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Video: Back to school 2018

By #[Owlie] - ADMINISTRATOR - September 13, 2018, 19:15:00

We're returning from the summer holidays at Ankama as well and to get started, we have prepared a video to present our program for the end of the year.  

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Wondering what awaits you in WAKFU for this end of the year? Are you looking for some exclusive information? Are you thirsty for Krosmoz?

This video is for you! All of Ankama's teams are presenting their program for the end of this year: WAKFU, Dofus, Touch Dofus, Waven, Mobile, Boardgames ... everything is there.

So jump on the play button and tell us what you think!

Note: There are English subtitles.

First Ankama intervention

Replying to ShiddyCook

Hi Hearttyace,

You might have missed it - Enjoy!

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Is there anyway i can get notification on the all the days those ankama animation/film on release?

But meeting the below requirements:
-not to my email
-not facebook or social media with 5 cheeky frolicking post a day
-twitter is fine, but ankama  twitter is dead and don't show 100% of their new products
-youtube is fine too, but ankama youtube don't show 100% of their new products. Don't want to subscribe to ALL of ankama's channels on youtube, but just want a centralized location for these info.
-also not in wakfu forum either

You guy have great products 40% of the time but you guy are just really shiddy at marketing & promotion.

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We have 0 creditable sources for Waven. No MMO site has even picked up the knowledge of it.

There's no teaser website. But it's mentioned every now and again. What is the genre of the game, is it a lobby based arena tactical game or an MMO? I don't know. THis is worse than an indie studio.

The marketing is horrible.

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So all the news for wakfu is just "yes we are still working on nations, come back in 3 months"

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nothing about class revamp in wakfu eh? I'll abandon wakfu to play dofus then.

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Yeah they finished the classes they liked. The rest can wait a year or two.

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Ty for the little bit about the nations

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Hopefully nation ecosystem will be balance example not as current Cania Swamps. While for the fauna, please having some replacement for Sufokia like Steamulating Shore’s Shark and Mollusky family which been mainly transfer to Zinit exclusive. More plantable herb/crops/tree in a same area as the weather still annoying the plant rate. Lastly, hope that the Nation Guard Costume (previously is Guard Emblem for Guard/Outlaw) will be available again. 

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