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Changes to Your Boosters

By #[Owlie] - ADMINISTRATOR - December 04, 2018, 16:00:00
DevTracker AnkaTracker

Update 1.62 is coming soon! As with Nations, the update will see in-game Boosters get a new look.

As previously explained, the new Nations are meant to promote ease of play and smooth gameplay, not only for new players, but also for you!

With the aim of taking your experience to the next level, we decided to make certain changes to in-game Boosters.

These new Nations will come with a fair amount of exploration. From capitals to your favorite dungeons, you'll uncover many hidden corners and challenges in the World of Twelve!

To ensure that you can discover every single one, we decided to make certain features available to all players, whether they have an active Booster or not:

  • Transportation will be free for everyone.
  • Quick use of consumables will be available to all.

In addition, for seasoned fighters or adventurers who'd like to join the big leagues faster, some bonuses have been improved. Bonuses granted to those with an active Booster will be increased in the following way:

  • The experience bonus has been increased from 30 to 50%.
  • The loot bonus has been increased from 10 to 25%.

And the best part? The price of Boosters in the shop will stay the same, regardless of the category they're in!

First Ankama intervention

Replying to Ik97

Hello Ik97,

It means that people with a booster will have a bonus of +50% EXP. The experience gained by people without a booster remains unchanged. happy

See message in context
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Score : 58

well its a nice improvement!

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Score : 2822

Solid choice smile

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Score : -40

that's absolutely acceptable

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Score : 236

thanks for Christmas gift

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Score : 2036

Right on! Great changes!
The 30% exp bonus from the booster was very lacking, the exp multiplier is nice but if you don't have a high level character on your account leveling your first one was tough..

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Score : -4288

I'm pretty disappointed to be honest. Primarily because I was hoping they'd increase the number of heros.

The XP bonus doesn't really affect me. I'm more concerned with the level of my professions. Hopefully the loot bonus will save me time when farming mats and items.

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Score : 1

Great! That's a good news. Let's grind!

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Score : 1668

this. is. wonderful ! good on you ankama!

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Score : 4623

Honestly a bit sad to see the old lands go filled with little corners with little to nothing going on but at the same time excited to explore the new lands.

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Score : 241

Q: "The experience bonus has been increased from 30 to 50%." are people with booster going to have a +50% exp or are people without booster going to have a -50% exp?

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Hello Ik97,

It means that people with a booster will have a bonus of +50% EXP. The experience gained by people without a booster remains unchanged. happy

Score : -724

.-. k...
I mean.... where's the catch? This seems too good to be true. Is ankama turning a new leaf? :O

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Score : 12047

The +25% "loot" bonus is that confiscated item we see in the results table? Or does it work in another way (+25 Prospecting or x1.25 to base drop)? Because if a 10% chance of confiscation was bad enough, I don't want to think if it were a 25% now. Sorry, but I'm too paranoic when it comes to this kind of stuff.

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Score : 4339

EDIT: thanks for this interesting feedback, I am sorry, I seem to trusted a seductive lie

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Score : 29

i guess anyone with active booster will have the old 30% exp booster or will be updated to the new one? (i guess no)

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Good evening Zokiturro,

All the boosters will be automatically updated with the new bonuses after the 1.62 update. happy

Score : 14304

This is good but I was hoping you were going to remove heroes to improve the mmorpg part of wakfu and give us extra bonuses on our 1 character...

Appreciate the leveling bonuses at least.

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Score : 1651

I keep thinking that this will screw over F2Ps in some way, shape or form

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Score : 7050

Thats a nice news! Will get more motivation to level some heroes/alts.

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Score : 1694

50%? not bad... ok i'd take that.. i guess Ankama just know how to bring back their players..

oh god, christmas is gonna be full of Wakfu

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Score : 4131

Awesome news. Nice free transport and quick consumption with one click.
50% more xp and 25% more loot chance. This is big, just like the nation update. Good work, really appreciate this

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Score : 1467

I think Dy7 said in discord that non-booster is always 100% and subbed people get extras
but since discord has blew up, we can't get chat log now

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