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Event: Smashing Design Contest

By [Flatops] - ADMINISTRATOR - August 28, 2018, 16:00:00
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A few more questions do we have to draw on the models you have shown as examples or can we just draw the models positions with the clothes on instead?

Also for posting on the forum, do we make our own post, or do we post it right here?
The tagging portion for our entries to be found I don't understand what the tag or tags supposed to be used exactly. Is it possible to show and example of how its properly done?  Do we paste the url in the.... [ url ]  or [ / url ]. Its really confusing, would be a great help for clarification or a live example of how its done right. 

Its my first time for this contest and I want to be certain I don't mess up something. 

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Hi Reddthunderbird,

You would have to use the mannequins provided for your design.

Once you've finalised your design, submit your entry by posting it in this thread:

Follow this guide on how to share your image. If you encounter an issue, you can also post the URL link for us to see your entry.

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I was lowkey hoping that the contest deadline gonna be extended, le sigh  X')
Awesome costumes so far, gl to participants! 

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Hello everyone,

In case you missed it, we've shortlisted the entries, and we need your help in deciding our winners! You can vote for your favorite costumes here


The votes are in and the winners are

1st Place - #15 with 17.48% of the votes, by Zareii from the French community.

2nd Place - #2 with 13.60% of the votes, by Tambo from the International community.

3rd Place - #1 with 10.32% of votes by Konanachi from the Spanish community.

A big thanks to everyone that participated in our smashing design contest. We will publish more designs via Gamakna or in our website so everyone can admire your works of art!

As for the winners, your prizes will be distributed soon, watch out for it in your Gift Box!
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Score : 1333

[left]Gratz to the winners! Fun contest thanks Ankama for the opportunity to participate in creating content. Also big thanks to the community for all the support. Hope the prizes arrive soon, me re-logging all day to refresh my gift box like..

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