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Changes to Your Boosters

By #[Owlie] - ADMINISTRATOR - December 04, 2018, 16:00:00
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This is actually pretty nice tbh.

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While free exp is always a good thing, I'm a bit concerned about the way it is inpacting the community and the game. Ever since f2p exp got gradually reduced, there's quite a gap between f2p and p2p exp (which is totally understandable), but doesn't the latest increase (overlayed with x2 and x3 exp for the secondary characters) means that p2p players gonna rush through content a little bit too fast, means hitting endgame and burning out (probably without trying out every single dungeon the game has to offer).

Also I suppose that exp boost doesn't applies to crafting, means the synergy between lvling character and lvling profs will get distorted even more (so whatever you craft will be heavily outdated in compare to your current lvl of character unless you invest a lot more time to make prof lvls catch up with character lvl).

In the end, could somebody comment on ogrines price change? Booster costs in ogrines are staying the same (all prices in ogrines are staying the same) while the real cash price of ogrines themself seemingly increased. Should we expect another rise in real cash for ogrine pricing later on?

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No reply whatsoever, I really wanted somebody to answer my questions, especially when and why real cash prices for ogrines spiked up  :'(

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after all this time, ankama has finally proved me wrong

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Will the bonus for crafting be increased as well?

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