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PvP Tournament: Ecadraft, the Ban System

By #[Owlie] - ADMINISTRATOR - August 08, 2018, 15:00:00
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In an earlier newsletter, we told you about an inter-server PvP tournament. This time, we'd like to talk about our ban system.

For the ban system, two of our French consulting players suggested an unusual idea… and it won us over! Today, Augaroma and Jimbow (the organizers of Wafku Warriors on Dathura) are going to tell us about their totally new system – Ecadraft! Let's let them do the talking:

How do you build a team?

A team must be made up of 6 level-200 characters from different classes belonging to the same server. It must consist of a minimum of 3 distinct players. Hero mode is allowed, but is limited to 1 hero per player. Multi-accounting is forbidden.

*Warning: Once your team has registered, it is forbidden to change the classes or nicknames of any of the registered characters. Doing so will lead to disqualification. The team must maintain the same composition throughout the tournament.

What is Ecadraft?

It's the name of the character selection system that takes place before every match throughout the tournament. The teams are composed of 6 characters, but only 3 characters per team are selected to battle in a match at the end of the pick and ban phase. Knowing your opponents as early as the character selection phase and coming up with a strategy will be crucial.

How does Ecadraft work?

As soon as Ecadraft is launched, you are required to flip a coin… and luck takes control of your fate. Heads or tails? Does this thing with a coin remind you of anything? Indeed, the whole thing was inspired by the gods, Ecaflip and Ouginak! Each side of this coin shows one of these two gods. Heads is Ecaflip and Tails is Ouginak, and the one you get determines how the Ecadraft will play out:

  • How "Ecaflip Ecadrafts" Play Out

The god Ecaflap is a major tease, but not a big baddie. You'll start out by choosing a character who you think is key to your strength… someone who'll lead you to victory. All or nothing! You need to aim high with this first choice. It's up to you to pick the right character because next up, two of your other characters will be banned, and only then can you complete your team by picking its last two members. Place your bets!

  1. Select one of the characters on your team
  2. Ban two characters on the opposing team
  3. Select two characters on your team

*BO3 & BO5: With an "Ecaflip Ecadraft" in BO3 or BO5, you won't be allowed to select the same character in step (1) for the other matches in the same BO.

Both teams of 3 have been selected and the match can begin!

  • How "Ouginak Ecadrafts" Play Out

With the god Ouginak – the very incarnation of persistence and ferociousness – prove your determination by overcoming challenges one by one. It's up to you to knock the opposing team off-balance by depriving them of their strongest link during the first stage of the selection process. It'll then be up to you to choose two of your characters. But watch out: You're going to have to be both careful and strategic because the third character in your team will be chosen for you by the opposing team. And they'll be more than happy to rip your carefully planned strategies and synergies to shreds.

  1. Ban a character on the opposing team
  2. Select two characters on your team
  3. Pick a character for the opposing team

*BO3 & BO5: With an "Ouginak Ecadraft" in BO3 or BO5 you won't be allowed to ban the same character in step (1) for the other matches in the same BO.

Both teams of 3 have been selected and the match can begin!

Where do the matches take place?

All the matches take place in Ecaflipus. For each match, the map on which the two teams will confront each other will be automatically drawn as soon as the Ecadraft is launched. This means you can take into account the layout of each map when making your selection.

We hope you enjoy this new system! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment below this article!

Ecaflip coin designed by Jimbow.

Ankama intervention 2

Replying to cody5

Hi cody5,

Both Eca and Ougi have tails so it was a tough decision.

See message in context
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Looks mighty enjoyable =D

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... I don't get it....
Did you programm a whole new "tournament launcher" or something for this or how does this coin flipping work??
Is this Ouginak/Ecaflip simply a version of "who goes first, ergo the 2nd one picks differently"?
And if one team can ban 2 chars (chars not classes, right?)  from the oponent team, does that mean, that  you can ban out one person completely (if both of his chars are banned)?

What does that "BO3/BO5" stand for? Or is that tournament slang and the people who are gonna participate already know what it means?

Also, I can understand the BANNING of an oponents char, but CHOOSING the char he has to use?? That sounds weird....

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Hello Gimonfu,

We'll have a special page to flip the coin!

It's not a version of who goes first as we flip the coin for the match and not the team. Both teams will therefore have the same coin and so the same rules. It will go as follow:

  1. Both teams pick the character they want to keep/ban (depending on the draft). When both of the teams have made their choice, we reveal it to the other team and we go to phase 2.
  2. Both teams pick the characters again, when it's done they reveal their choice and go to phase 3. And so on...
It means that no one has an advantage, no one goes first, everything will be done at the same time for both teams.

It's tournament slang indeed! BO means "best of". Therefore, BO3 is best of three, it means that there will be maximum 3 fights. The first team that wins 2 matches is the winner. It's the same thing for BO5 but with 5 matches.

Choosing the character is important, it's choosing your strongest advantage in a fight. Imposing characters to the other team will allow you to manipulate their team in your favor. You could put together some characters that don't have a great synergy or depending on what classes they picked first, you could choose a character that might weaken the team. It's all up to you!
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Why allow hero and not multi-accounting? It's harder to lvl up 2 dif account, and is cheaper keep only one account with p2p and hero... Wakfu can't be played 100% with family cause if u live in the same house with couple or brother/sister u can't go to pvp with them.

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This tournament is on beta server, so you have no problem in getting a char to 200 because of xp scrolls and class change scrolls. They even want to offer all gear for that level range, so nobody has a disadvantage. Not allowing multibox is no disadvantage fr players on beta.

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The inter server tournament will be on the beta server, o you won't have to lvl anything

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First draft is pretty standard one, simple and nice.
The second one, quite interesting option, need to admit. Would make for sure some interesting match-ups, but well preapered team would take advantage of any team composition if 6 classes are well picked. So in hands of well players I would not expect some really hard times during Ouginiak Draft.

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Huh, that's funny, you'd think the Ecaflip's choice would be the Tails side?
Cause in krosmaga the good result is called Tails (as indicated by the Cheating card)

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Hi cody5,

Both Eca and Ougi have tails so it was a tough decision.

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when u guys add Koliseum? this is sux what u doing atm

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Hi Scab,

There are no plans at the moment, but we'll take note of your feedback.

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After two month break i decided to check the forum and what do i see : " For the ban system, two of our French consulting players suggested an unusual idea… and it won us over ". That " unusual " idea is a low budget straight rip off from League ranked games. Well played our French consulting players.

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I am sorry but I do not understand the emphasis on their nationality. What is your purpose here?

We have consulting players from absolutely all the communities.

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The ban system is fine and all, but the offering all gear free for everyone is concerning, it's a sucker punch to players who have worked hard for them in preparation for such event, specially pvp.

While casual players won't have to do anything and they'll have all the end game gear like those who've spent countless hours to get them.

This is the main weak point of this tournament.

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Hi legendaryxelor,

It takes a lot more than gear to win a tournament. happy

This is being offered to have a level playing field.

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Can you guys do me a favor and add the Supra emote and all the other matching ones to the cash shop before this tournament goes live? I wanna flex on my opponents. :3

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