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Survey: Technical Improvements

By [Flatops] - ADMINISTRATOR - April 23, 2018, 14:30:00
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1.) Pandawa Bugs
Spell bugs
Pandawhack (Six Roses)
  • when killing something, Pandawhack doesn't consume the dizzy stacks of the target, so the Pandawa don't get the armor and don't get the heal and WP of „Master of Merriment“ passive
  • dizzy stacks of dead bodies aren't removed so you can generate several times armor on dead bodies and get the heal/WP from „Master of Merriment“ passive
  • by the way, please change the name back to „Six Roses“, sounds better
  • using Pandawhack with barrel in hand and in merry can make you permanently invisible for your teammates (reason for me unknown, don't happen all the time)
Lactic Acid
  • Lactic Acid removes MP from thrown allies, even if it is stated as only enemies lose MP
Light my fire
  • When your barrel triggers Flaming (triggers but doesn't kill) you can kill that enemy to prompt the explosion of flaming at any moment during your turn
Splash of Milk
  • Splash of Milk don't stabilize barrel
  • any teleport of an ally let the splash of milk area end too even if the teleport not affecting the barrel
Passive bugs
Pandemic Passive
  • Instead of giving 60 (20 on version 1) resistance, when the Pandawa carries something, it only give 60 (20) resistance, when the Pandawa uses Karchamrak in his turn. So a lot of situations that let you carry the barrel don't work: cast barrel on yourself, start turn carrying a barrel/target, carry the barrel with "Bottomless Barrel" passive. So the fix would be to change it so you gain the resistance, while you carry something instead of getting resistance, if you use karchamrak on something.
  • any gathering profession accessory give a Pandawa wearing it instead of a carried barrel a strange skin related to the „tool“ with buggy hitbox instead of barrel
  • Dark Hurl Docks Dungeon: Curse of Dark Hurl makes a Pandawa invisible as long as he don't move or get attacked while carrying the barrel
  • (minor) seems to randomly let a barrel appear on the head, if you carry a barrel (reason and exact situations unknown, sorry)
sidenote: Thank you very much Mobb helping me with this list of Pandawa bugs.
2.) the bug that the runic recycler fails to crush (and the other stuff wandererAGw mentioned)
3.) game gets slower all the time while playing ending in constant big lags (at start I don't get any lags and my ping is all the time 33-35ms), maybe mainly after entering new areas, opening map, windows, swapping heroes a lot,...
4.) placeholder for more
5.) placeholder
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Score : -12
about splash of milk, the feca's TP is fixed I gess, but the mobs keep  being able to move the barrel.
For the barrel on the head, I gess that happen when we invoc (don't know the english word biggrin ) in hurry (end of turn or while a little lag).
About the tools that appears instead of the barrel, that depends of the suit we're wearing (don't remember which ones).
And if you're wearing the "costume d'usine" (workmen suit ?) the barrel is invisible when the pandawa's carrying it.
About killing with pandashak, I think it's normal (as the makderader'spitfall killing)
And the name "six roses" it's perfect in french but in english the "six" hearing's not goog enough, I think.
('scuse my english, french school.. biggrin )

Edit: Lactic acid: will be fixed for the next patch.
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Score : 1253
1. Optimization
2. Optimization
3. Optimization
4. Optimization
5. Let us Prey Ogrest on Ouginaks.
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Score : 1777
1: The Team Finder tool (Ctrl + P). It doesn't actually work / is being used. I would love for a feature like this to work, especially since we already have mentor and competitive mode for dungeons and such.
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Hello everyone,

Just a reminder that we are currently looking for feedback about technical improvements, so this concerns matters that hamper your gameplay such as features not working properly, blocked quests, interaction with NPCs and the environment, connectivity, latency, interface, display, game crashing / freezing, installation, texture / animation loading, and the like.

We will be tackling the game's other aspects such as class balancing, new features, new content in the future. We appreciate your feedback and we're happy to hear your voice!
Score : 9414
Well, ultimately, YOU, have to decide if the problems mentioned are technical or not anyway.

We are just making sure you got enough to choose your ... "five" most annoying problems from wink
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Score : 4289
Some things that I myself think would improve game, or what were bugging me for some time.
1)Your shop. People pay to you, buy Ogrines and I know there is a set limit of how much each person can buy in set days. I met that limit once. You could at least make a timer, or make a hint somewhere IN THE SHOP as how much each person can buy and what is cooldown timer. There is a topic IN DOFUS forums that I was able to find that says that apparently your set shop limit is 60,000 Ogrines per week. But it is not saying anywhere on Wakfu site, or correct me if I am wrong.
2)Achievements in Steam - come on, I've been away for a year and you still haven't fixed them. It is ridiculous.
3)Many other people already mentioned it, due to memory leaks game client becomes really laggy if played more than 2-3 hours and needs restarted.
4) Maybe not directly a technical issue, but. Spam bots. Astrub, Temple of Scriptures, some other areas are always seeing one standing. What first thing new players see entering Astrub from Incarnam? A spam bot, advertising a fishy site that offers to give them 5M kama for some USD/Euros. Shame.
5)Quest tracker is bugged sometimes. It sticks some quests and you can't remove them because there is no "Monitor" window or it just won't untick.
6)Inventory sorting. Could we please maybe get an option to automatically delete certain types of items from inventory? Doing low level dungeons while leveling alts or just hunting for resources can be aching when you get pockets full of crap.
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Hi Finroy,

For #1, these limits have been placed to prevent bank fraud.

Regarding possessing Ogrines on an account:

Total number of Ogrines present on an account: 180,000 Ogrines

Regarding purchasing Ogrines using real currency:

Maximum purchase over a rolling thirty-day period: 150,000 Ogrines
Maximum purchase over a rolling seven-day period: 60,000 Ogrines
Score : 570
1. Steam Achievements broken more than years guys... if your guys want to global service, should offer your game service as a global level.
2. Wakfu Client Memory Leak is too awful please optimizing it.
3. Block the Multi Boxing. It really ruin game experience especially for new players. Hero System is good enough.
4. Team Search need to improve. I didn't expect auto-matching level. However, at least, it should visually show total number of people who is using team search now.
5.Some Character have ridiculous animation time. Cut it short or Give a proper time to use.
(ex. When use Sadida's Earth 5 spell 18 sec burn in just one time because each bramble hit a mob in a separate time. why it cannot hit whole mob in the area at the same time. Not only Sadida, but also Xelor, Panda, Elio...there are several classes take pain with the long animation. Please make it short or at least stop the turn timer when skill animations are playing.)
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Score : -250
1st hot-bar interface
whene person wishes to add extra skill hot-bars on screen with CTRL + 1 2 3 or 4 its all ok but for me hot bars 3 and 4 are eternaly stuck on screen going in a fight and leaving a fight on field or dungeon always makes bar 3 and 4 pop in midle of my screen i cant move it i cant remove with  click on or CTRL+number command either
i either have to change chars or completely close the game to fix it OR to be least ABLE to move them bars while they are still on screen and cant be removed..

2nd simply load lag when i ride on mount over big part of map i simply DC since the game stops loading everything donno why..

3rd i seen many guilds out there and heaven worlds seem to be only for the rich who either hack or buy Kama from the vendors for real cash im dead sure there are many haven worlds that are owned only by 1 person and this should really be looked into since there are many guild that would deserve theyr own heaven world so same as user TheRogueCat Haven Worlds should be a part of having a guild, not a privilege for hackers and cashers..

4th invisible walls/items on tiles this only happens in heaven bag whene i grow trees and than farm them out there is like 20% chance the game makes the tile piece unuseable like if it was something on it but it is empty and only fixed whene i relog not big deal but its just anoing to do so everytime it happens.

5th and thats mostly my issue id love to see far bigger inventory no mather what bags i run into i still have small space..either some large inventory bags for orgnites or something else i donno its just feels small for me..also i mean bags that can hold any items and not just jobs related content like materials ores,seeds and all the rest for the professions.

i know not everything is tech stuff but its pretty much my 5 points that really bugs me as for rest im fine.
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Score : 39
For the new players and old player that have problems to farm epic item plz put them back in a token machien it's more easy and lots of players Wil come back and have more fun to more xp week end because lots of player are boring ore maby do some event stuff random things to so nobody goning to be bored again greetz from Belgium
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Score : 977
1 - a single whole encompassing technical/development issue:
no bugs on released content.
new content in terms of lore, not esthetics or adjustments.
conclude released projects (Haven World, Prisms, Arenas, etc)

this should not be a recurring topic in a game with more than 5 years and a historic of wipes and rollbacks which drowned the community and nearly sank the game, we even lost servers entirely.
most of all, a game which often involves a nice deal of money on boutiques, boosters and heroes.
even paying methods are often bugged or hard to be made.

like many here i played dofus and wakfu for years. quited wakfu last year after playing since it´s beta.
i keep visiting the website daily in hope for an upturn but the pattern of posts remains the same:
- technical issues
- new costumes

i´m aware that the survey is focused on in-game technical issues, but in face of these and seeing that the game still faces waves of bugs to the point of openly discussing them with the community,  it becomes discouraging to acquire a booster or further products
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Score : 158
1. The Gift interface doesn't auto update we have to teleport to force it to update or relog, its really bugging and tis been that way since the dawn of wakfu
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Score : 79
the last java update made it impossible to multibox for me, if anything wakfu should not stack up on memory continuously 
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Score : 610
1. the head guard and army general hats are gone please put them back
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Score : 1
Uh... The Spell System, please, go back at what it was before, please, i dont like to be leveling up to unlock a stupid SPACE FOR MY SPELLS!
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Score : -23
I hope to add a message system.

Due to time difference, I and my game partners often cannot find each other.

We only contact in the game.

I want to leave a message for him. When he is next on the line and I am not online, he can see the information I left for him.

thank you .
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Score : 19981
Hella good idea, as long as only mutual contacts can use it to avoid SPAM. Like sending a letter to your mailbox in haven bag. Hella good.
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Score : 2089
1. That goddamn group finder is USELESS. Doesn't update properly, shows offline players... Please fix and revamp it to make it easier and faster to be used.
2. When I'm in a fight with my heroes and click G, the various guild "menus" get bugged and I see all of them blank and lined up for no reason...
3. The drago-turkeys. There was no use in removing almost all of them outside the nations... On the contrary, maybe you could have added new ones, one near any Battlefield entrance.
Or, at least, could you explain what you meant by "making them more consistent"?
4-5. I'll remember next morning, probably.
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Score : -23
TheRogueCat|2018-04-25 17:12:42
Hella good idea, as long as only mutual contacts can use it to avoid SPAM. Like sending a letter to your mailbox in haven bag. Hella good.

what is "hella"?
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Score : 19981
Hella: Intensifier, signifies an abundance of a thing; much or many.
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Score : 355
Please change IOP attack animation.. Give them swords please, i love you
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Score : 2881
Dunno if its possible, but a way to deal with the so called memory leak, its kinda gamebreaking seeing how the only solution is to close and reopen the game to prevent the game from becoming a slideshow.

Also fix the mac display issue, my screen is still slightly bloated, this is noticeable on the god finishers actually clipping outside of the screen. And my interface got these weird linings in them which isnt as appealing to look at.
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Score : 800
If you asking about technical. I can add broken market filters. It give you 0 resoults, as i read on my topic its happen when there is a lot of resoults to show. So i need to know item name, and if i searching for armor or weapon or gear for 120-160 lvl for example i didnt get any resoults.
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Score : 289
Random Stuttering, Short 1-2 seconds screen freezing even with a gtx 1080ti
On an intel 4000 hd graphics even on low it performence realy bad sometime up to 3 seconds lag.
at the start of a fight with 3 charackters 2-4seconds stuttering regardless of grphics card or cpu
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