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Survey: Technical Improvements

By [Flatops] - ADMINISTRATOR - April 23, 2018, 14:30:00
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fix the white screen bug i have 4 days booster left

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With the upcoming rogue revamp, I would like to bring a technical issue to light in regards to bombs: The order in which mobs die due to bomb damage. Example: Flaxid - I would place a mega bomb between a hexa, a tsubo and a victus. Detonate. the bomb *should* kill them all, but because the victus "died first" it heals the other two and as a result only one mob dies. If the healing effect occurred after all the damage from the bomb was assessed, they'd all be dead. And I feel like that's the way it *should* work.this might seem like an insignificant complaint, but it is frustrating.

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I dont know which of those have been said before, but here it goes some really annoying ones:

1) If you switch your build while prep'n for the fight, it bugs, you play without the correct amount of AP/MP

2) Sometimes when you die in a fight, when you take the fight again you can't see some allies.

3) Many map tiles are bugged, it doesn't work as expected during the fight.

4) The game may disconnect you inside the dungeon within very few minutes. It's really annoying because when you relog you have to start over.

5) Sharing "Boss Hunt" quests: In the latest big patch we lost the ability to pick and share the quest "Boss Hunt". I mean, whenever anyone from the group got the quest with the NPC, everyone else could just accept the quest. This isn't in the changelog, and it's just annoying the absence of this feature. Sometimes we just forget to pick it, and it was good that only one of us needed to go out there and pick the quest to everyone.

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I would love for the ACCOUNT CHEST to work on the entire account and not specific servers. Oh and let those of us on dead NOX TRANSFER!!!

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1: Whenever a player relog inside a fight,the game considerate the cell where he actually stands as an empty cells for the purpose of targetting spells,this leads to many target requiring spells to be unable to be self casted (or casted from an allied summon) for example: boombot push/pull on the rogue himself,feca's orb,magma and bubble armors, xelor's rollback,this leads to any accidental disconection quickly making the fight much harder to enjoy because some of your abilities become outright useless

2: whenever a player get disconnected through external reasons (for example, a net drop) the game will take them to the log in screen without a window popping up, when you proceed to enter back your server,the game sends you back toward the log in screen with a "error: account already in use",in other words,the game literally logs you out but still considerate you're logged in ,making you always having to actually log in twice in a row before you can access back your character

3: it is often experienced in game to encounter character that doesn't use the latin language format in the game (for example, mandarian/japenes alphabets) the game actually cannot support these formats and thus will not try to show them,resulting in people that have invisible unclickable names that you can't mute/add to friendlist being able to private message you without you actually being able to do any interaction

4:Review the opening time of highly filled inventories,it sometimes take a minute of freezed game between the moment you open yor inventory and the moment it actually opens

5:add an option in the menu that would allow you to instantly pass encountered cinematics in game (for example,ogrest's apparition,which is really badly rendered in my device and i have to get through it every week)

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1.NPC shops that sells all kinds of crafted items including consumebles for kama
2.An option in the markets to leave orders for specific items ,so that people can work for each other for kama , people don't have to wait forever for an item to appear in the shop or don't have to run around hoping for a trade

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The idea for the buy orders is interesting. The NPC shops however are not.
That would totally break the core of the player driven economy. sleep

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TL;DR Index:

\\------00AA - Intro;
\\------00AB - Disclaimer;
\\------00AC - System Specs;
\\------00AD - Top 5 Issues;
\\\------------> 01AD1. Clunky or broken UI/ Poor UX;
\\\------------> 02AD2. FPS on mid to high-end rigs;
\\\------------> 03AD3. Point and clicking;
\\\------------> 04AD4. Streaming issues;
\\\------------> 05AD5. Graphic Settings;

00AA - I'd like to begin by saying that I understand the game is Old and is written in a dated Java system. That alone might be the reason of many issues however I truly believe in Ankama's ability to bring the game's engine back to 2018.

00AB - Disclaimer:

I'm not an IT expert nor do I even work in this field. I'm a professional Graphics Designer and Illustrator however I've been playing games online for the past 18 years of my life, that being said I have researched and learned many things in this time about building a gaming rig, gaming performance and even a bit of coding in a few different coding languages.

I've worked in the game publishing industry for 3 years so I have some experience with the innards of an on-going game.

These points of improvement are based on my sole experience with the game over the years and more recently with my high performance fully optimized for big Illustration works (I'm talking 10k px by 10k px 300DPI and above resolution works without hiccups or crashes).

Lastly I'll be extremely harsh on my comment about UI/UX since that's something I have a better mental library of arguments and concepts I learned over the years.

Any negative comments here are in no way supposed to offend or diminish the brilliant artists and designers that work in the Wakfu team. Merely things that were not changed with the past of time that perhaps have their rework long overdue.

00AC - My system info:

Bare in mind that this rig was top of the line around 6 years ago. It is still able to run extremely demanding games at 60 fps. Games like Star Citizen which I am a backer and play regularly.
  • Windows 10 Home x64
  • AMD Vishera FX8350 4.4GHz Octa-core (4 Physicals and 8 Logicals)
  • 16Gb RAM DDR3 1333MHz HyperX Fury - 2x 4GB | 1x 8GB
  • AMD Radeon R9 270x 2GB VRAM (OC GPU 1160MHz [Base 1100MHz] | OC VRAM 1500MHz [Base 1450MHz])
  • Asus M5A  2.0le - PCIex bus speeds OC'd at 150
  • Dedicated gaming Samsung HDD 500GBs (Faster HDD reading/write speeds. Don't have the stats here)
  • Samsung HDD 1TB Storage for system and files.

00AD - Without further ado: 

1. Clunky or broken UI/ Poor UX. [01AD]

The game's UI is extremely dated now. It doesn't scale well, it is clunky and lags a lot. There is a lot of problems with UI elements not remembering or staying at their places and some Windows simply do not fit all resolutions.

That will obviously affect the user experience. Some icons aren't clear, the UI is a mess and some menus are hidden behind shortcuts that you'd have to explore for a while to find.

The solution in my opinion is to rethink the UI as a whole. Rethink the entire thing from the perspective of a brand new user. And I don't mean making more tutorials to grab newbies by the hand, I mean an actual good UI, carefully tailored to the game. Performance wise there are a few Windows that take the cake for being the worst ones.

-/ First one is the Map. Hands down the most artistic and beautiful as well as the most unclear and non-intuitive map I've seen in my whole life. I love and hate that map because my artist side loves it and my Designer side hates it.
The map freezes the game when opening, it's absurdly hard to navigate while using the map. You're unable to actually move while using the map. The map window is unnecessarily huge. The mini map is tiny and very bad. Low resolution textures and all the bad things that apparently were never change since release.

-/ Second is the Inventory for sure. a full inventory can freeze and hold the game for a bit and sometimes even cause a game crash or simply become unplayable until you close it and restart the client. The window is also gigantic and minimizing the character view and equipment will not actually save for the next time you open your inventory so you'll always have to open the full inventory view even when you don't want to.

-/ The third one is the Sidekick and Hero window. From the technical perspective of things I kind of understand why that window lags so badly when it opens. It has to load character models from other characters and their equipment as well as the Sidekick's equipments and all the sprites. Since Java sucks when working with RAM allocation, I can see why that info is not stored on your RAM. I mean I would understand it if this was 2003.

-/ Last but not least the quest(Log and Window)/chat/bottom shortcut hud. These 3 are gathered into one because they all share the exact same problem. Aside from the Quest window simply not staying were it should and moving up and down all the time since it's not fixed to a side and limited to a reasonable number of displayed items, all 3 of these menus are dated, confusing and not optimized at all, they consume most of the screen space, you can barely adjust their size and positioning and they clutter the screen in a very negative way in an already cluttered game.

Wakfu is a complex game. At this point it would be important to take a knee and rethink the concept of your UI/UX to bring it back from the past.

Also, almost forgot to mention this. Still in the UX side of the UI. I believe that getting rid of all the crazy Level builds would be the best thing for the game. Wouldn't it be better to just use a formula to calculate the percentage of the stats a Character would keep at the desired level by scaling down all attributes?

That would probably be one of the best ways to deal with actual player scaling and mentoring. People can already power level and ruin the fun. What's the big deal with scaling down and allowing people to gain a small amount of experience while helping their friends but still being a meaningful experience to both the Veteran player and the Newbie.

By segregating level scaling and allowing players to have n+1 level sets you're only adding complexity where complexity isn't necessary. I strongly believe from experience that this is a poor game design choice. It's what with all honesty, prevents me from scaling down to play with my friends.
It's just too much trouble to make sets for every level with my already cluttered inventory. (I have 6 characters, all above 100. Single account). How about we make the game more bearable when playing a single account and just automatically scale the character's attributes down to the desired level. Plus, the veteran player won't need to stop using that awesome Relic he took a year to farm and upgrade because he wants to have a bit of fun in battlegrounds or playing at lower levels with a buddy. Percentage scaling is the purest form of fair mathematics. 30% of someone with low attributes is a whole different value than 30% of someone with a lot of attributes.

You see where I'm getting here.

There is a saying in software development you probably are familiar with... "You don't have to reinvent the wheel". So... don't.

2.  FPS on mid to high-end rigs. [02AD]

Wakfu is a game that shouldn't be as resource intensive as it is. It doesn't matter which rig setting you're running, you'll always have hiccups and even crashes or freezes a lot of times. CPU never ever peaks nor does GPU. It feels like the game is at fault here. I'd take a wild guess and blame it on the Java engine. Those hiccups might not seem much at first, but after a while you'll want to do your moves faster and one single hiccup can cost you your turn.

3.  Point and clicking. [03AD ]

While one could argue that this is not a technical issue, I disagree and here's why.
I think it used to be the only way to do things back in the day with games like Wakfu. Point and clicking to navigate creates a gamma of problems such as not knowing exactly where you can and cannot move to, misclicking, confusion while moving and interacting since both are done by clicking on stuff. I having a more fluid movement system would greatly improve on the game having to trace your path all the time.

Having an alternative way to interact with the game, be it a gamepad or a keyboard mode would probably increase the game's popularity and acceptance to the new player's ease of access by a very high percentage. Not only would that prevent the annoying "can't click on target because there's another target in the way" thing (Yes I know you can click on the enemy list to the right, but then we'd go back to UX [User Experience]...) it would also make the game more comfortable to play.

Improving player's experience is not just about making progression easier. The biggest step towards improving player's experience in the game is to make the game more comfortable to play.

A few illustrations to illustrate my point :3

4. Streaming issues. [04AD ]

As I'm sure you are aware by now, wakfu is a horrible game to stream. I even watched some streams from Ankama themselves and they show how poorly the game interacts with any real time capturing software. The game glitches, frames on the captured software will drop or even freeze in time and stop moving. Some elements stop displaying properly such as some character portraits and monster portraits in battle.
That might be worth looking into if you want the game to be more popular, allow people like me that want to stream the game and create live content to actually be able to do it without having to stop to fix glitches and issues with the game every 5 minutes. The game isn't a super fast paced game. With interruptions like that no one is able to watch it. Doesn't matter how much of a good streamer you are.

5. Graphic Settings. [05AD ]

Those I think I don't need to even say anything. You barely have any control over the game's performance. Sure it's a sprite game but there must be something that is causing the game to hiccup so much and stutter, allowing people to tweak the graphic settings in more depth might help specially for low-end rig users.


Anyways, I hope this helps. I took my time with this and I said so much because it doesn't matter what happens I will always have a place for Wakfu in my gamer heart.


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Score : 24821

I'd like to add that we should get better spell system, with all spells available BUT with a twist that each player can improve every spell to their own liking (for example Bramble spell could either give more armor but less dmg OR have more convenient range OR bonus armor to caster if you armor other ally). This way people could still have builds, while always having the same core mechanics the class spells offer, with no need to worry that the person you invite will not be prepared with the spells you'd wish it had. We should spend more time in-combat to enjoy the game rather then before combat talking about what spells to bring and changing decks. For me it killed the game. I miss old wakfu system, even though it wasn't perfect either.

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Score : 438

Indeed. Class spells should have their own separated skill bar with all of them available as you progress and unlock them. Passives however are a cool thing to continue as is.

A bit more dynamics to all classes while retaining the skill slot limitations. Even reducing a couple slots if necessary. From the regular spell bar.

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Score : 3388

1. Fix the dodge display bug. It's been around since spell deck came out, it's about time to actually fix it. Thank you.

2 -1
Score : 7121

^ Clarification: It shows you having more dodge in your stats than you actually have. I think the eniripsa-passive does that?
Because of that the display of the dodge-cost is smaller than it actually is. And if you do not meet the requirement, the character tries to dodge, but is abruptly stopped.
There is also an issue that causes you to show more MP/AP than you actually have, and if you try to dodge with MP you don't actually have, your character is stopped as well. Not sure if that one is still around, though.

You meant that, right?

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Score : -39

My Wishlist for Technical improvements:

1.) Memory leak/slowdown the longer the game is running. Seriously, this is the most important one, it makes streaming for more than an hour a horrible chore.
2.) Moving too fast on the map makes you outrun the loading of elements like trees, and if you pathed through a tree you will either be teleported back to an earlier spot or thrown to the login screen. A solution to this would be to expand the spawn distance or allow us to zoom out further.
4.) Builds + Heroes interface. It's really buggy in that if you're using heroes and build manager to allocate points or alter spell decks, it bugs out and you need to close all the windows and start fresh again. Also, side note that isn't technical: add in more builds. 13 isn't enough.
5.) Battlefield bugs and oversights. There's way too many to list, but I'll do my best to summarize the important ones: Free For Alls aren't free for all since if nobody shows up on the defending team they auto win. Quitting out of fights via Alt F4 will reward the winning team no points, allowing the losers to cuck the enemy out of points.

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Score : 279

I forgot to mention one more thing in my previous post this is really important:
-Visibility during combat
During combat especially PVE when you are up against more than one unit most of the time in dungeons and its really hard to locate the right cell the unit currently occupying ,sometime when its really crowded and you can barely see the cell even when you turn on the transparent-unit option,this is probably not an issue for melee or close combat classes but for ranged class this is really a problem when casting spells,you really need to do something about this.
My suggestion for solution :
new visual to mark cell that the mouse pointer is hovering over and better cell occupancy marker

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Add more mechanics to dhreller!!
Its sad how dhreller being less useful, and only sacrificed to be dhrellzerker or meatshield

And since dhreller had many shapes now, maybe we can give each of them a unique ability/traits,

Conclusion is, make dhreller more useful on its own

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I would add, make pouches use Prospecting and/or Challenge/end of fight bonuses to Prospecting for their roll. That way the drheller would have a role as bag collector. Positioning with the drheller is very limited anyway.

Whatever, this was for technical issues, nevermind.

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Score : -12

1- Game update download on game launcher sometimes stop to working, with no error msg, it just stop internet usage on low speed connections service.
2- Steam achieviments still dont work on Characters created before the game was migrated to Steam.

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Score : 1035

Hi @Flatops

How long will this be open for until we see a collation of data? 

I mean if you have already identified areas you want to work on, would it not have been better to offer a vote? O.o"


0 -1

Hi Sco,

We'd have to ask for you to give us more time. We did identify the areas we think should be worked on but we would like to see your point of view as well so that we are all heading in the same direction.

Score : 141

1- I click on an ore to mine something but it just hits it 3 times and then stops
2- Minimap disappears and can't open it anymore
3- Even though I erase someone from my friend list or add someone to it, it either deletes when I relog or doesn't let me delete it.
4- not interacting with quest related objects immediately if you're on a mount or just in general, basically the character either looks at it or starts interacting but stops mid way.
5- Jungle Tunnels in moon... it's raining... UNDERGROUND XD

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Score : 7121

2) Have you tried control+shift+i for opening the minimap? Or does this reoccur regularly?

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Score : 95


First off, still loving Wakfu even after all these years, thank you all at Ankama for keeping things going! Though I'd like to see a little more love for my old Ecaflip character. I mean really, you gave Ogunaks, the new kids on the block, a bedroom set already and the cats haven't had a set from the start! Plus I feel like we haven't gotten revamps or touch ups or balancing quite as often as other classes/races. Might just be biased goggles filtering my hindsight there though.

Also, anyone know what happened to @Picaro ? He hasn't been online in ages, in fact I don't think I've seen him since the last time I took a break from the game after the item loss bug back in 2016. I miss having a community manager on my friends list to make the occasional inquiry or ask them to pass on thanks for a particularly well done technical service reply and so on. I know they are glorified PR agents with no real authority or control on game stuff, but sometimes he could clarify on something that had not been fully explained or even mentioned by devs in the forums and was taking forever to get resolved let alone addressed in the first place. Come to think about it, @Sabi hasn't been on steam in months either, in fact the official announcement threads on steam haven't been getting posted or any real official updates since last year. Do you guys no longer bother with steam?

Anyway, on to the main event; All the complaining! I mean suggestions. Yeah.

1: group finder. Just.... everything about it.
2: "watched quests" list failing to update when a quest is finished, but the monitor check box disappears so you can't manually un-watch it, leaving you with a permanent quest stuck on your screen and taking up one of the slots.
3: the screen position being bound the the primary character during fight placement on bigger maps and making it impossible to move sidekicks that spawn on the edge or move a character to squares out of the central area.
4: game becoming increasingly laggy and unstable when playing for extended periods of time FOR THE LOVE OF ECAFLIP GIVE YOUR PROGRAMMERS A FRESH COPY OF JAVA FOR DUMMIES AND REWRITE THE OLD STUFF THAT STILL DEPEND ON LAU IN JAVA ITSELF. Seriously, this game shouldn't be as resource intensive as it gets, or generate as much junk files and bad arguments as it does, and even if it does have to eat up resources, when I'm running 32 gigs of DDR3 2000 ram and an AMD FX-8370 4.0 GHz Vishera 8-core and an Nvidia GTX 1070 I shouldn't be seeing lag or crashing issues after an hour or two of play every time from something like Wakfu.
5: Sometimes in combat when you take an action that has a long animation cycle, if you use that first, you run out of time in your turn and cant get any other actions done. Big example, when I chain off a crit from my Ecaflips die alright spell across a few grouped up enemies I need to see which ones it hits before casting any further spells so I'm not wasting them on empty cells, but since the turn timer is too short I can't do that if the game is lagging at all on resolving the action.

Sub gripe: can we get better resolution options for the UI for large high def screens already?

As a bonus complaint (because wow a lot of us are getting a bit snippy about certain subjects in this comment section aren't we?), back to the old grief point that made me stop playing for a while, reimburse us for the massive losses of items from that bug back in 2016. I still never got back all the crafting mats I spent more hours collecting than I care to admit.

And a couple suggestions if anyone cares to hear them. Give us another tab on the auction board for buy orders so we can place purchase requests!
Also, maybe set up an NPC in Astrub as a kind of charity store. People could go drop gear on him that they don't want and don't feel like its worth crushing or tossing in the haven world bin, like half way decent low level stuff, for example orange drops below level 40. Then new players could come pick over the donation bin for an item here and there to fill an empty slot early on. Admittedly this would probably get raided by jerks just wanting to take everything to grind up, but perhaps if we made it so it's an in guild system that keeps track of who gives/takes items so those abusing it could be reprimanded or removed for it. I mean, I tend to just pass out gear to newbies all the time, but the guild bank has its limits, and members are on at very different hours, so it would be nice to be able to just have a separate thing for specifically a gear donation shop for everyone to pick over even if the player who donated isn't online, maybe have it so items time out after like 30 days and are automatically dumped into the HW grinder?

OH, and will we ever get an official browser accessible server status page so we can verify whether it's actually down or if it's something on our end? I'm taking bets that it would decrease the support ticket volume during downtime by a decent chunk.

0 0

Hi Gorbash,

Welcome back! Thanks for the feedback and bonus suggestions, we'll note them all. Picaro has left Ankama, and in his place is the wonderful Owlie, while Sabi has been teleported to the DOFUS era. I'd like to invite you to join our Discord group, it is updated in real time concerning the status of the servers and the team is there within reach.

Score : 791

Omg while i searching for years how to give wakfu more ram, coz it start freeze and micro lags. I didnt noticed, that devs launch wakfu with this bat: win64.bat, win32.bat for windows  and, for nix =_= And you know what start option there? -Xms1G -Xmx1G 1GB of ram max guys... and you cant change it, launcher will overwtire it every launch. So when game start eat more then 1GB ram java start to clean data to  free  some space and we had micro lags. Seriously devs? We have game micro freeze, lags poor perfomance topics since game show up and you force game to run with 1GB Ram maximum? I had 16GB ram i can easy give wakfu 4 and forget about lags for half of the day. Make it more for default at least for 64 bit systems or add option like in minecraft launchers so users choose how much memory they can give to wakfu.

0 -1

Hi JlCag,

Kindly refer to your thread for the feedback regarding increased RAM.

Score : 95


[Flatops]|2018-05-17 21:00:00
Hi Gorbash,

Welcome back! Thanks for the feedback and bonus suggestions, we'll note them all. Picaro has left Ankama, and in his place is the wonderful Owlie, while Sabi has been teleported to the DOFUS era. I'd like to invite you to join our Discord group, it is updated in real time concerning the status of the servers and the team is there within reach.

Much appreciated Flatops.
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Score : 15594

I forgot to add about the inventory part. We need more storage room for items.

More and more updates mean more and more trash to hoard, and mule accounts are not an option for some users. It's highly annoying having to manage several chars for sending the trash from one char to another one. Not to mention those 1-person guilds that have no other goal than getting the guild chests for stuffing them (if any, no idea if real or not, but might be a choice).

We need more ways to store items in our Haven Bags. Also, for Trophy-like deco items. Not enough place to stuff them in Haven Bag, and not enough room in inventory to store them either. I would say that this is the main problem I have with Wakfu, and that seriously caps my enjoyment of hoarding trash, as a good adventurer. Sometimes I have to stop using a char until I have a chance to stop and sort/organizate inventories.

1 -1
Score : 7121
Suspicious connections:

Discord and other services send you an email if you try to login from a previously unknown location, and you have to confirm to get access from there.

I'd very much like to see this feature added by default here as well, as an email is needed for registering, but a phone is not.

It is not as imposing as adding the authenticator, which requires you to do extra steps on every single login. Instead it requests the 2-factor-authentication only when a change (of ip, of habit) is registered.

Having this available by default for every account would heavily cut down on people getting hacked. With the option to opt-out, preferably.

I know people that got hacked, and it shows in the IP-logs, but did not get help.
I would very much prefer if there was a default system in place to avoid those situations.


This does not work correctly. Looks to me like you ignore the case in some names, but not in others. It would be much more consistent if the case would be ignored in general.

Can be found by yugo, but not by Yugo.

Can be found by yech, but not by YeCh. Can be found by wawa, but not by Wawa. Can not be found by 

Does work correctly. Both young and Young and 
Young Wild Sow work.


I think you had issues with that in the past, on the webpage. Have you thought about moving it behind a protective service, like cloudfare?
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