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The Yen Adertal Costume Can Be Yours!

By [Shop] December 06, 2018, 14:00:00
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From December 6 to 12, the Yen Adertal Costume will be available in the Shop for 6,000 Ogrines. And you can get it for free with any purchase of a pack of 13,000 or more Ogrines! It's a prime opportunity to express your most primal instincts, guilt-free! Well, don't overdo it now. Keep it together…

How would you like to step into the shoes of the eldest Masqueraider, Yen Adertal the Bold? You've probably heard of the Masqueraider chief and his extreme touchiness. Goultard and Arty learned about it the hard way when they tactlessly fell asleep as he was recounting the origin of the magic masks

From today through December 12, we're offering you the chance to dress up like the maniac himself! Pick it up for free when you buy a pack of at least 13,000 Ogrines. Otherwise, you can buy it for 6,000 OgrinesAfter that, the costume won't ever be in the Shop again.

Wear it at your own risk…

First Ankama intervention

Replying to Frost-Byte


How wrong you were if you thought that the great Yen Adertal would stay still! This costume is animated.

See message in context
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bookmarking this for when you try to re-sell it. 

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Score : 1040

So instead of a finisher you release two animation-less costumes for the Masq? xD

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Score : 200

Yeah agree if like the case I still would prefer a single animated costume instead~

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Score : 1100

Can't say im a fan of this one ;;;

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Score : 224

Unconvincingly lame...

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Score : 1558


idk why ankama waste time and the oportunity to make real good and cool costumes from now on  instead of flooding the aesthetic market with lame and poor visual quality ones; ankama guys we already have tons of those already. Step it up please.


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Score : -4263

Costume is AWESOME. Face is ANIMATED

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Score : 508

if you had some kind of fault for art team, go apologize to it

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Score : 2162

So that's mean 2 eliotrope costume???

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Score : 487

They will probably just resell the Oropo costumes...

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Score : 275

Because of this costume i suppose i cant buy 13000 and more ogrines via Steam!
Fix it please asap!!!

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Score : 62

Is the skin colour fix one or depend player own skin palette?

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Score : 6

Hi I'm just double checking, there is a 12500 pack in the shop and it has the Yen Adertal pic on it. So does that include the costume or only 13000 above? I understand that the post mentioned 13000 or more thus the query

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That's based on your region. Ankama sells Ogrines based on what country you're from, so the amount you need to get the costume, won't necessarily match the number they post on the website.

I got the costume for buying 11000 orgrines.

The Ogrine packs that have the Yen Adertal pic, come with the costume.

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Score : 2115

that cloak is ugly

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Score : 275

Well , i bought 13000 ogrines, where is my costume? There is no costume in gifts

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Score : 200

It seen end earlier than expected?

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