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Results of the Forum Avatar Design Contest

By [Flatops] - ADMINISTRATOR - June 13, 2018, 10:30:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

We decided to breathe new life to our forum avatar gallery with a design contest, and here are the winners! 

In order to spice up the avatar gallery of our website and make you stand out, we hosted this contest under two main themes: The 18 Classes of the World of Twelve and the energy opposing WAKFU, the Stasis.

We knew that our community was very creative, but we were surprised to receive almost 650 avatars! It warms our heart to see all of your entries inspired by the universe so dear to us all.

We originally planned to select 36 avatars for the 18 Classes category (a male and female avatar for each class) and 5 avatars for the Stasis category, but with the overwhelming response, and that we rarely host avatar making contests, we decided to increase the number of winners!

We have selected 90 avatars for the Classes category (5 per class) and 24 avatars for the Stasis category! Congratulations to the winners:

But that's not all! We felt that you all have placed their heart and soul in their creations. Some have passionately worked on presenting a complete array of avatars, so we decided to give them bonus gifts as our token of appreciation:
Hoopyon (EN): for offering a wide range of highly detailed avatars for all classes, we will open a gallery in your name and offer you a year of Booster! Thank you for your passion!
Papetona (ES): for offering a complete spectrum of avatars, representing all of the classes, we will open a gallery in your name and offer you a year of Booster! Thank you for your wonderful work!
BlairRoronoa (FR): for offering avatars with a distinct style, we will offer you 6 months of Booster! Thank you for your dedication!
NecroIzu (EN): among the avatars that you have submitted, we selected all of them for their beauty and ferocity that have deeply disturbed touched us. That's why we also want to give you 6 months of Booster!
We went through an emotional roller coaster looking at these avatars: joy, fear (thanks to the Stasis avatars), admiration... but some made us really laugh out loud! So we will have a new gallery dedicated to memes and jokes!

We are really excited to announce all of this and we hope you are as well!

Here's a little recap:
  • Classes Gallery: 90 avatars (5 per class)
  • Stasis Gallery: 24 avatars
  • Hoopyon Gallery: 27 avatars
  • Papetona Gallery: 35 avatars
  • Meme Gallery: 16 avatars
  • Total: 192 new avatars!

Admit it, you can't decide which avatar to use! Don't panic, you still have some time to figure it out since they will be available at 6:00 PM CEST. The prizes will be distributed within the week. We'll update you once completed.

In the meantime, we let you admire the talents of our community. Thanks again for your passion, and see you in our next contest!

First Ankama intervention

Replying to 1vent

Hi 1vent,

You can send us your literature here!

See message in context
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Score : 1335

Wow, amazing work everyone! Especially you Exceeds16 i know what my new avatar will be

0 -1
Score : 8330

Soo. Much. to. Choose. From.....

0 -1
Score : 423

Congrats to all winners (and esp to Erylane and Seguchi)! I'll definitely use that hilarious buff eni, a lil break from all my feca avatars XD

0 -1
Score : 7656

GZ for all winners! New avatars are amaizing!

0 -1
Score : 2162

nice guys i really apriciate

0 -1
Score : 992

These are amazing and Gorillaz pandawa are pure gold

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Score : -11

Haha, thanks mate ! cool
They are avaiable , free to use on my stash, if you want ! (just don't forget to credit me !) 

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Score : 130

Most of these were my favorites as well, good work everyone, congratulations to the winners and better luck next time to everyone else. Never give up! biggrin

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Score : 9397

Hmm, should've colored mine.

Congratz to the winners, I love Hoopyon's ones!
So glad Ankama is letting this great community contribute to Wakfu.

0 -1
Score : 76

yaaay biggrin

0 -1
Score : 1088

Yes, Awesome job to everyone, there are some beautiful pieces here! Grats to all contest winners and participants!

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Score : 44

WOOO!!! Congrats to all of you guys, we've done a great job.

0 -1
Score : 29

Congrats everyone!!! I love all yours avatars! :>

0 -1
Score : 507

Thank you for your incredible work, Hoopyon (EN)!

Your Huppermage avatar is amazing, and i'm really happy to represent the class using it! 

0 -1
Score : 9261

Oh no, I missed it! I thought I had time til 20 of june to submit sad But all those avs are awesome, congrats to the winners!

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Score : 11

Congrats everyone! The avatars are all beautifull!

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Score : 4269

As a writer and not an artist, I am sooo frustrated at not being able to work anything up.

SOOOO gorgeous!

0 -1

Hi 1vent,

You can send us your literature here!

Score : -0


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Score : 44

How do we get the prices? I don't know how to. I'm so excited.

0 -1

Hi Lagingsaklolo,

Please give us ample time to process your prizes. Once distributed, you can claim them in your Gift box in-game.

Good evening everyone,

I've just finished sending all the contest's prizes! Have fun and enjoy your new costumes everyone! wub

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