote. It actually good. I like some part of the new nations, but I still miss their size and look.
Also, I found mission posts! They just don't apper in the map for some reason but they are here.

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