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The Christmas Lottery is back!

By #[Owlie] - ADMINISTRATOR - November 29, 2018, 17:00:00
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Very easy, that would be around 5 years ago, the day I met my now fiance.

My guild-mate Wink was leveling on mobs in the Haven World with a friend of his, who I did not know at the time, and invited me to level with them. We were steadily destroying groups in silence when Wink's friend accidentally said something in local chat (I learned later that he was shy around strangers and was private messaging with Wink). He said, "Sorry! Spoof jumped on my keyboard." I, not realizing he hadn't meant for me to hear, instantly responded with, "Spoof? Is that your cat's name? I have two cats!". Forced to respond to my question, I got him talking and we soon became good in-game friends, which lead to us now being engaged IRL!

All thanks go to Wink for accidentally introducing us!

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Wakfu bringing people together. wub

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I live in a country where do not speak english. you already knew that my english level through my account name.(saler... seller... XD.) Wakfu online... 4 years ago, the beginning was just for my english training. but I fell in Wakfu(eco-system, non-npc, drawing style and... free play!!). It was not easy to play the game because of the language. I had to translate hard. the bigger problem was loneliness. Then one day, I met one user at the north port of Sufokia. She talked to me and invited me to her guild. The guild name is Ultimos. Guild members were very kind to me. They helped me(level-up, item support, information for game, friendship). We had a good conversation. They were willing to be my english teacher. My wakfu play became happy after I met her. The moment is my most precious memory in wakfu. Thank you.

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mis recuerdos son muchos ya que tantos años en wakfu te dan mucho en lo que pensar y con que disfrutar, hacer amigos o simplemente tener conversaciones con alguien a quien le puedas ayudar o pedir ayuda. Disfrutar de las mazmorras y de hacer sus retos solo o con amigos quizás con alguien a quien ayas podido conocer en la puerta de la mazmorra a quien das grupo para disfrutar todos. Eso eventos que pueden unir a gente como por ejemplo el evento de haluin el cual da acceso a la mazmorra, llegar y ver muchísima gente dando grupo para poder participar y hacerse unas risas es y a sido super divertido. Hay millones y millones de recuerdos que da este juego y muchas alegrías también a la vez que alguna lagrimita que se nos escape por momentos divertidos.

En definitiva no puedo elegir solo un momento preciado ya que este juego da muchisimos momentos con los que e disfrutado, aun sigo disfrutando y espero seguir haciendolo conociendo nueva gente y nuevas risas a la vez.

PDT: Feliz nawidad y prospero año wakfu!!

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Hi matonzon,

Thanks for sharing your wonderful memory! I suggest you post it as well in the Spanish news so you can join the lottery!


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Would have to say when met old friends from beta again smile

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first relic drop, will never forget it.

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 most precious memory is when i found out you can choose elements on the crafted gear.  i have been forever only buying items with the correct elements for my toons.

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That one time i finally managed to hit 200 on my main Iop!
With the help of our guild The eternal ones. when we where active around 6 months ago i hit the 200 mark in moon killing crocs and that was awesome once it happened.

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My most precious memory was when, after years of playing alone, I finally found a friend who tried the game just for me and was completely taken in by it. I really enjoyed showing her the ins and outs of the game and was pleasantly surprised (also a little jealous) when she completely overtook me in like, two weeks. We even started a guild together!
We haven't been able to play lately because of school, but I'm desperately looking forward to the next time we log on together. We have so much to do!

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When I met my Guild now 2 years that im In it

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This girl i really liked offered to send me noods. I got really excited and said yes please! I couldn't believe I was gonna get to see this person I'd slowly grown close to in such an intimate manner.. 

And then I opened my email and she had sent me a picture of pasta.  We're married now. smile 

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A friend of mine and I went to the sewers for a quest of mine. He told me, "Hey if you see an explosive larvawork tell me. I need it for a quest and I've been trying to find one for three hours." at this moment I'm staring at it.
What followed was me dying early, him severely underestimating the Larva, and a battle that lasted an hour and fifteen minutes with me occasionally laughing as he screamed bloody murder at it in the chat. He did manage to kill it though, so theres that.

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Most precious thing must be me playing with ALS and helping new people with the low level dungeons. Always find new cool people to play with like that!

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My precious moment in the game is when I finally got a friend to talk and play with in the game.. Mann I miss him.

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My most precious memory and one that I will forever is probably when I first started playing Wakfu and was a low level noob. It was during that time when I first started, that I met a bunch of close friends around my own level range who were just starting out the game for the very first time as well, and we would do all sorts of things together in-game. For instance, that time when all of us were only level 20 (?) with sub-par level 20 gear,  spending almost 2 whole hours inside a stasis 20 Gobball dungeon, trying so hard to clear it only to end up failing miserably and getting completely slaughtered... ahhh, such fond memories, don't you think so?

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My best memory is about before hero-system time of Wakfu. I was the only one full-tank in my guild. It was impossible to lvling solo, even quest. But my guild were helping me to gear and to lvl, because THE ONLY TANK. And it was 24/7 about 3 months only-dungeons life. That was magnificent

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My favorite moment was when I unlocked the slums in Brakmar. I don't know if the devs have ever played an old game called Anachronox, but they recaptured the feel of that game's slums perfectly. I love all the little details they put into that area and the NPCs.

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There were several quite cathartic moments over the last 5 years.

Like helping a group complete the kill boss first challenge when Xelorium Past was still new (and seeing a Sram do 740k damage in single hit to Vertox in the process).

Getting a Tramontanring in my Haven World after 3 fights against Ethernal mobs. My first ever experience with lvl 200 Zinit monsters.

First time successfully soloing Magmog. Completing Steel Beak for the first time, in a team that didn't believe we could make it in that run (it was supposed to be a demo run for me), and on top of that losing a player due to a missclick in phase 2.

Defeating Johnsonxii and Malpractice in the battlefield in 1v1s. Both of them would often attack me since I was one of the rare non-Bontians that didn't die in 2-3 turns. ~60% of all PVP population on Phaeris is from Bonta, mostly because of the two said players (and a few others from same nation) steamrolling anyone who dared to enter a battlefield, hence many jumped ship to Bonta, and the battlefields became deserted.

But I guess nothing tops the 90 day free God Booster I received as compensation for having one of my display windows emptied in a server update bug. And yet people continously bash Ankama for lousy customer support.

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My most precious Wakfu memory was a few years ago when I found my first guild "Children of the Forest" and they were like a second family to me, we had so much fun together and even tho most of them quit Wakfu now, we still talk and have fun together on different games and without that guild I probably would have quit Wakfu after a month or two and now here i am many years later haha

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My most precious memory is actually getting my pet gelloutine Dot and just sitting by a river bank with it.

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